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Spring 2018
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

bunnies on the loose

china hutch

My china hutch is all decked out for spring.

I changed a few things and added some bunnies
and a nest in a teacup.

Can you see the white dog hairs?  They were shed by our dog, Marshall.
I've actually watched sparrows collect his hair in their beaks for their nests.
Isn't that the cutest?

I love flowered china!  The large oval platter has some
bad cracks but I love the pink roses so I can't throw it out!

The Bridal Rose teacup holds a real bird nest.
The cut glass milk pitcher holds dried lavender
from the garden.

The antique ironstone creamer I found recently is holding some pretty silver spoons.
The brown and white transfer ware plate was found in a shop.
Do you see the little tiny chickies?  They are really old.

Two more bunnies hopped over to the antique oak commode stand.
The table runner is vintage as is the hand painted flowered plate and basket.

It's looking like spring and Easter inside but outside it's still
looking like early spring - brown grass, bare trees and mud.

It's snowing tonight as I write this post so we make awake to white on the brown grass.  Good fertilizer.

I hope you are having a wonderful week.

I am joining Kathy at A Delightsome Life for

Have a great day!




  1. Hello Pamela
    This is one thing I love about blogging, getting to see inside other womens' homes.
    Your china cabinet is nicely decked out for spring and there are some cute bunnies on the loose.
    I'm sure your dog's nice soft fur makes for a cozy nest.

  2. Your hutch looks very preyyt and springy. I love your plates and all the bunnies and eggs....Christine

  3. Good thing you know how to create spring on the inside because outside is not looking too good for us up here in the northern tier. It's going to snow overnight here as well. Wah.

    Wonderful collection of dishes and creamers, bunnies, and chickies...they're darling...are they flocked? I love what shows up in birds' nests. I imagine Marshall's fur is very soft. I have a nest that has tinsel woven into it. Very fancy. Ha!

  4. Beautiful collection of dishes. Easter will be here before I am ready.

  5. It looks like you are all ready for spring!

  6. Beautiful . . . Charming . . . Delicate . . . Spring has arrived inside your home . . .

  7. Hi Pamela! Love seeing how your little bunnies are hopping all over your home! ;)
    What a lovely hutch.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  8. You are all set for Easter, Pamela! I love your bunny pitcher and vintage table runner...so pretty!

  9. Very nice Spring decor, and I especially like the "feathered" nest...

  10. Your home looks all ready for spring with the flowered china, bird nest and little bunnies.

  11. How pretty your hutch is all ready for spring and Easter. I too would never be able to part with that pretty floral platter, cracks or no cracks it's a keeper! Diane

  12. I love your collection of bunnies and china....so pretty together.....

    The nest is amazing and to think the birds collected your dog's hair to make it....all the more special...

  13. So pretty Pamela! The birds collect our dog's hair too - I used to throw it in the garbage when I brushed her outside - but now I leave it for them.

  14. Very pretty and springy. And cracks in china make it more special.

  15. I LOVE your bunnies, Pamela. I think that is so amazing that the birds collect your dogs hair. Amazing!! Thanks for visiting!

  16. Pamela
    Did you get that snow? It's sunny here today!
    I love your bunnies and those wee little chicks.
    How neat that your nest has Marshals hair in it too.
    You are all set for Easter now!

  17. I just love your china pieces. You have your hutch decorated so cute for spring! Wishing you some of this warm GA weather!

  18. You reminded me of some bunnies I have in a bedroom downstairs. I can get them out for Easter, I would never have thought of it had I not seen this post. Thanks.

  19. Hello Pamela, Love your spring decorated hutch! The pairing of the floral dishes and the bunnies are so light and cheerful! Thank you for sharing your lovely blog with Home and Garden Thursday,


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