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Friday, May 18, 2012

a holiday weekend

This is a holiday weekend here in Canada.
On Monday we celebrate the long reign of the late
Queen Victoria.
It is a full school, business, government holiday on Monday.

I'm happy it's a long weekend for my hubby.  He's been
working very hard lately and I know he needs the extra day.

purple violet

This weekend is promising beautiful sunshine and very
warm temperatures for us.

a picnic shelter in the park
so green

This is the first weekend for all the campgrounds to be opened.
I have seen a few large trailers on the road the past couple of
days heading out to get that ideal spot to enjoy the weekend.

baby oak leaves and a fly 

The local farmer's market is opening this weekend as well
as the ice cream shack, known as Skinny's.  Great name eh?
I might just take my camera with me.
There's a petting zoo there too and a new 'candy shack'.
Kids love this place! 

What a glorious day!

I bought an "Endless Summer" Hydrangea yesterday.
I've been wanting one since I have read about them in magazines
and seen them on blogs.  They have blue blossoms that bloom
all summer long. 

 I just have to find a spot to plant it.
Now that Marshall (our beloved dog) is making his permanent
residence at our son's I can use some of his former territory
for some plants.  If hubby doesn't mind mowing around them
that is.
{Marshall stayed with Mark while I was away and Mark agreed to keep him there
as Marshall is very content.  He is very blind now and is getting deaf.  I can't
bear to see him like this although I go down every day to let both dogs out.
I really miss his company here but not the hair and dirt!}

a tiny new maple tree

I hope all my Canadian friends enjoy the holiday weekend!

What are you planning for your holiday?

Enjoy it and be safe!




  1. So many lovely pictures of the sunshine. That is what you're featuring, right? Ha! Have a terrific weekend, hope that you get a trip to Skinny's and Happy Victoria Day!

  2. Great springtime photos . . . Enjoy your holiday weekend and have a Skinny's on me . . . I am treating! Smile . . .

  3. Your photos are lovely. We are also looking forward to a beautiful long weekend. I hope to get a few projects done, both indoors and outside, as our boys are tenting out for two nights with their 4-H friends (also brothers) at their friend's farm. For a couple of years we were the folks busy packing up the trailer to head out for the weekend but sold the trailer because of increasing gas/campground fees and hubby's crazy work schedule. Happy Victoria Day weekend to you and all Canadian readers.

  4. Happy Victoria Day to you and your family Pamela.

  5. What gorgeous pictures, Pamela! I love the first one! I have a 'thing' for paths through the woods. A favourite pasttime for me. Just call me Little Red Riding Hood! LOL! I must invest in a hydrangea too. I've been wanting one for forever! I hope you have a gorgeous and relaxing weekend, my friend.


  6. Ooh ice cream to celebrate Queen V's big day!! It sounds like a plan to me. Hope you have a wonderful long weekend Pamela!

  7. PS - I have 2 Endless Summer Hydrangeas and they are wonderful!

  8. As always, beautiful photos Pamela.

    We have two Endless Summers. They are pink because our soil isn't acidic enough. Wish it was, as I would love some blue hydrangea blooms!

    Enjoy your weekend. Happy Victoria Day!

  9. I heard on the news tonight that the highways were packed with people getting away for the weekend. I think I will just stay put. I have an endless summer and it has been a disappointment to me as it has never shown the blooms I see in magazines. Maybe yours will be better. It may like your climate better. Have a great weekend. Valerie

  10. And a happy long Victoria Day weekend to you my friend. My children and I are back and forth about going away this weekend. Daughter is exhausted with her new full time studies at University, and son is okay to stay or to go.....he is so agreeable! Have a great one and relax. Diane

  11. Beautiful photos! It looks like perfect holiday weather!

  12. Gorgeous photos! I love the shot of the fly on the leaf!

  13. Sounds like you're in for a lovely weekend! Enjoy the extra day. Pictures are great!

  14. Beautiful photos! Hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend!

  15. You sure do take wonderful pics, Pam.. Isn't Canada beautiful?

  16. Have a lovely Victoria Day, hope it's sunny and warm for a picnic or just to take a country drive for photo ops etc.

    I'm glad you found a beautiful blue Endless Summer hydrangea like mine. Be patient - in a couple of years you'll have a gigantic shrub loaded with blooms. If you have a spot with part-shade it will be happy. Mine are in full sun and do wilt come mid-afternoon when hot, but they perk up in no time with a little water or in the cool of evening. They love to drink though so always water well if no rain. According to the acidity of your soil you may need to add aluminum sulphate now and then to keep them a deep blue. Lots of articles online will give you info. for growing these lovelies.

    Happy weekend Pamela - glad you can still visit your dear Marshall at his new home.

    Hugs - Mary

  17. Gorgeous series of shots! Sorry I been so quiet these last couple weeks, I’ve been really ill (now finally diagnosed with Whooping Cough even though I was immunized) and have had another very rough week.

  18. Hi Pamela,
    Great photo's, what beautiful weather! I hope your "Endless Summer" is going to bloom for you all summer. They are gorgeous! I just picked up a "Incrediball" Hydrangea it is a new variety this year. It is similar to the "Annabelle" Hydrangea but the stems are supposed to be more hardier when the blooms are at their full capacity and should require no staking, so they don't collapse... I would like to create a hedge on the one side of our front yard, so hopefully it will do well. Glad to hear that your dog has adjusted to living with your Son.
    All the Best,

  19. It does look like it was beautiful day! The shot of path in the woods makes me want to take a walk there - so calm and beautiful.

  20. That's truly a maple? I have one growing like a weed in my garden also...oh I am thrilled it's one. Up here with everything new to me, I can't tell weeds from plants, lol.

    I love those hydrangea, just got lime light, it's one related in the series, we will have to compare them when we get them to bloom.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

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