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Sunday, February 5, 2012

no two snowflakes are the same

                        I took a picture of snowflakes on my coat to see
                                      if they are different.
               My blog friend, Vee at "A Haven for Vee" in Maine,
                                  did this test last week too. 

Yes, they are different!

Tiny little ice crystals formed in the sky
falling through space and collecting to make flakes
that look like multifaceted stars.


This is a collection of snowflakes on the shed roof shingles.
Can you see the individual pieces that make up the whole?

Isn't God amazing?

High bush cranberries

I've been playing around with Picasa this weekend and
found that a lot of the editing features that were on
Picnik are now on Picasa.  There were some new
updates which I found as well so if you are wondering
what to do about editing your photos and you already
have Picasa, take another look at it.
The above photo was framed and watermarked
using Picasa. To save it go under "File" and  click
on "Save a copy" and your new photo will be
saved at the end of your album! 

It's simple and it's free!
Try it!




  1. Amazing...the snowflakes, Beautiful work! Thanks for the tip on Picassa, I haven't been too crazy working with it but glad to hear there are some new elements!

  2. Great picture of the snowflakes...each one unique...just like us

  3. I just love snowflakes - so lacy and beautiful. That's good to know about Picassa!
    Hoper you've had a great weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Great captures! I'm glad that you've found Picasa helpful. It will make losing Picnik easier to bear for some folks.

  5. Beautiful . . . great pictures! The "no two alike" snowflakes give testimony to the uniqueness of each of us.

  6. Wonderful post. Over here in ON we still do not have a snowflake in sight! Love the last picture, very elegant. Diane

  7. Pamela these photos are just amazing!! How beautiful and the detail is so striking! Just gorgeous and like some of the others, no snow here. It's just not right. It doesn't feel like any season at all just somewhere in between.

  8. God is indeed amazing! He is so wonderful to have created snow in the first place, I sure appreciate it!
    Happy Monday!
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  9. Beautiful!
    I'll have to spend some more time with photos. I use Picassa, but only in the most basic ways.

  10. I have never looked at a snowflake so closely before and never realised in the "real" they do have such wonderful shapes!!

    Thank you for mentioning the update on Picasa I have just done that!! A few things from Picnik, I hope they also add the airbrushing, thinify and the layers. Picnik is open until the middle of April for free, I was using it yesterday. I have also received my full payment for the year back from them, which was very nice.

    We haven't had any more snow here thank goodness and it hasn't been so cold.

    Have a great week, Jackie.x

  11. Hello Pamela:
    These magic crystals are so beguiling. Their many variations are mind-boggling and entrancingly beautiful.

    Thank you for the tips on using Picasa. we are not very adventurous with our photographs, but we may give this a try!

  12. Fantastic pics, Pamela. The beauty in nature never fails to impress, and you have captured it so well.

  13. Hi Pamela,
    Lovely snowflake pictures...
    Great tips too!
    Have a great week!
    All the Best,

  14. Wonderful snowflakes. I use Picasa too, especially for creating collage/mosaic photos. A lot of the features in Picasa are done via Picnic so I'm hoping that once Picnic closes the features stay with Picasa.

  15. Picasa was never friendly to me and I've not used it for ages - perhaps giving it another shot will be worthwhile - it's just making time to do all this photo editing stuff, days are not long enough!!!!

    Love the photos of the flakes - another miracle! Sad that so many are freezing in parts of Europe and can't even take time to see the beauty of the snow blanketing them right now. Your pic of the berries is beautiful Pamela.

    Happy week dear - Mary

  16. Truly amazing! I am with you on that.
    Well, I have to admit on the issue of Picnik I am really disappointed they are disappearing. I have developed a certain level of ease with that tool.Oh well, have to make the switch. Thanks for the information Pamela.

  17. Your snowflake photos are amazing, Pamela!

    Thank you for mentioniong the Pixasa updates --I haven't checked for updates in quite awhile and i was missing the new features.


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