Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Friday, June 8, 2012

'common' birds and the end of boredom

 A Common Grackle.
Usually associated with blackbirds, the grackle has
a pretty iridescent blue/purple head and yellow eyes.

A Common Tern.
White, black capped head, orange beak.

I tried not to scare it off.  When I turned the camera to take different photo it flew off
and I missed it!

There are many varieties of these two bird species
and I guess these are the most 'common'.  :-)

I finally had 2 busy days in a row! 
Yesterday a friend and I visited a good friend who
is recovering from cancer treatments.  She is a shadow
of her former self but is on the road to recovery.
I think the cure is worse than the disease sometimes.

This dove was sitting in the bird bath the other day.
I need to caulk it as it leaks so the birds can't bathe.

It was sunny and hot today!  It started clearing yesterday
and today the sun shone steadily from dawn until noon.
Then the clouds rolled in again with sunny breaks.
At least it was warm!

Today I went to the greenhouse again.
Last trip.  I promise.
I bought some annuals to put in a few empty spots among
the perennials and I also made up a hanging basket
and 2 large square containers.  I'll post photos when
things start filling out.

I also worked on the painting of an old table and finished
the bookshelf that will go on the deck.
It's supposed to rain tomorrow so I won't put it out until
Sunday.  I'll have to look around for some junk things to
decorate it with.

I have 2 photo jobs to do tomorrow at 2 different functions
in the same time period.  It could be interesting as
one of them requires me to drive all over and take pictures
of those from our church taking part in "Love Fredericton".
The other assignment is a ladies breakfast at the church and
I don't want to miss that. 

While out in the countryside today I got some great
barn photos. 
You'll have to come back next week to see them okay?

I hope you have a super weekend.




  1. Hi Pamela,
    I'm glad to hear that your weather has improved and your boredom is over. Have a happy weekend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. Hi Pamela,
    Your pictures of the birds are wonderful. I especially like the doves! Thanks for stopping by and congratulating me on my magazine feature. I really appreciate it and you! Have a lovely weekend.


  3. Your photos of the birds are just great. I can see why you are being given the task of taking more photos this weekend. Your boredom was short-lived!

  4. I love the pictures by the water with the reflections. That tern looked like he was just having a quiet moment, chilling and enjoying the scenery.

  5. Happy sunny weather . . . for a few days, please! I enjoy the birds and photos of them . . . and thought the Dove lookied especially pretty in the muted sand like tones.

    I thought you must be the "go to photo gal" . . . great hobby and wonderful you are there to capture the events! Has it turned into more than a hobby and you are now "for hire?"

  6. Ok, my comment just went away. As I was saying . . . We can't forget the commoners, even the birds. :) I'm impressed that you have two photo "jobs". Have fun with them!

  7. There is certainly a lot going on around your place! Your weather sounds so much nicer than ours - very tempting. My sister leaves for her place (camp?...sounds so odd to my ears) in NB in two weeks. One of these days I'll pop over!

  8. Wasn't that sun lovely? Roger and I just got some seeds and seedlings in before the rain started this morning. Now they're having a good long drink!

    Have fun taking photos of "Love Fredricton" - that sounds like my kind of assignment!

  9. Hi Pamela
    I think I might have called the crackles common, nuisance birds. I've taken down all my feeders because they have bullied the songbirds away from our yard, With no predators, they're multiplying like the rabbits around here.
    The ladies breakie at the church should be fun, they always have good food and conversation. Nice to see you are getting busy again.

  10. That's a beautiful shot of that dove my friend. Probably my favorite bird song is that of the morning dove.

  11. There are enough challenges in life without having to endure all that rain. It was miserable. I came as close as I ever have to calling the psychiatrist. =D

    So glad that you are staying busy and encouraging a friend and planting up a storm. It looks like a great week ahead!

  12. The boat tail grackles in Texas used to make me laugh with the "whoooop-hah-hah-hah-hah" call, and standing around in the hot summer sun with their beaks hanging open.


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