Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

up the hill ~ University of New Brunswick

A summer view of the UNB campus 'up the hill' from the St. John River.

Fredericton, NB is a university town.

The city is sprawled across a hill and down to the
St. John River on both sides of the river.
The University of New Brunswick is 'up the hill'.
Also, St. Thomas University shares their campus just
above UNB's.

These photos are of the Old Arts Building taken June 17, 2012.
I took a lot of photos that day so will share the rest
another time.

Above is a plaque on the Old Arts Building at UNB.
UNB started out as King's College which was established in 1785.  In 1859, the Legislature
of New Brunswick passed an act transforming it into
The University of New Brunswick.

This building is probably the most photographed one on the campus and perhaps the city. 

My grandfather and father both graduated from UNB as did
my brother and sister.  My hubby graduated from here too and
our daughter attended here.

The above plaque reads:
"The Arts Building stands today as the oldest university
building in use in Canada.  Built to house King's College,
precursor of the University of New Brunswick, it was designed by
J.E. Wollford and constructed at a cost of approximately
$13,000.00.  This expense was shared by both the British and
colonial governments.  Lieutenant Governor Sir Howard Douglas
opened the building on 1 January 1829 and classes commenced
the following December.  The origianl two-storey structure, built
of local stone, was renovated in 1876, at which time the third
floor and mansard roof were added."

This is the other side of the building.  It looks down the hill
over the city and the St. John River.
It has a lovely portico on this side.

I don't know if this is the front or back of the building.

A peek at the Old Arts Building through the many beautiful
trees on the lawns below. 
The path is very steep.  One would have to be or, would
soon be, in very good shape walking around this campus
to classes. 
The many brick buildings are scattered over a large area.

The flags of New Brunswick, Canada and UNB
flying in front of the Old Arts Building.

University of New Brunswick is a beautiful campus
with many fine old and new buildings.

There is also a campus in Saint John, NB.

To learn more about UNB and what it has to offer
go to

I hope to go back this summer during the week when the
office is open at the Old Arts Building.
I remember visiting there years ago and seeing an old bench
in the lobby.  Students had carved their names and initials
in the wood over the years and I took a photo of what I  believe
is my father's initials.  I am anxious to find this again and take
a better photo as I can't find the one I took.

I'll share more photos soon.  I hope you enjoyed this little tour
of The Old Arts Building. 




  1. Loved the tour...
    The ivy on the old buildings is wonderful...
    Loved my stay in Fredericton...both times...
    Come to think of it, I took lots of pictures of the architecture....hmmmmm..I feel a blog coming on!!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    Linda :o)

  2. What a gorgeous campus! Those are some beautiful buildings!

  3. Looks like a beautiful campus. The mention of Kings College brought back memories of a Grief Conference I attended for work at Kings College in London. I remember the long drive alone, the stay on campus, excellent conference. This King's must be in concert with the University near you?

  4. Your photos show a very beautiful campus and I like the grand old building that your featured. The place has clearly played a significant role in your family.

  5. Gorgeous campus and beautiful pictures! You're lucky to have such a historic college in NB. Can hardly wait to see the bench with your father's initials carved on it!

  6. Beautiful old brick structure! Love that it's being kept up so well.

  7. What a beautiful campus...all those ivy-covered walls.

  8. Lovely campus...beautiful old buildings. Thanks for the tour.

  9. Although I've not spent a lot of time in Fredericton, it's a beautiful little town. And I hear the campus is one of the best. Great pictures.

  10. It's a beautiful old campus! We have quite a few friends whose children attend UNB - it's a good school.

  11. lovely photos and trip down memory lane - and as you noted and I always point out to my UNB grad husband - St. Thomas University is at the top of the hill - it's all downhill to UNB from there! did I mention that I am a St. Thomas University grad :). thanks for the photos of those great buildings!

  12. I simply adore those ivy covered buildings. I've read where allowing the ivy to grow up a build is actually slowly decaying the building, but, so many of them in Europe seem to have been there for a century or more. So it must be a slow process. I would hate to see the practice stopped.

    Great photos.


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