Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Saturday, June 30, 2012

celebrating Canada Day

Sunday, July 1, is Canada Day.

It is 145 years since Confederation when the leaders
of the time led our country to be a nation.

While under British rule our flag was the Union Jack.

After Confederation it was the Red Ensign.

In 1965  Canada adopted the Maple Leaf as it's flag.
A flag that is easily distinguished and well known all
over the world.

I have had this flag for years but never had a small pole
or a front porch to hang it from.
I decided to hang it from our beautiful maple tree.

I even bought some smaller ones to stick in some spots on the
front deck.

I think Canadians are becoming more patriotic the past few

This week on the front deck.  Notice how large the hosta is this year compared to my header photo.

We will most likely go to the city to take in the festivities.

Canada Day 2009

And of course stay for these...

And enjoy some of this.


 to all my Canadian Blogger friends.

I hope you have a fun and safe weekend.




  1. Happy Canada Day to you, Pamela. It seems fitting the flag hanging from the maple tree.
    The hosta has come on well. It is very impressive.

  2. Happy Canada Day, fellow Canadian! I agree, Canadians are more willing to display patriotism and the Maple leaf is a more popular nation icon!
    Be proud in celebrating the rich heritage !

  3. Happy Canada Day, Pamela! Great idea to hang your flag from the maple tree! Your photos are wonderful! Enjoy your weekend.


  4. Happy Canada Day! I hope you have a great time! Have some strawberry shortcake for me! YUM!

  5. Great fireworks, Pamela! The strawberry shortcake looks pretty wonderful too. Happy Canada Day!

  6. The yard looks very festive. I never thought of Canadians as being terribly celebratory over Canada Day. When I was growing up, it often passed by without notice. I'm happy to see that that has been changing. Enjoy a blessed holiday!

  7. Hi Pamela, Your flag looks so great hanging from your maple tree! It is the perfect spot. Your geraniums caught my eye! They look very healthy and happy!!! So, the only thing is...I reallly need some of that scrumptious looking strawberry shortcake!!!!!! Happy Canada Day!

  8. And a Happy Canada Day over to you on the east coast, from me on the west coast. I hope the day dawns sunny for all the festivities!

  9. Happy Canada Day Pamela from Ontario.

  10. Beautiful photos Pamela. I love seeing Canada Day all over the country being celebrated! Happy Canada Day to you and yours!

  11. I agree - it does seem we're becoming more patriotic; I see many more flags these days. Yours look lovely - especially the one in the maple tree.

    Have a great Canada Day !

  12. Beautiful post my dear..
    Happy Canada Day to you, too..
    Oh, and yes... we are much more patriotic... I am so glad for that..

  13. Our celebrations are similar. This year the 4th is on a Wednesday so I don't think there are long weekends this year. Have fun!

  14. We have our Independence Day coming on July 4th to celebrate freedom from English rule.
    Enjoy yours!!!

  15. Happy Canada Day to you and yours!

  16. Happy Canada Day, Pamela! I love the flag hanging from the tree. I hope you have a wonderful celebration. Now, I'm thinking of strawberry shortcake! – g

  17. Happy Canada Day! The flag looks great in the maple tree. I have been enjoying strawberry shortcakes too these last few days.


  18. I've missed several of your recent posts and enjoyed reading them on this rainy Canada Day. I like your new arrangement of photos above the couch and will be interested to see what paint colour you've chosen. Good luck with all the packing up before the painters arrive! Happy Canada Day!

  19. Hope you had a DRY Canada Day...
    I like the picture above your couch...
    Get ready for those painters...get cracking!!

    Linda :o)

  20. From one Canadian to another.... Happy Birthday!

    Great pics!


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