Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Thursday, July 12, 2012

our holiday in England ~ 20 years ago

Murray, me, Andrew L., Iain L, Mark G., Jennifer G, Beverly L.   Keith L. took the photo
On the High St. Southend on Sea.

Twenty years ago this July we were in England for a one
month vacation with our children Jennifer and Mark,
and our good friends Keith and Beverly and their sons
Andrew and Iain.

It was the trip of a lifetime for us and we had such a great time
touring parts of England and Scotland and even a daytrip
to France on the ferry.

I can't believe it's been 20 years!  We have all changed and
grown and had hair cuts and turned grey, kids got married
and have kids of their own and it still seems like it was just
yesterday.  Interestingly, we and our friends are still together
for over 35 years.  We celebrate our 35th anniversary on
August 6!

This is a long post so I hope you enjoy the photos.

The pier at Southend-on-Sea on the Thames River.

We were fortunate to have Keith with us as our tour guide
as he grew up here.

We stayed in homes of friends, bed and
breakfasts and cottages.  Keith's brother bought two older
Vauxhall cars for us to use for our travels as it was cheaper
than renting a car.  Murray had to learn to drive a standard
shift on the wrong side of the car and the road!

Blenheim Palace, England

We toured mansions and castles.

Huntly Castle  in Scotland ~ home of the Gordon clan.

Braemar Castle, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

We took in all the tourist sights in London.

At the Tower of London and Trafalgar Square.
We were joined by Keith's brother and family so were quite a troupe touring around.
Jennifer was outnumbered with 6 boys.

This was a hazy, hot and humid day and we visited St. Paul's Cathedral before we walked up the Mall
 to St. James Park and Buckingham Palace.

We visited St. Paul's Cathedral (upper right) and walked the Mall (lower left) to St. James Park so stopped to rest (lower right).  We went on to
Buckingham Palace (top left and center) and as there were helicopters hovering overhead and some police presence we figured that some of the Royal family might be leaving.  So we waited in the heat for over an hour until the cars came out.  We caught a glimse of Queen
Elizabeth and Prince Phillip in one car and Prince Charles and Princess Diana in another.  A very exciting moment for us!
We started walking back when it started to thunder and lightning
and we made it as far as the park again as the rains fell.
In the bottom center photo we are under the bandstand waiting
out the rain.  We finally took taxis home.  The storm lasted for hours!  But, what an exciting day.

Bridge House, High St. Chester,
crooked houses in Shrewsbury, A guest house in Bowness, a B&B in Moffat

We saw some beautiful countryside as well.

northern England

Hadrian's Wall ~ an amazing wild and rugged place.

Jennifer and Mark standing on a stone wall stile.
(leggings were in style in 1992 too!)

We spent a week in a chalet near Broadstairs and went
to the beach there quite often.

sinking sand in Broadstairs

We took the ferry to Boulogne sur mer, France for a daytrip.

A sidewalk cafe in Boulogne.  Beautiful old city.

I had to put this one in.
Jennifer's 13th birthday with all boys!

Canterbury Cathedral

Murray and Mark ~ Thorpe Bay

The pier at Southend on Sea.

Sorry this is such a long post but I wanted to share some
of my favorite places and memories of our trip.

I had a Konika 35 mm film camera so photos were limited.
(the old days)
I tried to get photos of the important things and I scanned a lot
into the computer to save them.

We had a wonderful time with great friends and made
some beautiful memories.  I would dearly love to return
and visit again but especially Scotland, the land of my
grandmother's birth.   And now I have some great blog friends
in England that I would love to meet.  Some day....

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our holiday in England.

I am wondering if any of my English blog friends have
ever visited any of these places.  I would love to know.



  1. Loved seeing this. We were there with our kids just a bit before that but didn't see nearly as much. Nor have my husband and I in our several trips. as they were all work related. But it looks like you had a wonderful time! The photos are great, even scanned. Wonderful memories for you!

