Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Thursday, May 31, 2012

mirror reflections down by the marina

I had to get out of the house yesterday.
I can't spend all my time on the computer can I?  {yes}
We had rain showers and a cold wind Tuesday.
Wednesday it was a Scotch mist and a wee bit warmer.

I went down to the Mactaquac Marina to look for some geese.

All I found was 'evidence' they were there.

I had to tip toe around the goose poop!

It was so gross!!!

goose poop (the brown stuff) and a river clam shell

When I wasn't tiptoeing and watching every step I took
I saw some beautiful scenery and snapped some pics.

this is a 'pretend' lighthouse

You would have the beach to yourself today.

Maybe you'd like to rent a houseboat.

This marina was man made after the Mactaquac Dam was built.
As was the Mactaquac Provincial Park and Kings Landing
Historical Settlement.
The St. John River valley was flooded from the dam up and
created a beautiful recreational area.

This is taken from the small causeway on the other side of the marina.

This millstone marker is for the small community that was
once on this spot.  It was called Jewett's Mills.
The Mactaquac stream flowed where the 'lake' in the above
photo is and the village was along the stream.

Part of the grist mill is now at Kings Landing.

These are my husband's relatives going a way back.

cattails ~ old and new

I took this photo below 2 weeks ago.
Can you see the little goslings in the grass?
When I drove by here this past Monday there were several
families of geese and the goslings were do much bigger.
I hope they come back so I can take their new pictures.

This next photo was on the same day as the above one.
Some geese had just taken flight.

It's another dreary day here today and the long range
forecast is depressing with rain almost every day except

I don't know what I'll do today to pass the time.
I certainly can't spend all day on the computer again can I!

Thank you for all your visits and comments and a big
welcome to my new followers!

I hope you have a super day!!

I am linking with Rural Thursday.
for the first time.



  1. These photographs are absolutely stunning (well maybe not the poo!). The pretend lighthouse shot is gorgeous. You live in a very lovely place.

  2. Interesting about Jewitt's Mills. Great photos. It is wonderful to see everything so green. I love the reflections of the boats.

  3. What beautiful reflection images! So very nice. :)

  4. Great shots with incredible reflections. It has been a lot cooler here today, thank goodness although I hope it is warmer for the weekend. Have a good one, Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

  5. Great pictures Pamela. The reflections are stunning . . .

  6. Geese really are messy. You got some great pictures!

  7. You got you some really nice reflections pictures there. Glad you got away from your computer.

  8. Such beauty! I love the farmland that slopes right down to the river and I love how you captured the geese as they took off. You have my sincere sympathies in the weather dept...we are in and out of showers today. Every now and then some weak sun. It's better than no sun. We'll really need to be out and about on our one good day tomorrow or maybe, just maybe, the weather frogs are wrong.

  9. Love those photos showing the water reflections! It is nice to get out sometimes, even on a rainy day!

  10. Just an fyi... both my parent are/were Canadian. My mom is from Newfoundland (still living) and my dad from Saskatchewan (he passed in 2007.) So I feel a bond with you already!

    Gorgeous captures of your beautiful area and I thank you for sharing at Rural Thursdays. So great to meet you Pam! :)

  11. I love your photo tour, especial the Goose P. Thanks for the words of encouragement. Rc

  12. The reflection photos are great Pamela. The marina looks like a very tranquil place to spend the afternoon snapping. Those goslings are pretty cute.

  13. Goose poop is incredibly gross! But your pictures are gorgeous - love all the water reflections.

    We'll have to get outside tomorrow and enjoy that sun!

  14. Geese. Love to watch them. Do not enjoy the evidence they've been around. My husband put out a coyote decoy (because I won't let him shoot at them!). They find his efforts as funny as I do :)

    I'm a fan of the reflection photos as well. Thanks for linking!


  15. It looks like you were the only person enjoying the beautiful scenery, Pamela. Your photos really show a serene feeling. I feel quite calm just looking at them!

  16. We used to live on a mountain lake with a year round Canada Goose population...even in the snow. We loved the spring with all the cute little goslings. But they sure are messy, aren't they? You always had to be careful where you stepped! Great photos of a lovely area.

  17. All wonderful photos, Pamela! I love the water looks so peaceful there. The Jewett's Mills plaque was interesting to read.

  18. Oh, the boats are sooo pretty! Great photos all the way around1

  19. Simply stunning Pamela. You have a real eye for a good photo!

  20. Hi Panela, Gorgeous all the reflections. Please send some rain here.

  21. Pamela
    Any chance you can lay claim to even a wee bit of that beautiful area?
    How far is this area from your home? It looks like the perfect place to chase
    away the duldrums, for sure! The East certainly has a beauty all it's own.

  22. Hi Pamela got up early this morning to try to visit all on my blog list. I have not been around for awhile. Your photos are excellent and I love the narrative with them. Today is Friday Shoot Out and our theme is the rule of space. I thing you appear to know that rule very well. Blessings

  23. This is such a lovely place- you captured some very nice reflections.

  24. I love all these pics Pamela - great reflections and so peaceful looking. We have far too many Canada geese around also - dozens of babies always crossing the streets lately, and that poop problem is...............well a problem of great magnitude!
    Sad the historic Jewett's Mills village had to be flooded - I always dislike hearing when townships, once so vibrant, are lost forever!

    Hope your rain lets up soon - we've been getting a lot, torrential downpours yesterday, even hail which was very unexpected.

    Chasing my tail - so much to do. The garden needs work before we leave but too wet today, even though the sun is shining this cooler, pretty morning.

    Have a great weekend dear.
    Mary X

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