Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

over the hill

                                            Up over the hill.

What's on the other side?

A beautiful view.

And if you turn around....
there's another beautiful view.

freshly plowed field

It's drizzly and cold this morning but warming up to
 a sunny 22 ° C ( 70°F).
I hope the view you see today is beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by. 

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  1. We are also in a cloudy, rainy weather pattern. Muggy too, of course. It must be so nice to live in the country!

  2. Love the pics. We are having the most awesome temps today. Our humidity left and now it is clear and sunny.

  3. Beautiful scenery. I love the first picture...the anticipation is in the picture..wondering what is over the hill. But I must say the dandelions are beautiful. Yes, I really love that picture, Pamela.

  4. I'm wondering what will be seeded in the freshly plower field? Time will tell....Have a great day!

  5. Hi Pamela! You are certainly surrounded with beauty! Sometimes we just take for granted what God has put before us. Thank you for reminding me to take in God's gifts.
    Be a sweetie and thanks for popping in to see me.
    Shelai ;)

  6. Those yellow flowers would make anyone feel happy. Very beautiful views indeed.

  7. Beautiful views and beautiful yellow flowers! I'd love to see some rain clouds in my view's getting so dry here, we need the rain!

  8. Hi Pamela!

    I see this field has been plowed and possibly planted? It certainly has a beautiful view. It is so flat where I live that I wish I had more hills to climb to give my legs a much needed work out.

    The weather is very humid here today which makes it feel much warmer than 74 degrees...I wish it would rain and let the humidity drop a little.

  9. What a beautiful view. Nothing like a freshly ploughed field ;-)
    I would love to come and have a picnic in that field.
    We're having lovely weather here. Cool 72 degrees with lots of sunshine.
    Have a wonderful day

  10. LOVE the beautiful view! In all directions, it's nice to be surrounding with such beauty. It sure is calming to the soul. Sure wish I had more countryside around me...
    Thanks for sharing this!

  11. Finding beauty in a simple drizzly rainy day isn't so much of a challenge these days. Yes, it is a cool day but we need the rain here.

  12. Your trek up the hill Pamela was well worth the view. I had a garden centre/lunch outing with a friend today - love this kind of day!

  13. Your view certainly is beautiful and well worth the walk up the hill. What will be growing in the plowed field? You live in a gorgeous area!

  14. A beautiful, beautiful view, Pamela! Enjoy your gorgeous place!

  15. I had a beautiful view today here in the lovely North Western part of the USA.
    Your view is also very beautiful, I love the photos of NB.
    Hugs, Cindy

  16. How wonderful to have beauty everywhere you look! We saw specks of weak sun today, but mostly it showered all day long. Even tonight with a crescent moon showing, it was raining. Perhaps it only rains on my little haven. Ha!

  17. What a beautiful view! I love all your pictures, so very pretty!

  18. Such a beautiful place! Love the first photo.

  19. Pamela
    If it's raining I bet those fields smell so wonderfully earthy!
    Ther's just nothing like that smell.
    The view is beautiful. You'll have to show us the field once it's planted too.

  20. Pamela, the views are wonderful and swathes of golden dandelions, I couldn't be happier:)

  21. Gorgeous shots! I like the bright yellow and green in the first one!

  22. Beautiful....each and every one of your photos!!! Thank you very much for allowing me to visit with you and view your lovely blog. Very tastefully done and refreshing!!!

  23. I'm wondering what green and gorgeous crop will soon be poking though the earth!

    Lovely views - the countryside is perfect.

    Mary X


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