Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Friday, March 23, 2012

Kings Landing Sugar Bush Weekend

Maple candy on the snow.  This lady is pouring hot maple syrup
onto the snow and rolling it onto the end of wooden sticks.

It was Sugar Bush weekend at Kings Landing Historical Settlement last weekend.

My friend, her 2 children and I went up on Sunday afternoon.

It was sunny and very warm, almost hot, weather -
very unusual for New Brunswick in March.
The weather has broken records all week so I'm not
complaining.  It was actually 28 C on Wednesday!
The snow is pretty well all gone.

Just look at that mud...

...and the water flowing everywhere.

Poor Mrs. Joslin had a lot of dirty floors to clean after
everyone tramped through her farmhouse!

The kids loved playing in the rivulets.

You may have heard of 'hoofprints' ice cream....

this is just hoofprints in the mud.   :)

Spinning class - 1800's style
{Mrs. Joslin and her daughter}

St. Mark's Chapel and The Perley House

A view of the beautiful St. John River.  The ice is covered with
water from melting snow.

The Grist Mill (on the left) and the Saw Mill.
The water was flowing over the mill dam.

An oak bucket hanging on a tree spile gathering the sap as it drips.

Boiling the sap in iron pots over an open fire.

The above wooden trays are for making maple sugar candy
and the man is showing a collection of wood and metal spiles.

Would you like to go on a wagon ride to the sugar bush?

If you live nearby you can go this weekend.

Don't forget the big breakfast on Saturday and Sunday
mornings.  The money raised goes to the local
Search And Rescue organization.

Thank you to all who visited and commented on my last post
for the Greeting Card Photo Meme this week.  That was a fun
linky to do and I enjoyed visiting around with the
other participants.

Also, I would like to welcome all my new followers!

Thank You!!!

Our 'summer' weather has ended.  We are back to more
typical March weather now but still above normal
temperatures.  The high temperatures have caused the snow
to melt and ice to dam up causing the rivers to flood their banks.
In one community homes, businesses, a school, a church
and a hospital have been inundated with icy water and
a state of emergency has been declared.  I feel so badly for
all those affected.
This flooding usually occurs in April or May so it's very 
early for it this year.

We wonder what the rest of spring will bring weather wise.
It's nice to have beautiful warm sunny days but
it has it's downside as well.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a good weekend!




  1. Pamela, I thoroughly enjoyed your photos and the history in this post. Oh, how I would love to taste the maple candy!

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous time. It is very warm here in Ontario, I also wonder what this warm weather will bring. All my spring bulbs are starting to bloom and some summer perennials are getting very large. What will be in flower in the fall??? Enjoy the warm weather and have a wonderful weekend. Jen.

  3. Hello Pamela, Gorgeous pictures with lots of interesting facts. Really enjoyed your post. Someday I would love to go to King's Landing. Have a nice weekend.


  4. Oh my, the mud . . . downside to our warm weather. Event looks like it is something to visit . . . happy you had great response to your cards . . .

  5. Hi Pamela, what a fun place! We have a place real similar to this in Salt Lake City. It's a historical village called "This is the Place". I love all of your photos. The one of the yellow house against the white snow, oh wow, love, love it! The mills are so wonderful also. Maple is one of my favorite flavorings. I love maple doughnuts, and fudge. Oh how I would love to try that sometime. Thanks for sharing your fun adventure. I have been enjoying record warm weather here today also. Loving every minute of it! I would love for you to share with my new link party sometime.

  6. One of the things that I miss about the east is the sugar bush season. We never missed getting out to one or another sugar bush. This looked like a lot of fun!

  7. Morning Pamela, that sure looks a fun day out. I am sure Ewan would of loved the mud ( if he was dressed appropriately of course). You have been having warmer weather than us!! It is lovely here this Saturday morning, and for the rest of the weekend it is meant to be the same. I have all the doors and windows open.
    Have a lovely weekend, love Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

  8. What a great place to visit, despite the mud. Thanks for taking us on your trip. I especially love the old mills.

  9. I love going to these type of places. many thanks for sharing.

  10. Such a nice post! Seems strange to see the snow and hear how warm it was. Thus the mud I guess. Hope you're having a nice weekend!

  11. Hi Pam.. I loved your photos.. We sort of planned going last weekend and then it didn't happen.. I feel sorry for all those poor folks up river.. Like you say this good weather has it's downside... It is a bit cooler, though..
    Have a blessed weekend and thank you so much for the little trip with you.. I knew I would love it..

  12. What a treat to be able to go along with you in pictures on your visit to this wonderful place.....Being a spinner, I especially like the picture of the two ladies spinning their fiber.....Thank you so much for this post.....

  13. Beautiful photos! I love the one of the horse and wagon. The whole event must have been so interesting...I've always wanted to attend a sugaring off.

  14. Oh that looks like fun. They used to have something like that where we lived when we were kids, loved the maple syrup in snow.

    Great shots, can't wait for spring!!!

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  15. What a wonderful trip! I love re-enactment villages like this. We have a couple within an hour's ride from our home in New Jersey and make trips in nice weather as we're able. Would love to live and work in a place like that - Williamsburg, Plimoth . . . slow down and enjoy the view . . .

  16. Oh I'm so glad that I didn't miss the tour in maple season. There's no way that I'd ever see these sights in spring without you taking your wonderful pictures. I believe that our open house for Maple season isn't until the last Sunday in March. Wonder what the weather will be like then. It's seasonal today...pleasant, but normal.

  17. Oh I do love Kings Landing. When our kids were tiny we took the trailer to Mactaquac Park and visited Kings Landing. We have been back a few times since, and I always enjoy it so much. Your pictures are beautiful, Pamela! What a beautiful week, eh!

  18. Wonderful post. Looks like a wonderful way to spend the day. V

  19. Pamela--these are fun photos--and some really beautiful ones too.

  20. Pamela your pics are excellent, beautiful. I absolutely love maple syrup and maple syrup candies. We have Mennonites in our community so you can buy them on any this part of spring! My prayers are also with those folks involved with the flood. Diane

  21. This was such an interesting post. the children must have enjoyed wandering about the historic settlement and seeing all the demonstrations on such a lovely day. Do hope that the floodwaters will retreat soon in all the affected communities! That Note Card Party of Vee's was fun!

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