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Friday, July 13, 2012

in the raspberry patch

I've been in the raspberry patch!

between the rows

We are blessed to live in the country and near a farm
that has apple orchards and a raspberry patch.

There are about 10 or 12 rows of raspberry canes.

The raspberries weren't all ripe that day.
In fact I only picked 1 quart box.

Just look at that view.

I was out there alone on the hill picking away and thought -
what if a bear happened along.  They like berries don't they?
So I started glancing at my surroundings for a quick exit - just
in case.  Behind me is the 8 foot 7 strand electric fence that
the deer jump through (you should see them do it!).
In front of me is acres of orchard and I'm in between rows
of tightly growing scratchy raspberry canes.
Well, thankfully there hasn't been a bear spotted in our area
in about a hundred years, that I know of.  Good think I had my
cell phone with me.  in my basket.  at the end of the row!!
Just in case....

I brought my basket to carry my camera and cell phone and the
small quart baskets for the berries.

This is a native Indian basket that was my great aunt's.
I use it to pick strawberries as it holds 6 of the quart boxes
quite nicely.  It's probably at least 80 years old.

Aren't they beautiful?

I had just enough to make 3 small bottles of freezer jam.
I will be picking more though, to eat and maybe make
more jam too.

I'll be picking these in the fall.  ;-)

We really need some rain in our area.  I can't believe I'm saying
that after all the rain we had earlier on.  There have been
scattered thunder showers the past 2 weekends but they missed
our area and it's been sunny and hot most days.

It's going to be a hot and humid weekend here.
Maybe some of those scattered showers will fall on us.

Have a great weekend!



  1. What a beautiful view of the berry patch. Just lovely!

  2. Wish I could eat raspberries but even so...the views in your area are fantastic! The picture of the raspberry canes against the pretty blue sky is my favorite this time. The raspberries just stand right out! I want to pick one!!!! My goodness, you do take wonderful shots! Such fun for you! I hope the rain comes soon for you. We are very dry here. We had a storm go through but it was nothing compared to what we need. We are all on wells in our neighborhood here in the country and everyone is thinking about that.

  3. The raspberries look yummy . . . Love your photos. We need rain big time, they have just announced a drought status. Guess I am going to have to get out there and do my rain dance.

    Blueberries just came on here . . . I purchased 15 pounds the other day. I froze several four cup bags, shared some with friends, ate some and tomorrow I am making our favorite blueberry crisp. So we have some "yum" going on around here too!

  4. That's a beautiful farm! You got some nice berries! We FINALLY got some soaking rain the past two days and more is possible over the weekend. I feel your pain.

  5. The raspberries are beautiful.
    We had cherries on our Cherry Tree until yesterday - birds and raccoons are the culprits!

  6. Wow, thankfully the bear had already had lunch. I've never picked raspberries before, the farm sounds like great fun.


  7. Your basket looks almost new, clearly made to last! The views are stunning, and thankfully no bears. The raspberries look very good, you've got me wanting some now!
    I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  8. Why do I always feel like writing a book when commenting here? Yes, we need some rain as well. I've been watering the garden again each morning.

    That basket is wonderful and you are an educated berry picker. So many people take great buckets and load them up and ruin the berries by squashing them.

    My sister took my children and her own berry picking one day on a ridge near the cottage and were followed by a bear. It was very scary for her as she was trying to keep the children from knowing that pertinent fact. I think she did very well to keep her wits about her and get them all back to the cottage safe and sound. So do be careful...it's wise to be aware and alert.

  9. I'd welcome some rain here, Pamela. It's been very hot and dry. Aside from the raspberries, I like your basket. It must be beautifully made to last so many years.

  10. Beautiful berries and a gorgeous basket!!!

  11. Beautiful berries and a gorgeous basket!!!

  12. Oh my goodness those raspberries look absolutely yummy. We live in the country by a blueberry patch. I can hardly wait to pick them and freeze them and make jam. Love your basket~!

  13. Pamela
    Does your cell phone have bullets? Just kidding, my friend.
    I do love your beautiful basket-it hardly looks worn.
    It must have been taken very good care of by all who used it.
    That is a lovely spot for picking. But maybe you should tke someone along next time.
    A person who can't run as fast as yourself!

  14. Raspberries are my favorite soft fruit and I try to eat them daily with my oatmeal! Love them and had them in my childhood garden in England. Beautiful countryside there Pamela - and thankfully any bears stayed away. The canes look huge and healthy. Such a beautiful basket, hard to believe it's 80 years old, it's in wonderful condition.

    Hugs - Mary

  15. The raspberries look luscious Pamela; one berry I've never picked. The blueberries are early and ready for picking and I still have a couple of bags in the freezer from last year.
    Bears have not been an issue here yet but you never know when they might venture towards a known source of berries.
    We are supposed to get rain today, time to start dancing again!

  16. I have never picked my own berries...I really should go do it sometime. I think your basket is wonderful. The perfect size. You were smart to take your phone. Many times I think of it after mine has been left in the car. :o) Enjoy your Sunday!

  17. We had rasberries to pick at our large house where our daughters grew up and it was so much fun...we had so much in the veggie garden to pick too! I love your raspberry and your basket is so pretty too. Thank you for coming by sweet lady and sorry I took solong answering you, but at my daughter's house and the grands keep me so busy. Have a blessed week.

  18. Very Nice Basket!!!
    I love freezer jam...haven't made it for years...can you post your recipe???

    Linda :o)


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