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Spring 2018
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

around the garden

a view from the window of the rock garden

I can't believe it's already mid-July, can you?
We have had the sunniest, hottest July in several years here
in most of Canada and the gardens seem to be loving it.

The climatis in the above photo is on a lattice fence.

The lavender is putting quite a show this year and I have cut
a few small bouquets.  The astilbe used to be a nice soft pink
but this year they seem to be paler.
Coneflower hasn't bloomed yet nor has the phlox.
Do you see the poppy in the front left?  It has a pale pink bloom today.  There is a double daisy about to bloom on the right as well
as Liatris.

Lady's Mantle it blooming beautifully.
It takes over and spreads like a weed though.
The cosmos add a pop of rosey colour.
The potentilla is finally blooming but the Russian Sage,
barely visible on the left isn't blooming yet.
Maybe because I cut back all the dead stems in the spring.

This flower bed is out front.  Hosta Wide Brim and Moonbeam
Coreopsis with some annual Nicotiana (and some weeds I see).

This Spiderwort is putting on a beautiful show of purple blooms
among the lime green leaves.  Another Coreopsis here.

a collage of blooms
the day lily, 2nd down, is American Revolution

This was taken last weekend in the early morning
so it is quite bright.  You can see that there are lots
of blooms on the climatis here which have since opened
up.  The other side is hanging over full of blooms too
as in my first photo.
The green bush is the Hydrangea which is starting to form
buds now.  It will be loaded again this year.

You can see my false sunflowers are growing up the the roof
of the garage.  The sunflowers are shorter and only one is just
above the yellow signpost.

sweet pea blooms  ~ They are growing like crazy and smell so good.

The Endless Summer Hydrangea is blooming like crazy!
I hope it survives the winter and produces again next year.

And this is my very first tomato plant and it has a tiny
tomato growing on it.  I'm so excited!  It has quite a few blossoms
on it so I may have a dozen cherry tomatoes.  The poor thing is
only in a 12 inch tall clay pot and should be in a big tub.  I water
it every night and on the really hot days it wilts so I have to keep
an eye on it.  So far so good.  :)

I am very pleased with the flower gardens this summer.
I am watering every night due to the lack of rain which is
a nuisance.  We have to be careful as we are on a well so we
don't water our lawns.  They are getting a bit brown in spots.
I learned on tv that the brown just means they are dormant, not dead.  They will be green again in mid-August.  That is always true
here and by September it is really green again.

I'm going to be linking up with A Delightsome Life

Have a great day!



  1. Your garden looks very happy. I'm wondering if my potentilla will ever bloom. It did come back from near death this spring, but it may take another year. It was my mother's so I'm eager that it should do well. Your clematis is so handsome. I wish that I could grow some.

  2. Your flowers are simply gorgeous. It certainly shows that you have given them a lot of care. I can not pick a photo that is my favorite. They are all tooo pretty. We have been watering alot, too. We are on a well, though, and try to be careful, too. I hope this is the start of growing tomato plants for you. Growing veggies is fun, too.

  3. Hi Pamela! Oh, what lovely flowers you have and I'll bet your not just a fabulous photographer but you have a green thumb too! :)
    Just beautiful.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Pamela
    I am so impressed-your flower beds are just beautiful!

  5. Gorgeous flowers, your Clemantis is unbelievable . . .

  6. It seems like your flowers like the heat. Not so much here, they seem to wilt if we don't water daily, and they look weary! Yours look fresh and vibrant!

  7. You have so many beautiful flowers blooming in your garden. You clematis looks like the same kind as mine. I can't remember it's name. Mine is done blooming now.

  8. By the looks of these photos your garden is certainly thriving in this heat - and with your watering. I'm watering every other day too (almost no rain here in weeks) but things suffered when we were away for a week. Veggie garden is doing great though.

  9. You have a gorgeous garden! We're doing well just to keep a few flowers alive. You must have a magic touch!

  10. Hi Pamela, your garden and flowers are absolutely delightful. I hope rain comes your way real soon.

    Have a lovely day :)

  11. wow, your garden is just gorgeous. all the colors, flowers & precious beautiful. i hope you find the time to "relax" & enjoy it. (:

  12. It looks fantastic, doing so much better than ours here in rain drenched England. Your sweet peas are gorgeous. Mine look like they really cannot be bothered! I heard it is a very bad year for them here. The hydrangea looks lovely.

  13. There is so much lovely colour in your garden, Pamela. The purple clematis looks fabulous on your white fence and I like the bright cosmos mixed with the other plants. I've got just a few little tomatoes so far. I'd better go water them if I want some more! (I do love my rainbarrel.)

  14. I love the way your perennials are mixed and grow side by side . this is the way I enjoy seeing flowers grow rather than in straight rows of planned order. Seeing perennials bloom one by one adds character to a flower garden. things are always changing and always interesting. We don't water our lawn or vegetable garden either and yet thanks to the rain things are growing amazingly well this year.

  15. Your garden looks wonderful. Don't be too concerned about the grass, it will come back nice and green in the fall.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  16. Lovely, lovely Pam... So many wonderful plants and so healthy..
    Take care..

  17. Your garden is beautiful Pamela. I love the deep purple of your Sweet Peas. Mine are blooming and I love them, but nothing that deep color. Everything is gorgeous!

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  19. Wow! Your garden looks amazing! I love the color of the sweet pea! My hydrangeas have already dried and some browned in the heat here - so nice to see your lovely blooms.
    I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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