Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, April 2, 2012

goose love

As we were driving to church last Sunday I took some
photos of the high water in the fields along the road.

Hubby says "Don't you have enough pictures of this?"

I mumbled, ah hmmmmm.

Then he said, "There's some geese to take a photo of.
Do you want me to slow down?"


I caught this beauty standing in the icy cold
water where it has receded.  You can see the sheets
of ice that are laying there on this spit of land.
It was below freezing that morning so the water froze
and then the water level dropped leaving an edge of white ice.

there's a skim of ice on the water

To the left of the first goose was the second, sitting in the water.

I expect these two geese are a couple.

Canada Geese are found throughout North America at different times of the year and they migrate south in the winter returning in the spring to the northern climate of Canada.

Canada Geese mate for life but if one partner dies they will
re-mate.  They start nesting in late March to early May.
The female lays on the nest and incubates the eggs for 28 days.
The male will stay nearby and protect the nest from predators.

Both of the parents will raise the goslings which stay with
the family unit for a whole year.
The female will lead the babies to water and the male will
follow the goslings.

Canada geese eat grasses and roots along wetlands and in
fields and they seem to love green lawns, golf courses and parks.
They are quite a nuisance in some areas where large flocks
of a 100 or more will gather and stay.  Their droppings are
very messy and ruin green spaces.  They are not pleasant to step on
as they are very slippery!

The flooded flats (fields)

The waters have receded this week and there is just a bit lying in
a low area.  There are about 100 Canada geese there
this week feeding on the nutrients the flood water left behind.

Thank you so much for all your visits and comments
and a special welcome to my new followers!

I hope you all have a wonderful week.




  1. The geese are very beautiful. I love that they mate for life. Remarkable creature!!

  2. Beautiful geese pictures, but I wish you could pop down here for a quick day of spring to ease your spring fever! Our spring is almost over and it went way too fast!

  3. Very pretty! How kind that hubby slowed down to take those pics. ;) Sounds like he keeps up with your hobby!

  4. We have lots of Canada geese here in the UK, true about the mess they leave, can be quite dangerous!!
    We have had some lovely Spring weather over the weekend, I hope it arrives with you soon.
    Have a good week, Jackie in Surrey x

  5. Just finished reading this and realize that my feet are cold. Freezing cold. The power of suggestion! We saw some geese flying further north a week or so ago. It's a thrill to see them in their "V" autumn or spring.

  6. Yes, Canada geese can be a nuisance but they are also very pretty birds, so I think it's almost impossible to take too many photos of them. :)

  7. I love Canadian geese and always enjoy seeing them.. We are supposed to be getting a bit of snow later in the week, I think..
    Have a blessed week, my friend..

  8. Absolutely beautiful photos! Thanks hubby for stopping!

  9. Those are beautiful pictures! :) Thanks for sharing!

  10. Pamela
    I enjoyed learning more about Canadian geese!
    We have been seeing many back too.
    It sure looks cold there though!
    When we camped one summer, the dropping were so bad
    we could hardly walk anywhere without their mess.
    Hope you have a great Tuesday!!

  11. Thank you for your piece on the Geese. They are amazing, in fact I know a couple in NC who would show you their front lawn after the geese have visited. Mom has long gone now, but every time I see geese flying overhead I hear her voice,"look at the geese, look at the geese." I seem to think they were her favourites, oh and thanks for the re-memory. I'm chilled looking at them in the ice...I didn't know they hung with their parents for a full year.


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