Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

having a grand time

Rocky Mountains from Calgary Airport on my layover.

I arrived safe and sound at my destination in
northern Alberta last week to sunshine and warm 
temperatures and big hugs from my family.  

We have had walks and lots of playtime in the yard.

Jennifer and Ewan out for a walk on a hot afternoon.

At the playground.  Ewan loves the slides. 

Matthew and Ewan sliding.   Wheeeeeeeee!

Bedtime singing time ~ "Out came the sun and dried up all the rain"

This morning we awoke to this:

Maybe there will be more green grass in a few days. :)

The sweetest smile is a chocolate chip cookie smile.

We met one of these on the highway in the city
this morning.

This is a brand new dump bed for one of the dump trucks at a mine site.  It is huge!

So, you can see I'm having a grand time with my family.

It's fun to see Ewan walking and running and chattering
all over the house and yard.  
He calls me Gaga, his version of Grammie.
Gaga also means cookie and all gone.
That's okay with me.  It makes me smile.  :-)
Just call me Lady Gaga!
I love baby talk.

Aren't they a sweet family?  I sure think so. :)

I've been checking around on a few blogs when I can
and I see spring is in full bloom for the most part.
I have also seen some snow covered blooms on a few blogs.
Just poor man's fertilizer.  Good thing perennials are hardy.

In a week's time I'll be winging my way back home.
Perhaps I'll have a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye
as I think of the many blessings of this visit with my family.
But, I know I'll be returning in late July to meet our new
grand baby and help out where I can.

Someone just 'woke up' from his nap.
He didn't sleep at all.  He talked and played in his crib...
for an hour and a half.
Could be an interesting afternoon.   :)

See you soon my friends.



  1. What a beautiful family you have and from the look on your face singing to Ewan you are one happy lady.....I am so glad you are able to be with them and make lots of memories.....

  2. Nothing is sweeter than spending time with family!

  3. A darling grandson and parents to love and cre about him. Who could ask for more? Thanks for sharing your family with us.

    Enjoy the rest of your stay and save travels home . . .

  4. Beautiful family! (and wow to the weather!)

  5. You have a lovely family Pamela and I'm glad you had some good weather at least. We woke up to the same thing here this morning.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  6. Hi Cookie! I mean Gaga! Maybe Ewan was awake thinking of fun times! There's never enough time with the wee ones. I'm glad you get to go back before too long. And it's a blessing for them too!

  7. Good morning Lady Gaga!!. Ewan looks such a lovely happy little boy and they make a wonderful family.
    It is nice for you to know you will be be back there again in the Summer for the new arrival and to see Ewan with the new babe.

    More snow?? They reckon we are going to have a month of rain today, and we have a drought order!!!

    Wow the size of that dumper truck!!

    Take care, enjoy the rest of your stay and have a good journey back to Gordon.

    Love Jackie in Surrey, UK.xx

  8. OK Lady GaGa
    You do look like you're having so much fun with adorable little Ewan!
    And what a sweet family, for sure. I'm sure you will shed a tear or
    two when it's time to leave-it's always hard. But don't think about
    that now and just enjoy yourself.
    Take care-Kimberly

  9. Glad you arrived safely and your family photos are fantastic! Really fun shots!

  10. I well remember the vagaries of northern Alberta springtime! Your time with your daughter and her family is so precious, isn't it? Have a wonderful visit.

  11. What a sweetie pie! I remember my son during his afternoon naps would not sleep either, I think that they just have way too much to do and sleep is just not one of them....and of course there are cookies waiting as well as Gaga! Jennifer is looking very well, new babies are always so exciting. Enjoy the rest of your visit. Diane

  12. Pamela,
    I am so happy for you that you can spend this precious time with your family in northern Alberta. We use to live in Edmonton so these photos look somewhat familiar.
    Praying that you will have an awesome time!

  13. It's good to hear that you are having such a wonderful time. I'm sure Gaga will be missed by that cute little guy when you head back home.

  14. They are a delightful family, and having you with them for a little while must be wonderful. Next trip you'll be even more busy with a new baby too.............but at least there won't be snow to contend with!!!!

    Glad you're having fun Pamela - safe trip home later.
    Mary X

  15. They are indeed a sweet family. How wonderful that you can spend time with them, children and grands are such a blessing.
    Have a wonderful time.
    Hugs, Cindy

  16. Enjoy your time with your
    precious family, Lady Gaga!
    Beautiful... all of you.

  17. Oh Pamela, your grandson is so precious, I want to squish him!! Such lovely family, the best time of our ives is when we're with our kids and grands! I cannot believe that feackle weatehr over there..goodness, one minute is summer and the next winter wonderland. Thanks for your lovely and kind visit. Hugs,

  18. So good that you got to visit with them. The little guy is precious.

  19. What a dear wee boy... You must be having a ball.. They look lovely, Pam..

  20. Oh Miss Pamela, I'm thrilled your havin' the time of your life with your precious little family. That little Ewan is an absolute livin' doll!!!

    God bless ya and have yourself a magnificent weekend.

    Ya gotta love a chocolate chip face!!! 'Just sayin'..........

  21. I'm glad that you have had some good weather while you've been visiting your daughter and her family - more snow this morning but hopefully the sun will shine for you again soon. july will be here before you know it!

  22. Well, Lady Gaga, I can see you are having a wonderful time with your family. I love the look of Ewan's chocolate chip cookie smile and I love the look on your face when you are both singing about the itsy bitsy spider! Somethings are precious beyond words. I'm sure it's nice for all of you to know that you will be returning soon when there is another little wee one. Have a great weekend.

  23. What a sweet family and your grandson is adorable! I know you are having a grand time!
    Take care and have a fun weekend!

  24. Well, hello, Lady Gaga! :) I'm so glad you're having a wonderful time with your family! Litte Ewen is so darling! I know how you feel, we could just eat these little grands up! :) Enjoy your week with your sweet family and have a safe flight back home. Thanks for the info about Country Living. I'll go check it out.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  25. Your comments, and posts sound so happy and joyful to be with your family...I hope that each day is filled with love, and happiness. And that the time between visits goes quickly so you can get back again.

    That building being moved might be coordinated by my cousin, she works for a company that moves buildings in that area..what a job.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  26. Ah, Pamela, I see you are a long distance grandmother like I am! I know how it is always so wonderful to visit the grands and catch up with them, as they grow so fast. Itsy Bitsy Spider is also one of my favorite songs to sing! :)

    Enjoy every moment of your time with adorable Ewan and his parents!

  27. That top photo brought back memories - of our 15 years living near Calgary and the gorgeous view we had of the majestic Rockies (cue the nostalgia). And I recognize the barren, brown lawns too. Great to see you're having a grand time with your family, Lady Gaga. Safe travels.

  28. Oh Pamela, how lovely is all this for you. I am not a grandmother, still enjoying older teenagers around here... but I can imagine that being called Lady Gaga will be just fine!! Life sure is grand.


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