Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

snowflakes of a different kind

I've been decorating a bit each day when I get the chance but I needed
a little break on Monday afternoon for a cup of tea and a cookie.

the plate rim and mug  base are lacy cutouts

These pretty snowflake cookies were purchased at a craft/bake sale on the
weekend.  They were so delicious and light.  I only ate one even though
there are 2 on the plate.

This is a wreath I put together and hung in the kitchen window. 
The twiggy wreath was originally gold so I sprayed it with Heirloom White.
I added a white snowflake ribbon bow and the letter banner that says

here it is in daytime

We have had such beautiful weather here in the Maritimes for November
and today is no different. ~ sunny and 13 degrees celsius!

David Phillips, the Canadian weather prognosticator, says New Brunswick
will have a white Christmas this year. 
Last year it was very green in our part of the province.  We'll see.

Maybe the only snowflakes around will be artificial ones. :)

I'm a day late but I'm joining Sandi for

Sandi will soon be hosting a blog party
Embrace the Season Christmas Tea
to be held on December 5, 2011.
I hope you will join her for that special occasion!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!



  1. Hi Pamela! Now that is a very pretty snowflake cookie. I probably would have eaten both, well, I know I would! ;) Your little wreath is so cute too! Take care, friend and always be a sweetie,

  2. Good afternoon Pam,
    Oh, your new header is looking very festive and I just love your pretty twiggy wreath in the window.
    The mug and the plate with the cut-outs are very pretty! I love anything with a lacy look, as you probably know by now! The cookies are pretty too and I bet they do taste good.
    I haven't gotten very far with my decorating yet as I've been down with a bug since last week, but feeling better now.
    Thank you for your lovely comment about my profile picture. I was VERY hestitant about putting it on, But I know myself, I like to see what a person looks like so I went ahead and put it on. You're very sweet!
    Hope you're enjoying this magnificent day.


  3. That's a sweet wreath! It may be falling apart, though. = ) Just teasing!

    I love those kind of cookies...Scandanavian aren't they? Yummo.

    Oh I hope that your weatherman is right and that you have a white Christmas. I don't want a white anything else, but Christmas most especially.

    Everything you're doing today, I'll be starting a week from Friday, including the tree, but I can wait because Thanksgiving is very special here and I must give it my full attention. I'm writing up my menu this afternoon.

  4. Hi Pamela
    First, I love your new banner. Looks like you are in the Christmas mood!
    I like your star cookies. We receive them and a jar of maple syrup from our neighbor's every Christmas. His have a little taste of anise in them.
    Oh, I do hope you get snow for Christmas this year! It is blowing snow hard off of the lake here today. But it's melting asa it hits the windows.

  5. I really like your wreath and that you hang it at the window. Those cookies would also make nice ornaments! It is almost 80 F here today but should get colder. Meanwhile all the leaves are coming down rapidly in the rain and wind. As they should!

  6. Wow, those are very nice cookies! I hope we have a white Christmas this year too!

  7. Hi Pamela
    I haven't had pizelles for a long time and have not seen them made with snowflakes.
    I like the wreath you made with the white bow and letters, it could stay up all winter.
    Glad you made it for tea, I like china with lacy cutouts, gives the table a more dainty appearance.

  8. Hi Pamela,

    Love those cookies! Your snowflake wreath is so pretty. We are suppose to get snow tonight mostly lake effect snow we will see what happens. It is my wish every year that we have a White Christmas.
    Enjoy your decorating!
    All the Best,

  9. Loving the wreath Pamela. Amazing what a big change a little bit of paint can do! Here in ON it is still mild, I still can run around outside in a sweater. I too am hoping for a white Christmas. Diane

  10. I enjoyed seeing the delicate patterns of your cookies and wreath...lovely holiday touches.


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