Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Thursday, June 14, 2012

bookcase transformation ~ going green

See the green?

This bookcase was built for me by my great uncle Walter
when I was very young.  It has been used for everything from school books
to storage in the basement so I decided it needed a face lift
and a new life.

Well, this is how it looked before.
It was stained a mahogany colour so I sanded it with
the handy little palm sander hubby bought me.
I did this late last summer then didn't do anything else
with it until last week.

Here it is being primed.  I put 3 coats of Zinzer on it.
ASCP would have come in handy for this job!!
{that's Annie Sloan Chalk Paint}

The paint is Sun Proof outdoor paint and I'm sorry but I
don't remember the colour.  I had it mixed at Kent and
forgot the paint chip there!
I decided to use the shelves on the back deck to brighten
up the area.  I love the green don't you?
It's kind of vintage.

I decorated it with some things I had around the house.
The striped buoy markers are from Winners.
The plant is a wave petunia called Raspberry Blast.

That's a cherry tomato plant on the right and it's growing!  :)

I also painted this little planter the same green and it stands
out a lot more now with the pink impatiens in it.

I think this little step stool will be the next thing going green.

We are in a nice stretch of sunny warm days until Tuesday
at least.  The flowers should be blooming and filling out
their containers. 
I love summer don't you!

Thank you for all your visits and comments on my recent posts
and a big welcome to my new followers.
I read every comment and try to respond and check out your blogs.

I hope you have a super weekend!



  1. I like it Pamela! The colour is like a mint green and it looks sweet with all your things on the shelves. I have the same little pair of ceramic wellies.

  2. La-la-love your greens! So bright and cheerful and summery.

  3. I love the new life you gave to the bookshelf by painting it green. It looks great! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the nice comments!

  4. I love your green book case . . Fresh and yes, vintage look too . . .

  5. Beautiful color! And I love your yellow teapot!

  6. I love the green! It does look vintage, the jade green from the 30's, perhaps. The bookcase looks like one that was in my bedroom for many years when I was growing up and I left it home when I moved out and then my sis got it when she moved out. I have always loved old things.
    Did you move the red chair and put the green one (in the first photo) in it's place or did you paint the red chair? Everything looks lovely. I looked at Wednesday's post and your garden is large and very beautiful. Everything is so lush and blooming.
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. The green works! That little wood picket fence basket is just like one I have! It sits on the back of my toilet to hold a couple rolls of TP. I use a wrought iron wine rack which holds 6 bottles as a hand towel holder in my bathroom. I use a little paint to give it a little green tint since the wrought iron has metal leaves twining up each side. I also have one in the guest bathroom.

  8. Pamela
    How neat that you kept this gift made by your Uncle.
    I like your seaside theme with the jadite color!
    And I also like that old, weathered yellow teapot.
    I am a little jealous of your weather though.

  9. Mint green was popular in the early 70s so it is vintage! I loved it and still do. Was in several weddings during that time wearing that color!

  10. Yes, beautiful weather and no complaints here!

    Ahhh, you're going green and it looks so fresh and nice. A sweet little pop of color!

  11. I love your bookcase and your post just makes me want to paint something. i'll have to look around and just see what might look better repainted. Thanks for your visit and enjoy your weekend Pamela.

  12. I love how the green pops with the bright pink chair next to seems to be my color of choice this summer.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  13. I love vintage for more than just the look. New things are so cheaply made and yet are very expensive. Love the color.

  14. That is one of my favorite shades of green. It looks wonderful, and it's great that you can update it and keep it working. :-)

  15. I love the green colour you chose for the shelf and plant box. Great work at remodelling them.

  16. The green is so fresh and really fun, especially with the pop of pink.

  17. I am working on something right now...soon to be revealed!!
    I love the green...actually brings it to life...
    I have the same little green boots you have there...:o)

    Linda :o)


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