Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

out and about in our yard

Wednesday morning.

Won't you join me for a tour around our yard?
It is Home and Garden Thursday at Kathy's
"A Delightsome Life" blog and also
Cottage Garden Party at Tracie's "Fishtail Cottage".
I thought I join these two memes today with a tour of my
small gardens.  (see the links at the end)

Our property is small at about 2/3 of an acre on a former pasture in the country. 
This photo is taken from about the back corner looking to the road.

I don't have fancy flower beds with stone retaining walls.
It's just a hodge podge of favorites.

Our soil is rocky and there is ledge just a few inches down
in most spots so I have to add soil.  It makes for hard digging.

This garden in the above photo was the first one I made away
from the sides of the house.  I called it my 'rock' garden for
obvious reasons.  It has flourished over the past 30 years
with perennials and some annuals added in.

I think I need to widen this bed again and add some more perennials.

I started the above bed along the south end of the house a long
time ago too.  It has progressed and regressed and changed over
the years.  There is a spirea bush that started out about 12 inches
tall, orange lilies, moonbeam coreopsis, a day lily and an aster.
There are tulips and lots of daffodils in the spring and of course,
forget-me-nots which come back every year. 
On the other end is a rudbekia. (below)

This obelisk used to be in the 'rock' garden but I decided I
wanted to grow sweet peas on it so I moved it to a sunnier location
at the end of the house.  I bought some chicken wire at Dollarama
(amazing what you can find there!) and wrapped it around.
The sweet peas are already starting to climb it so I can't wait
for them to grow and bloom.  I love bouquets of them don't you?
We cut back the spirea last fall and it is doing very well.

This trellis is at the end of the house and grows the Jackmanii climatis.
The next photo was from last summer with the hydrangea
and climatis in full bloom.

You can see in the above photo the trees which mark the back
of our property line.  I would like to cut most of them down
as they are shading the yard, gardens and deck too much.
I love the sun and want more of it shining in the house too. 
Hubby doesn't agree.
Hmmm.  We'll see....

The above photo is behind the garage which is adjacent to the
back deck.  I made a proper bed here this spring and planted
sunflower seeds and hollyhock seeds.  The tall plants are Golden
Glow or barnyard daisies.  There is a geranium from last year
in there and a Moonbeam Coreopsis (I divided my 2 plants
and moved them around).  I added the old window frame under
the window for interest and the little wire fence contains it.
I wanted a little country garden with old fashioned plants here.
What do you think?

This deck gets morning sun from dawn until about 11:00 this time of year.

Above is our front deck.  We often eat breakfast out here
on Saturdays in summer and it's a nice spot to sit and watch
the traffic go by on a summer evening.
All that's missing is a roof!
I painted the wicker planter this year as it was white before and
blended in with the house.  The annuals are just starting
so the containers don't look very full yet.
{I think we need to powerwash the deck.  gross!}

some of my blooms this week

Below, is another small rock garden as it looked last July. 
Do you see the big white rock?   'Rock' garden?
There is a Purple Coneflower, Astilbe, Hosta, Fern, Lavender and Iris.  I added some annuals for colour.
The grey building is our neighbour's shed. 

I think I see some weeds in there too. 

This is another small bed with Creeping Jenny, Rudbekia,
Hydrangea, Sedum and Liatris.  This was taken
last July as well and things were just starting to bud.

So there you have it.  Our humble gardens and yard.
I do all the garden work and hubby does the lawns.
I used to mow but am unable to do it anymore and the gardening
is getting harder for me as well.  (bad shoulders and back and fibromyalgia)
At least most of the garden work takes place in a short period
of time with just weeding and deadheading the rest of the season.  :)

I have a painting project to show you Friday. 
A transformation of an old bookcase.
I hope you'll come back.

Now why don't you follow me over to


and visit some more gardens of inspiration.




  1. Oh it is all delightful! I love the variety and the combinations. All the rain has your lawn looking lush, too. Oh I hope that you can reach an agreement with your husband on the line of trees. What about taking out every other one?

  2. You have a beautiful yard, Pamela! Gorgeous landscaping!

  3. All your garden spots look great! The clematis is spectacular as is the hydrangea! I wouldn't get rid of the trees...shade can be valuable for lots of reasons and there are plenty of shade loving plants you can add to the area to make it more interesting to your eye! I had 3 other houses on wide open ground with no shade...I fell in love when I saw the big trees here.
    Enjoy your gardens and take it easy with the work!

