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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

at sunset on the river

a load of hay bales on a truck at sunset

I went down to the river last night to watch the sunset.
Our house is on the east side of the hill so we miss the best
sunsets due to trees and the hill itself.

There was lots going on down on the river.

a young lad fishing (no licence needed for age 16 and under)

The fish and game warden stopped here and checked to
see if all those fishers had their licences.  They did. :)

This boat was pulling people on a 'donut'.

a sailboat returning to the marina

A heron.

I didn't know what this bird was until I uploaded the pictures.
It was huge and had a wide wingspan.

These are the culverts where the water flows through to the dam.  A boat can go through
these with no problem.

This is the upper side.

I have noticed the past week that there is a distinct difference
in the time the sun is setting.  It is getting dark earlier.
Mind you, it's still quite light at 9:30 here but just 3 weeks ago
it was light until 10:00.
Have you noticed that too?

Well, enough of that kind of talk eh?

Let's just enjoy summer and sunsets for as long as we can.

Now this next photo is untouched (as are the others) but
just look at that sky!
This was on Monday evening and I should have gone down
to the river!
A friend of mine got some spectacular photos on the water
of this sunset.

Behind our yard and the trees. That's our neighbour's garden coming along nicely.

We have had some beautiful sunny days this month with
just the odd scattered thunder shower to water the ground.
There is a high forest fire alert on now though and campfires
 are prohibited.

I hope you get out and enjoy your evenings, watch the sunset
and do a little star gazing. 
Summer is too short and it's moving right along.

Thank you to all my followers for your kind comments
on my recent posts.  I appreciate each one.
And welcome to my new followers!

I hope you are having a great week.




  1. There are times when we click on a blog post and are transported to another peaceful world...this is one of them. How gorgeous a place you live in.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  2. These are great shots! We miss seeing full sunsets too because of all the trees surrounding our property.

  3. Absolutely GORGEOUS! It is so stinkin' hot here. I'm afraid that we are missing a lot of sunsets right now. It's just miserable out there. :P


  4. These are beautiful photos. You just take me away to your area when you post these delightful photos. You take the best pictures but you explanations are fabulous and so very interesting.

  5. Beautiful images of your local views Pamela - you really have a way of capturing great landscape shots, well done!

    Yes, I'm home now and trying to beat the heat here - so oppressive and uncomfortable.
    Lots more posts coming up on Africa - it was all so awesome and we saw so many beautiful animals and birds.

    Happy week - know you must be enjoying the Summer weather up North.
    Hugs - Mary

  6. Simply gorgeous Pamela . . . lovely! Funny you would mention the change in the getting dark earlier, I just noticed it this week myself. The sunset picture is so beautiful . . . may sights like that continue for several more weeks!

  7. Beautiful Pam! Wish I lived closer to the headpond...

  8. Beautiful Pam! Wish I lived closer to the headpond...

  9. Beautiful pictures, Pamela! Love that country. Really nice lighting and the colors in the last photo are fantastic!

  10. Crikey that set the bar high for sunset pics. I love the donut pulling boat sunset and the last image is like a renaissance sky, fabulous!


  11. Such beauty! I really like the light and shade on the culverts picture, and the lovely blue sky with the heron flying. The pink sunset sky is spectacular.

  12. wow, what gorgeous views. i can't pick ... usually i can find one that i love more than the others ... i can't do it. lovely shots. (:

  13. You and your camera have done a wonderful job of capturing the many faces of sunset there along the river. And yes, I've noticed the days are already getting shorter. It always seems that way--they seem to shorten more quickly than they lengthen, if that makes sense.

  14. Pamela,
    You captured it all so well! And yes, you have become so proficient with your camera!
    Your photos are stunning! Thank you for adding the facebook feature as I have just shared it on my facebook page...have family in N.B. who will love your photos!

  15. Simply gorgeous Pamela. Love the last picture of the red/pink sky.
    Yes our days are now getting shorter. We passed the longest day of the year.

  16. I'm afraid I don't get much of a view of sunset with houses across the street! The last shot shows spectacular colour in the sky. Wow.

  17. Your photos are gorgeous! I really love the sunset shots! It's really too hot here to want to get out much. I water flowers and garden plants in the morning or evenings. In between, I seek out air conditioning!


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