Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, June 4, 2012

a Royal teacup

The Royal Jubilee celebrating the 60 year reign of our
Queen Elizabeth II is just about over.

I thought I'd show you my only teacup from that special occasion.

This teacup was my Mum's and the saucer has been
broken and glued together but, it's a keepsake.

As you can see, this teacup is by Paragon and was made
to commemorate the coronation of
H.M. Queen Elizabeth II
Crowned Westminster Abbey
June 2nd 1953.

the cracked saucer

the bottom of the teacup

The above flag is the Red Ensign, former flag of Canada
with the Union Jack in the upper left corner.

This flag and the Union Jack one were mine from my childhood.
They are old!   Almost as old as the celebration.  :)

I come from Loyalist stock and British roots and there's even
a connection to the Mayflower in our family tree.

I have always followed the Royals and admire the Queen greatly.

When we were in England in 1992 we caught a glimpse of 
the Queen, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles and Princess Diana
as they were leaving Buckingham Palace.

The Queen and Prince Phillip were in this car.
Please excuse the poor photo taken with my old Konica 35 mm film camera.
I only got one shot!

This is a great memory for me.  On the Mall in front of the Queen Victoria statue and Buckingham Palace.
{please ignore the bad hair as it was about 28 C and very humid} lol
We had walked a long way and waited in the heat for over an hour for the chance to
see the Royal family.  It was worth it!

God save our gracious Queen
Long live our noble Queen
God save the Queen.
Send her victorious
Happy and glorious
Long to reign over us
God save the Queen.

We hope to watch the Royal Jubilee Concert
which will be shown on CBC television on Tuesday evening.
Did you get a chance to see it or any of the other events?

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  1. I feel so nostalgic when I see those flags...memories of my childhood. The cup is pretty even though cracked.

  2. Hello Pamela
    I remember well facing her picture on the wall and singing God Save the Queen in public school. Your coronation teacup is pretty and think of the crack as just giving it character.
    With an English heritage, we still have a soft spot for the monarchy don't we? I've only seen a bit on TV but have my PVR set to record a few things.

  3. So far I have watched bits and pieces in the past few days . . . I feel a sense of awe at the Queen's consistentcy of . . . calm, regal, grace . . .

  4. Like Judith, I remember singing God Save the Queen in school. I think Her Majesty has held up extremely well over the years. It's a pity Prince Philip had to be taken to the hospital during this time of celebration in England.

  5. Like Judith, I remember singing God Save the Queen in school. I think Her Majesty has held up extremely well over the years. It's a pity Prince Philip had to be taken to the hospital during this time of celebration in England.

  6. One of my favorite QEII coronation teacups! What a shame the sauccer was broken. But it's still a gorgeous and special keepsake! Brings back great memories, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing your special coronation teacup for the Jubilee and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  7. Pamela
    I can see why you feel such a connection to the Queen!
    I love your family photo and how exciting you actually got to go to London to visit the Queen!

  8. Hi Pamela,
    What a lovely teacup, and a keepsake, the best kind! How fabulous to have memories of real sightings of the royal family! Lucky you!!

  9. That is a very pretty teacup, and such a lovely keepsake. Last night we went out to see the beacon being lit on the hill near us. We stood at the edge of the next village so we could get the effect of it up on the hill. A bit tricky to photograph though, as it just looks like a dot in the darkness!
    Funny to think that the place where you were standing in your pic was packed with the concert audience last night!

  10. What a lovely tribute. :) We, too, down here in the Colonies, have a great appreciation for the Queen.

  11. Truly a beautiful teacup ... and it's mended saucer makes that more special. happy Teasday ..xo HHL

  12. Here in Surrey UK we have watched all the events on TV. My son a Met Police Officer has been on duty since 4am this morning and was in London for the service at St Pauls and the receptions and lunches. Typical Bank Holiday weather rain......Thinking of Prince Philip in hospital, who has been beside her for the 60 years.Lovely china cup and saucer. And love the pics of you in London in 1992!! Jackie in Surrey

  13. Good morning Pamela,
    A lovely tribute to our Queen, my friend! I loved the Union Jack and was so disappointed when they changed to another flag. Of course, it is a good thing to have our own flag! I also remember in school standing and looking towards the Queen's picture and singing God Save the Queen. I also remember saying the Lord's Prayer. Pity we have lost that in the school system.
    Your teacup, although cracked, is a real treasure and the colour is lovely! Thank you for sharing it with us and enjoy your day.


  14. Treasures all! We don't get to see many of the festivities...just some brief blurbs. I'd like to see more. We could see Katie C's interviews, but I am not a fan of gushing Katie so I didn't watch.

  15. Lovely tribute to The Queen and her diamond jubilee. Beautiful coronation teacup and who cares if the saucer has a crack ... a very special treasure. Happy Tea Day!

  16. It's kind of exciting, and it makes her more real to see the photos doesn't it...what great memories you must have of England.

    Love the cup, it's so pretty.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  17. Your teacup is a treasure. We have a pic at the same spot ... When our kids were little, and just us a few years ago. Memories! Have not seen anything on our TV, sadly. Except a British invasion concert of all the oldies from the 60s. Maybe there will be something tonight.

  18. What treasures...and good memories! Cracked or not...I wouldn't part with the cup and saucer. As a child, I had the opportunity to join the crowds in our town as the Queen rode through in a parade. I still recall her regal wave! I have been to Buckingham Palace twice...but never a glimpse of anyone royal. We don't hear that song (God save the Queen...) quite as often these days.

  19. I sure did enjoy the coverage of the Jubilee. I haven't ever been to see the Queen but once when I was quite young she came to the Fraser Valley and I stood close to the front of the crowd and reached out and touched her sleeve. It's funny that I remember that.
    My mom took a photo of the back of my head and the Queen's face.

    My mom had a Coronation teacup which is still alive and well...though living at my niece's home. :)

  20. Hello Pamela,
    oh my, your tea cup is a real treasure. It is so much nicer than all other china with Royal decoration. What a sweet memory. I think it is a gorgeous celebration for an oustanding Queen.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  21. Hubby and I stood in front of Buckingham Palace and watched the changing of the guard several years ago, but I have never seen the royal family in person. I loved seeing the Coronation teacup as well!!


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