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Sunday, May 27, 2012

a blockhouse, a falls and a sunset

                    This is continued from my last post on St. Andrews.

the St. Andrew's Blockhouse

This Blockhouse was built from Jan. 1, 1812 to 1813 by the
people of St. Andrews as a defensive structure against
American raiders during the War of 1812.
In 1993 it was destroyed by fire and restored.
It is a National Historic Site.

This is the beach in front of the blockhouse as the tide is going out.

One of my favorite cottages/homes on the water next door to the Blockhouse.

 Below are the sandstone rocks on the beach in front of
the Blockhouse.  They are under water when the tide is in.
Our kids loved playing and climbing on them and collecting
seashells on the beach when they were little.

these sandstone formations have certainly shrunk over the years

a cannon silhouetted against the sky

On our way home we stopped at York Mills.
This is a small community with a millpond formed from a small dam all part of the Magagidavic River system.
{it is pronounced "Makadavik"}  :)

The embankment was straight down and the black flies were so bad I couldn't get
a very good photo of the falls under the bridge.

There is a woolen mill at this site that has been there for decades.
It used to be an old white wood building but that was replaced
with a new modern cement one.  {therefore not as picturesque!}
Briggs and Little Woolen Mill is well known for their yarn.

the otherside of the falls - very picturesque

the roaring Magagidavic River

On up the highway we arrived at a new sub-division along
the St. John River. 
I had no idea this beautiful spot was there with streets and
beautiful homes all with gorgeous views of the river.

We were there about sunset time so I got a few photos
of the setting sun on this beautiful day.

Wouldn't you love to own this piece of property?  It is for sale along with about 20 other acre + lots.

Well, that is the end of our little roadtrip to St. Andrews.
I'm glad you came along with me.
It is one of our favorite places to visit in New Brunswick.

If you missed my previous post on St. Andrews, please
scroll down.

I hope you have a wonderful week!



  1. What a gorgeous place to visit, a photographers dream. We have a block house a short way from us.

  2. Great and gorgeous photos . . . Loved the sand stone photo with the tide out. Ugh to the black flies . . . Smile! Thanks for sharing . . .

  3. U are so stylish! what do u say about following each other sweetie?:X


  4. Hello Pamela
    Speaking of the blockhouse, we're celebrating the war of 1812 this summer. We had a historical society contact the Ontario Horticultural Assoc. and ask if everyone would plant red geraniums across the province to mark this historic celebration.
    I was so fascinated by the red stone out east, I brought lots of it home and it's in my gardens.
    Thanks for sharing that most gorgeous sunset - you've made my day!

  5. wow, just gorgeous photos and a wonderful place to visit. I'm sure you could hear the echo of your kids' shrieks and happy voices when you were by those rocks! Memories!

  6. I visited St. Andrews by the Sea a number of years ago with a dear friend. It is a beautiful spot. Your sunset pictures are gorgeous, Pamela.

  7. love to see historical posting like this one....great pictures and nice beach there also. Perfect place to visit...reminds me of our Fort Rodd Hill.

  8. Hello Pamela, So happy to read your posts about St. Andrews by the Sea! I have been very busy so I almost forgot that you were going to post about this gorgeous area. We were there quite a few years ago therefore I was anxious to read your posts. What beautiful pictures and wonderful explanations of the area. I remember the big, long pier and the Algonguin Hotel. Thank you for bringing back some very fond memories Very nice!


  9. What a wonderful place! I have always wanted to visit there but haven't managed it yet. Thanks for your wonderfdul eye and photos. Glorious!

  10. Beautiful shots of a beautiful place, Pamela ! Gorgeous sunset (I'm fond of them). And that canyon shot reminds me of a very similar one in BC - I have a photo of it. somewhere. Must be quite a tide you have there if it covers those rocks. And speaking of black flies - they're normally very plentiful here in May but for some strange reason we had hardly any this year; I suspect the one night we had of -7C in early May might have decimated them (hooray !).

  11. Great photographs, so clear, the weather looked wonderful. St Andrews looks a fairly quiet place which is what I like!! Have a great week, love Jackie.

  12. Forgot to say the sunset photographs are fantastic!! Jackie

  13. So lovely there Pamela............I too could easily move into the white house next to the Block House, it's so pretty.

    Your sunset shots are gorgeous - what did you set your camera to get them so crisp? I'm playing with my new SLR but finding it quite frustrating - so much to learn!

    Happy day - Mary

  14. Pamela a wonderful tour of this historic site! Those sandstones are amazing. All your images are wonderful!

  15. So many beautiful water shots! That house is so beautifully situated on the shore. YES! It would be wonderful to own a property on the water.

  16. Your images are gorgeous Pamela. Love the sunset!

  17. I recognize the spot along the river very well. We always purchased our wool there for our hooked rug projects. One I made in the 70s just had to be tossed, though I have many that my grandmother did. She never used hers keeping them saved in a closet. Ridiculous!

    Black flies are awful this time of year...were the ducks there?


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