Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, June 11, 2012

a charming farm

This is a favorite farm of mine in our area.
There are many outbuildings and the old farmstead
looks so cozy.

I don't believe the barns are being used now but the fields
are being farmed.

This used to be a dairy farm and when I first moved here,
and for years after, one could buy fresh cream from the farmer.

When there was a church supper in the local churches the farmers
would donate fresh cream for whipping.  There was
nothing like it.  Do you remember those days?
Freshly whipped cream on strawberry shortcake.
The strawberry season is almost here.
mm  mm  mmmmm!

Sadly, there are rules against that today.
Unless you live on a farm.

I have more pictures of this farm that I will share another day.

I am linking with Barn Charm.



  1. I'll bet that fresh cream was delish!

    It's a handsome barn in the midst of those green fields!

  2. Wow, definitely glad you had several photos...looking at the first I would never have envisioned it as big as it shows in the second.

    Strawberry season is done with here....

  3. Wow, that is an interesting maze of barns! Wonderful!

  4. The farm with its many buildings looks well cared for. I like the striking red doors against the weathered wood. I like the use of the cedar shakes on that one section.
    Lovely shots!

  5. It's a nice old farm and I love the weathered wood on the barn, along with the shingles on the bottom. The red door makes a nice statement too!

  6. The barn is in a lush setting. Very attractive. Sure I remember fresh whipped cream over strawberries on homemade shortcake. Now you are making me so hungry for it...but I need to wait a couple of weeks before I can pick sweet, red strawberries. :))

  7. Love the thought of fresh strawberries with fresh whipped cream. Sitting in front of the red barn door would make for a perfect treat . . .
    Great photos Pamela . . .

  8. I can taste the berries and cream right now....thanks for the memories!!

    Linda :o)

  9. That is a great old barn! Oh I can only imagine such a treat with fresh cream straight from the farm. I've never had any dairy that doesn't come from the grocery store. Berries aren't quite ready here yet, but soon.

  10. Wonderful old barns, Pamela!

    I remember fresh whipped cream and real butter, too. In fact, churning butter on Saturday morning is how I earned the admission to the Saturday afternoon movies.

  11. Love the gray! That's a beautiful farm even if the barns aren't being used!

  12. A charming farm indeed ! Yes - strawberries and real whipped cream (I'm trying to not drool on my keyboard ;>)

    Too bad the bureaucrats had to step in.

  13. Very nice! Mmmm, strawberries with fresh whipped cream sounds wonderful.

  14. I loved seeing this farm and the wonderful buildings. I remember real whipped cream well. My mother used to make it from the milk out of the milk cow my dad kept on the farm. I also remember him trying to teach me to milk the cow and I never could get the hang of it!

  15. Charming for sure, Pamela!
    Love old weathered farms and their out buildings.
    Reminds me of being back home in the country.

  16. This was obviously a very prosperous place at one time. It's good to see that the fields are not laying fallow.

  17. Those are some big ole barns Pamela. Your photos are wonderful. I'd love to have a space like that to work from.
    I don't quite understand what there are rules against Pamela?

  18. What a lovely farm and what lovely photography. Keep your camera handy because your pictures are great. Thanks for sharing, Connie :)

  19. Hello Pamela:
    The barns are indeed lovely and sit in the landscape so comfortably. It really seems as if time has passed here and everything looks as it did many decades ago.

    When in Budapest, we miss very little from England but cream is something that we yearn for. It is not available here except in nasty little cardboard cartons....not the same at all!!

  20. Very nice addition to Barn Charm today! It looks like it was once a BIG operation! Thinking about the old practice of furnishing cream to the church - sure does seem sad that we are regulated as if we had no sense on our own! What a loss for the community! Lovely trip down memory lane today!

  21. Great barn shots and it looks like a beautiful place to live. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my site.

  22. i love the chance to see the far away view. to see what is around the barn. great views. (:

  23. What a lovely setting! I especially like the red doors on the weathered wood. Wow!

  24. What a beautiful and peaceful scene.
    Whenever I see a farm like that, with so many noble buildings, I think about the work - the very hard work - that they represent. The wealth of the farmer was reflected in the state of his buildings.

  25. I enjoy your barn photos. I would not find so many around where I live! Love that red door and how you photographed it.

  26. Hello,
    Great to visit you, I am liking the composition of your photography, especially the red barn doors, there is something exciting about a door, what is behind it?, what it will reveal, lovely subjects to photograph and lush landscapes.
    Looking forward to popping by again.

  27. Here I was, admiring the barn (thinking of my uncle's red barn doors) and then you had to distract me with the strawberries and whipped cream! My mouth is watering. Yum.

  28. beautiful place but the memory of fresh whipped cream with strawberries really made me drool!!

  29. Pamela
    I love gray, weathered old buildings and this barn gets an A-plus in my book.
    We were once located in a Mennonite community where we were able to buy raw milk.
    Oh, was the cream on top the best!

  30. I don't remember those days because I never had them! Sounds good though. Your barn photos are wonderful! So glad you got your good weather!

  31. Hi Pamela,
    Fantastic old barn! I just spied some strawberries almost ripe in the garden. When the strawberries are ripe you know summer has arrived :-)

  32. What a beautiful old farm. I am so very much looking forward to strawberry season, I try to make my rounds to all the strawberry festivals...yum!

  33. What a fantastic old farm. I can see so many photo ops there. Thanks for the lovely photos.

  34. There are rules against what, today? Donating the cream?

    The barns look like they're in pretty good condition, I wish they were being used, such a shame & a waste that they're not...
    Love all that green, green grass & that blue, blue sky!

    Thank you for joining =)


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