Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

looking through a different lens

We have a vintage camera here.

One of the old Kodak pop out ones.

The above photo is what that camera lens sees.
{the lens sure is dirty}

I remember we had one of these at home only I think
it was brown.  I have a lot of photos that were
taken with it ~ all in black and white.

I believe K----K is going out of business
and it's almost impossible to buy film today.

I'm kind of thankful for digital cameras aren't you?
Do you remember rolling the film after each shot
and trying to squeeze one or two more photos at the end?

Then drop in films were invented in a cartrige for the
instamatic type of camera in the 1960's.  So simple.
I had a Brownie camera as a girl then graduated to an
instamatic then 35 mm film cameras.
One had to really choose their subject carefully so
as not to waste film.

I love digital!
So simple.

What was your first camera?

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It's the middle of the week and the middle of the month.
And it's still very much winter here.




  1. Hi Pamela,
    My first camera was a brownie. I loved taking photos, but I'm afraid I wasted film...I still had photos from when I was a kid a few years back. I don't know where they are now, though.
    It's snowing here today, but there's not much snow on the ground at all. Only 0 degrees C though.
    Have a lovely day.
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. Out of all my cameras growing up I would say that I adored my polaroid. Waiting while the picture slowly came too, so exciting, a picture taken and developed live in action, and most always turned out great. The ones where you brought film in and had to wait a week, you loss the feeling and mood of when that particular picture was taken. However, having said that, I just love my new Canon so much!! Diane

  3. Hi Pamela
    I remember these cameras, and our family had a polaroid too for awhile. Digital is by far the best, and cheapest!
    I use a Canon DSLR and also have this brand for a point and shoot to carry in my purse.

  4. I sure don't miss the old film cameras. I'm definitely a girl that loves her conveniences!! :)

  5. It was a Kodak something or other. I wasn't very excited about it and didn't take very good photos. I remember that I was more excited about the Instamatic except that the film was so expensive though it was fun to watch the picture develop before our eyes. You're so right, what we have now is far preferable!

  6. I love my digital camera and I am so glad I don't have to wait a week anymore to get my pics back plus pay for developing.

  7. My very own 1st camera was a Polaroid.
    I'm so..thankful for digital too! I do
    find I don't print them very often though.
    You old camera is a beaut!

  8. Hi Pamela,
    The first camera we had growing up that I can remember is a Polaroid.
    My daughter prefers a film camera, she is a very good at taking pictures!
    She buys her film at Henry's here in Ontario.
    All the Best,

  9. I remember my mother's brownie camera so well. it's odd how one would hold it at the waist. And I have a relatively new camera that requires film .. an wondering what to do with it.

  10. Beautiful camera! Initially I was a bit stubborn with the transfer to digital but I am completely sold now. The quality is high and the ease of use is even higher.

  11. We were talking about this a couple of days back. I remember being disappointed on so many occasions when eagerly anticipated photos hadn't turned out too well. I love digital!

  12. Hi Pam... My husband would love those cameras.. He has a collection.. But he doesn't take any pics hardly... smile..

  13. I hope they are not going out of business as we have a Kodak printer! We have been told that they are no longer going to make cameras though, very sad. I remember ones like this. I love digital but I think that has not helped Kodak as they were always the best know for films weren't they.

  14. Now, that's a neat camera... Wouldn't mind having one for decoration! =)

  15. Trying again, loved the vintage Kodak! I had a Brownie, several earlier Kodaks and a really nice Minolta SLR and now a Kodak Digital.

  16. I have a camera that belonged to my grandfather. It's similar to this in style. yes thank goodness for digital cameras. Digital photos are so easy to share between family and friends! Have a great weekend!

  17. I think that my parents had a old Brownie, I loved the feel of it. Of course we weren't allowed to take more then one photo, that cost money you know...LOL.

    Great shots.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  18. What a cool camera ! I also started with a Brownie - I think I still have some shots from way back then. I remember bringing colour film in for processing - it was SO expensive (at least for someone with very limited funds). I eventually got a Canon 35mm SLR, but still shot judiciously. Then a Sony P&S - which actually produced some very good photos in good light conditions (if not enlarged too much). That whetted my appetite (again) so I got my current Canon DSLR. I have my eyes on a new Canon but I'll have to work on the business case (for my wife ;-)


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