Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Saturday, June 16, 2012

in the jungle

I was visiting my friend a couple weeks ago at her home
along the river. 

We took a walk down the bank where a brook flows from
the hill to the river.

It was shady and cool in the trees and the ferns were huge ~
almost to my hips.
I felt like I was in the jungle.

I wonder who this belongs to? 

My friend's kitty was sniffing around this tree where
another animal had left it's scent.

There are large islands in the river that local farmers rent
and plant crops on the fertile soil.

This was taken back up on the riverbank.

I am so thankful for the beauty of God's creation around me.

For God is the King of all the earth; sing to Him a
psalm of praise.  Psalm 47:7




  1. Hi Pam.. We were up river on Tuesday and I took a few pics.. Nothing as lovely as yours, though..
    Have a blessed Sunday..

  2. What a beautiful area and great place for a walk with your camera. Thanks for sharing your lovely images.

  3. Your photos are lovely and what a wonderful walk. I could almost smell the plant life and feel the gentle breeze. Thanks for sharing. Connie :)

  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely. The ferns are particularly huge this year. I was just noticing the same thing behind the house in the ravine. My ravine and your river are a ridiculous pairing as the river views are amazing. I'm sure that I've told you how much I enjoy the drive along the river into Fredericton. And blessed you as a New Brunswick gal who can take a river walk without fearing a snake!

  5. Hello Pamela, I love that is so true. Those ferns are amazing. I tried to grow some last years out under our tree and they kept turning this year we moved them under some trees in the hedgrow. Actually, they are doing much better. Gorgeous pictures. I really enjoyed them. Thank you.

  6. Gorgeous photos. The lush green of the ferns and foliage is just beautiful!

  7. Hi, Pamela! I'm Nadezda and I love your photos. The one of the lake, the sky reminds me our northern weather.

  8. Better watch out, there be tigers in them there jungles pardner!
    Great pictures Pamela the cat tail adds a great element of mystery and fun.

  9. I really like the smell of a forest. It's such a fresh scent with all of the greenery, although I haven't seen ferns this large. The photo of the cat's tail made me smile (a wild beast in the jungle).

    Have a lovely Sunday, Pamela.

  10. Lovely photos Pamela. One often hears the term "God's Country" and your post makes me think of this. I wonder how the farmers get their equipment to the islands to plant and harvest their they use barges?

    1. Sheila and Dotsie both asked how the farmers get to the islands. There is a small government cable ferry that takes them over and back during harvest time. Also, at the end of one of the islands is a road and bridge. One can drive down and walk. There is lots of beautiful scenery, wildlife, birds and wildflowers to see. Sadly, in all the years I've lived here I've never done it!! I must put that on my bucket list. lol

  11. Beautiful ferns! So do the farmers take a boat over to work on their rented farmland?

  12. Hi Pamela, Thanks for coming by for a visit, I love company and a chance to get to know you better. I have been getting so much information from my followers, that I've decided I don't have a bee problem, I have a yellow jacket problem. To me, if it had a stinger it was a bee. I do suppose they are all related in someway. Have a wonderful day and watch out for anything with a stringer, LOL. Connie :)

  13. Hello Pamela
    Thanks for sharing some of the beauty from your province. We have many areas of wild ferns as understory plants close to the lake. It always looks so cool under the trees.
    I too am thankful for the beauty surrounding us and could never be a cement city slicker.

  14. Perfect Sunday post, Pamela!
    I love ferns but don't have a good place for
    them other than in a pot.
    Your friend's curious tabby is too cute.
    Little tiger in the jungle.


  15. I just love ferns.....mine are doing quite well at the lake...
    what a wonderful day that must have been...
    still hot and humid here....

    Linda :o)


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