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Monday, April 9, 2012

snow geese?

  We had the warnings of a snowfall coming
overnight Saturday and into Easter Sunday,
but the snow just kept coming.  Heavy wet snow!
About 15 cm. of it!

Out came the boots this morning.
Murray had to clean the car off and we travelled
snow laden roads to church.  By the time we came
home at 12:30 the snowfall had doubled and the roads
were really sloppy with heavy slush.

I've been trying to remember to take my camera with
me in the car to get photos of the hundreds of geese that
stop over along the river.  Today, I remembered!

Snow Geese???

No, just Canada geese.  Hundreds of them.

I took these from the car with the window down.
Can you see how hard it is snowing?

The geese really stand out against the snowy fields.

We had a wonderful weekend with our Easter drama
which was on Friday and Sunday evenings.

On Saturday we got a lot of chores done around the house
inside and out.  I raked part of the lawn and removed the
leaf mulch from 2 flower beds.  I knew we were going to get
some snow so I left some leaves around the perennials to
protect them.  It's wonderful to see the new growth hiding
under the leaves.  All together I got 5 large green bags of debris.
My back couldn't take any more raking and bending so I
had to stop.

Thankfully the snow won't last long as we are to get rain
showers and milder temperatures for the next few days.
The snow will be gone and the grass will really start to green up.

Our son, Mark, came for Easter dinner on Saturday. 
We had ham, red skinned potatoes, asparagus, tossed salad
and for dessert we had strawberries and home made cookies.

Do you remember me saying I wasn't going to make cookies
until Easter?  Well, I made a batch last week and froze them
to have for Easter weekend.  Now, I have to behave myself. :)

What did you get accomplished this Easter weekend?

Have a wonderful week ahead!




  1. Now that makes me cold. I would like it to snow more here, but not in April! Beautiful dog.

  2. Oh my goodness you sure did get a dumping of snow. Glad it did not dump here.
    We had a beautiful warm sunny day. Hope it melts soon.

  3. We rarely ever get that much snow in an entire season, much less one event! WoW! It's really blowing hard =0

  4. Yikes, you did get a dumping of snow. Hope it melts away soon. Love your version of snow geese :), so glad you remembered the camera.

  5. Wow!!! That was naughty of Mother Nature, on the plus side everything is getting a good drink. Enjoy your week:)

  6. WOW! SNOW AND GEESE!! GREAT SHOTS! Sometimes it is hard for me to believe that others are getting snow this time of year. It is already so hot and humid here. But Mother Nature has a way of sending surprises. Wish she would send us a little cooler weather. LOL! Glad your snow will not stay long. Now behave with those cookies, but enjoy the upcoming Spring!!
    Glad your Easter was wonderful.

  7. Nice thing about an April snowfall . . . it won't stay around for long. Happy the Easter Drama went we.. . . . Love the geese!

  8. What a nasty surprise, even if you knew it was coming it still is a shock to see so much snow, and not nice to drive in either! One nice thing about April snowfalls is that it doesn't stay, sunnier days ahead my friend. Diane

  9. ohmy!! that's a lot of snow! but, such beautiful photographs so it was worth it?!!!


  10. Your photos are pretty but oh it looks so cold! Brrr! We didn't get that much snow all winter, which is very unusual for us. Hopefully your snow won't last long and you'll get some nice spring weather soon. Have a wonderful week!

  11. Oh those poor geese, and poor you. Is it normal to have that much snow this late in the year?

    We had such a beautiful day, family, sun, warm temps....

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  12. You got some wonderful shots. These are beautiful scenes! Glad you had a nice Easter!

  13. I've heard that late snows such as this brings an abundance of flowers later in Spring as the snow is very fertilizing.

    It sounds like you had a beautiful Easter, Pamela!

  14. We are at 50 degrees this morning at 8am...warmest morning of the year so far! We used to live by a lake and had loads of Canadian geese. Some of them spent the winter there...in the snow! But it was fun to see the goslings in the spring. We had ham, a Hawaiian swwt potato casserole and asparagus, Lovely! Glad your Easter drama went well...ours was wonderful!

  15. I do hope this is the end of winter for you. I know you want to see some green instead of white. V

  16. Oh my goodness! What an Easter, with snow.
    I know it's not that unusual there, but I'm
    still surprised to see it. And ALL those
    geese, too.
    It's sounds like a yummy Easter dinner with
    your son. What's that about cookies? Are you
    watching what you eat? I think I'm going to
    gain 10 lbs. just cleaning out my frig!
    I hate to throw perfectly good food out.
    I hope your having a good Monday and that all
    your snow will be gone very soon.

  17. Hopefully your last snowfall and the rain will wash it away!! My neighbours always seem to clear away all their leaves but I leave some round a few plants to protect them from the frost.
    You had the same lunch as us on Sunday we had gammon ham too. Dessert we had jelly, yogurt and blueberries.Hope you have a good week, Jackie in Surrey UK.

  18. Great geese shots Pamela!! Were these geese by the Mactaquac Marina?? Let's hope that was our LAST snow for this year!!! My perennials are poking up too...

  19. Hasn't it been cold?! We got snow showers and no snow, but we're not out of the threat of snow quite. Good that it will be gone very soon and every bit of moisture is good. Still, it is not what we like to see on Easter Sunday.

  20. Such beautiful pics.. I love Canada geese, too.. Your dinner sounds lovely..
    We had a busy week but I am not sure I accomplished a whole lot.. smile.
    Have a great week, my friend..

  21. Amazing weather and photos! Raking one day and snow the next. I remember an Easter snowstorm in April ... when i was a child up in Illinois. Funny that our pastor mentioned the same Easter snow in his sermon yesterday...he lived in an adjoining state. I guess the late snow storms are memorable. hope spring arrives soon!

  22. Hi Pamela, Wonderful shots of your beautiful Canadian geese! It's nice to hear you had a wonderful Easter weekend. We did, too.....

  23. Wow, they are 'snow' geese in a way! Hope your Easter was filled with faith and family!

  24. I love the second shot from the bottom!

  25. when I lived on PEI we had fields of geese in the Spring ...it was beautiful and in the early morning they would fly over the house honging as they when...beautiful creatures..Thanks for sharing the pictures...this Sunday sounds like a much better day..temp wise..


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