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Spring 2018
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Under Construction

             You may have noticed a few changes around here today.

             I am trying out new colours for my blog background but,
               I'm not sure if I like it yet.  I think it may be too bright.

            I like the many blogs that have a white background but they
              are usually done more professionaly than mine is.

              I'd like to know what you think of the colours.   Is the
             background too bright and hard to read?   Please don't
                 be shy.  I value your opinions.

                 Now you can scroll down and view my other post
                                of the day below before you leave.

                                           Thank you!!!




  1. I see a white background and four lovely photos for your header . . . no bright colors. I like the shades of blue in your playingwithmycamera. Very nice!

  2. Hi Pamela: Your background is a soft grey blue on my screen. The template is simple so that your photography will take centre stage. I like it. V

  3. Pamela
    I don't think your pale blue is bright at all.
    I changed mine to white, because I really messed
    it up fooling with it and couldn't get back to
    my original format. I'm hopeless!
    Oh, your carnation photos are lovely too.

  4. Hi there, I love the pale blue too and of course your header photos are stunning. I think it is a very soft look. I try to change mine up from time to time too.
    Have a great Friday.

  5. I read somewhere that in order to get the best look for your blog & the best response out of visiting bloggers, (in addition to making your pictures look the best they possibly can on your blog) to have a black background or a white background... Sunrises & sunsets look better on a black background because they enhance the colors of the sunrise/set & white backgrounds are crisp & clean for landscape images, like flowers, etc.
    So, I think you hit the nail on the head w/ the white! =)

  6. It's reading a pale blue-gray here. I do find it a bit stark, but it may be that I'm used to more color here. Go with what makes you happy. I do love a dark font color as you have here. I don't think that, with your wonderful photography, what's going on in the background will matter.

  7. I like the new background. On my new laptop it has a greyish blue hue to the white. Easy on my old eyes. Loads quickly too. I have difficulty with light text and super busy backgrounds, neither are a problem on yours.

  8. I like what I'm seeing right now, the light grey background with the black writing is a winner, I think!
    Hugs, Cindy
    PS Your pink carnations are fabulous in the sunny room!

  9. I like the gray a lot. In fact I'm about to paint a Bathroom a similar color. I'm finding I like more and more simplicity with a blog, such as yours is looking!

  10. I see a white background with blues font. Is that what I am supposed to see? While my background at the moment is not white, I do like the crisp, clean background. Or a pale pastel. I see fancy backgrounds that I really like, but I stick to plain because I want my photos to stand out. I like black background, but I find white print hard to read. I like your new look.

  11. I find your blog very easy to read.
    Mary Alice

  12. Sorry I haven't been reading blogs, been a bit busy but just checking now, I can see black font on a white background, looks a bit stark but it is nice and clear. I don't like the darker backgrounds, with a cataract, I find it harder to read.As I get older the clearer the better. Jackie in Surrey UK.

  13. Hi Pamela,
    I see a smokey blue on mine...
    I think it looks great!
    Very soft!
    All the Best,

  14. Hi Pamela, I like the white background, too. Your photos are lovely. I'm now following you on Linky, too. Please add me to your Linky, too.
    Thanks, Helen

  15. I do have to admit I liked the golden tones of your other background. Thanks for the suggestion Pamela. We drove north of the Yellowhead so didn't pass by there. I would like to visit one day though.

  16. Your header looks great, I love it! Thank you for your sweet visit, I'm very grateful. Have a terrific weekend.

  17. I am liking the soft blue grey color, it's easy to read, and the header looks great!

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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