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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm a proud Canadian blogger

Hydrangea bush ~ February 2011

We had a lot more snow last winter than we do now ~

so far.

Valentine's Day sleigh ride 2011

Sleigh ride weather.

Did you notice something new on my side bar?

Right near the top.

The Proud Canadian Blogger emblem.

You can have this emblem on your blog too,
especially if you are a Canadian blogger.

(click on the link)
and Lori, who is another proud Canadian blogger,
will help you out.   It didn't take long.
Thanks so much Lori!

It was a mild day here although cloudy. 

I saw a flock of robins today.  There have
been sightings around our area the past couple weeks
and on PEI.  I don't know if they stayed the
winter or are returning early but I'm happy to see them.

I hope you're having a great week.

Have you spotted any robins yet?




  1. Hello Pamela
    So glad you have the Canadian badge with your province now too. I haven't been on a sleigh ride for a long time, your photo brings back happy memories.

  2. Hi Pam.. I love the badge and must get one.. I love your pics...
    My Mom who is in Moncton had a robin last week but I have not seen
    any yet.. It sure is mild in the day times, though, eh!!
    God bless..

  3. Pamela
    I love the formation the snow makes on ordinary
    stuff! I've only been on a sleigh ride once and it was bitterly cold!! Was yours a church group?
    I've thought about getting the emblem, but I seem to mess my sidebars up every time I try to do anything new with it!

  4. Wow your pictures are wonderful....the snow is so beautiful...I wanna go for a sleigh ride too...

  5. Yes to the Robins...last week when I was walking home there was a flock of about 15 or so, in an apple tree eating on the apples that were still in the tree....I love the way God provides for even the birds of the air...how much more He cares for us....Thank you for your lovely blog pictures. God bless

  6. Love your PROUD Canadian button. I haven't seen any Robbins but I think I heard them this morning . . . I will keep looking and listening!

  7. Hi Pamela,
    Great Canadian Button!
    I have not seen any robins, but the birds are singing every morning!
    I love the photo of the sleigh ride...
    Stay warm & cozy!
    All the Best,

  8. Hi Pamela, the same thing here, we had Much more snow last year than this, but winter isn't over yet, either. I haven't seen any robins, but last night there were some geese heading north. Seems way too early, though. I hope they know what they're doing. I'm actually looking forward to a good snowfall, seems weird with just the dusting we've had.

    Love the pictures!

  9. That's a great graphic! What a terrific picture of the sleigh in snow. I'm not minding our non-winter very much at all, though I do enjoy seeing snow like that...maybe next year! ;>

  10. loved seeing all your snow & a sleigh ride for Valentine's Day! How sweet!
    Thanks for stopping by and visiting.

  11. Wonderful photos. I especially liked the hydrangea bush!

  12. What wonderful snowy pics. The sleigh ride would make a perfect Christmas card. Old Man Winter still has time to sock it to us. We had six inches a week ago and today it's 74. Here, the weather can turn on a dime!

    My first robin sighting was yesterday, they filled my yard.

    God bless ya sweetie and have an excellent day!!! :o)

  13. Your photos are gorgeous! They almost make me wish for snow!

  14. Christmas Card! This one steals my heart. :)


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