  4. Hot images. You have mixed leaf shapes so beautifully between hostas and irises. I like the small, purple table you made for your big spotted green teacup. I wish you a nice weekend! Zinnia

  5. Your gardens are gorgeous! and I love the way your wicker planter adds a punch of colour on your patio! Great choice to change it from the white. I hear you on gardening being hard on the body, thankfully it is something we can take our time and enjoy the beauty are labour of love results in. Wishing you a wonderful week..xo HHL

  6. Your gardens are looking lovely Pamela. I can't believe you found chicken wire at Dollarama. I'm growing sweet peas for the first time this year, a friend started them from seed for me and they're just beginning to take off. The majority I planted in front of a clematis to twine up it, we'll see how that works.
    Do you know the Latin name for the barnyard daisies? They're pretty tall already and look like a nice plant.
    I enjoyed the tour around your property, a roof over the deck would be nice for sitting out on rainy days.

  7. Very nice--I can tell that you have been doing a lot of work.

  8. I particularly enjoy postings that include a garden tour! Very nice... Larry

  9. I was so impressed by the beautiful pictures of your garden that I left off reading and went and did some work in my own, That was before six this morning. I very much like all the different areas you have created. The front deck looks like a lovely spot to sit and watch the world go by.

  10. Pamela your garden is lovely, I can imagine walking round checking on all plants progress, so many to keep an eye on, I love that.
    The front deck looks like a great suntrap, I could make myself very comfortable there.
    I last grew sweet peas about 5 years ago in a very large pot and planted too many seeds. We ended up with so many that I placed a bucket of water in the front garden in which we would put bunches of sweet peas on a daily basis so that passers by could help themselves.

  11. Hi, Pamela
    Your gardens don't look humble to me, they look wonderful. I love the clematis spilling over the fence and the variety of gardens you have. My property is 40 by 109 feet, so two-thirds of an acre sounds wonderfully spacious. Good thing you can farm out the mowing task to your husband! I'll look forward to your painting project.

  12. What a wonderful tour of your gardens. Here in ON, the Horticultural Society gives tours of garden you have to pay for, your garden is just as beautiful as the ones we tour...and it was free! Loved it, your grounds are stunning. I am still amazed you can get chicken wire at Dollarama! :) Hugs, Diane

  13. It's looking green and lush and mighty fine over there! It looks like a wonderful place to hang out.

  14. You have a very beautiful rolling landscape. And so green! Your deck looks very pretty and inviting too!

  15. Lovely gardens! I love your idea for using the obelisk for sweet pees- I have 2 that just sit in the garden- nothing ever will grow on them and think the little chicken wire like you have on yours would be helpful too!

  16. Loved wandering around your garden, peeking around and listening to you talk about how it used to be and what you plan to do in the future. My favorite kind of people always do the same thing with me...we walk about the garden, tiny or huge.

  17. It's just as if I've arrived at your house for a visit and you've taken me around the yard for a tour. Lovely! And so lush and green. It just doesn't have the look of being hot there at all! Enjoy summer!

  18. Is that a lime lite hydrangea? Mine didn't bloom last year, so I pruned it some and amended the soil. Fingers crossed that it blooms this year! I love your garden and the purple clematis next to the hydrangea is lovely.

  19. Beautiful garden. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  20. Hi Pam! We are neighbors at fishtailcottage. Your purple clematis looks so pretty falling over the white fence. I love your sunflower seeds sign. Now I need to go to the $1 store for some chicken wire for my sweet peas! Thank for the tip! Your garden is very neat and tidy. Denise

  21. Your landscape is so wonderfully lush and green. I so enjoyed the tour of your lovely gardens. The hydrangea and clematis are magnificent. And I happen to love the trees and wish I had more. It has been so much fun wandering around your garden with you. We do the same thing when I visit friends or they visit me and it is always a special time. Thank you so much for the beautiful walk. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  22. Thank you so much for sharing your photo's of your garden over here at Fishtail Cottage's garden party! i love seeing more mature plants in the landscape ~ everything in my garden is so teeny tiny compared to yours! xoxo, tracie

  23. Missed this post....what a great the golden glow, I have lots of that...spreads very easily..

    Thanks for the tour...keep busy!

    Linda :o)

  24. Beautiful garden! My husband loves a good, green lawn! A guy thing I think - love your mosaic and all your beautiful flowers! Delightsome post! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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