  2. Almost didn't recognize you Pamela! Thanks for sharing these great memories with us, time flies for sure.

  3. Pamela, we had many family holidays as a child in Broadstairs. These photos bring back lots of memories. its such a lovely old fashioned seaside town.

    The grand building top left of the Viking bay picture is Bleak House where Dickens wrote the novel of the same name.

    Just behind it was the pirate and smugglers museum where I would lose myself for hours.

    Did your children leave the message in the sand in the bottom right of the picture? :)


  4. Look forward to you returning to visit some new sites in the UK you haven't seen. Don't forget how close we are to the Cotswolds and Shakespeare country.x

  5. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos. I do all my traveling, other than local (300 miles from home) over the internet with my blogging friends. On my budget . . .blog traveling suits me fine . . . thanks again for sharing. I'm sure you and your family all have wonderful memories of this trip. Have a great weekend. Connie :)

  6. England is beautiful. My son went there a year ago. He stayed in Bristol.

  7. Looks like it was a wonderful trip. Memories were made weren't they? A "gift" your children and the others will never, ever forget!

  8. Loved your post and pics, Pam..
    I would love to go there, too.. If I only didn't have to fly.. smile..

  9. That must have been a very fun trip! It's so nice to be able to look back on family times like that. Are you hoping to go back to Britain? We have been there a couple times, but we don't relish the thought of the long flights and all the hassle that goes with it. Last time we spent an extra day at Glasgow airport waiting for a flight after ours was cancelled...not fun!

  10. You certainly packed a lot in during your holiday! I've been to many of these places. although not to Broadstairs. There are a few places in that area I would like to visit. I will get there eventually! It is funny seeing the picture of the High Street at Southend, everything looks so dated!

  11. Great pictures! I know that it brings back fond memories when you look at them. What a great gift to give your children…a month in Europe. Wow!

  12. Talk about some throwback shots! It looks like it was a great trip. I enjoy seeing castles and the scenery is gorgeous! How fun to look at those after twenty years, huh?

  13. Time you came back! I live near Hadrian's Wall and the castles on the Northumbrian coast. You wouldn't like this rain though!

  14. I haven't visited, but you enticed me too and I love castles and churches so much. I think I'll plan this. Wonderful post, so glad I stopped by and didn't miss this one. Long but kept me on every picture and word. I can't imagine these castles and mansions. I have only seen the mansions of New Port and a few in NC, amazing. Ya we all wore long hair and long leggings, lol. Amazing you got a glimpse of the Royal Family as well. Does this beach have any sea glass on it?? lol

  15. This was a trip of a lifetime! The children must really have enjoyed it as much as their parents with so many others to spend time with. You saw some wonderful sights and have so many wonderful memories. On my first trip to Europe we started in london but even with 3 nights there I only saw Buckingham Palace from the bus. Time is really the answer when exploring European countries.

  16. Now I know that you've always been great with a camera got wonderful shots on this vacation even back then! Glad they've stayed clear and haven't faded, so many memories here for you and the children. Love that you are still good friends...sometimes it's not easy traveling with others, so many things can cause problems if you're not all on the same schedule!!!!

    Of course being English I've seen many of those places. Lots of time in London, loved Chester, and did visit Edinburgh last year - my first trip ever to Scotland and, like you, would like to return there some day.

    Meanwhile other places call - but I will be in England again - have to go as there's no place like home!!!!!

    Hugs - thanks for sharing your great trip - hope you can visit the UK again.
    Mary X

  17. What a great vacation! You got to see some of everything! Love all the photos!

  18. Gosh, I nearly missed this one...

    What a lovely tour you all enjoyed. You were an excellent photographer then, too. So Jennifer didn't marry one of your friends' sons?

    Hope that you get your wish to return one day and perhaps meet some of your blogging buddies in the UK.

  19. What a memorable trip, Pamela, and even more so to bring your children and in the company of friends and their children. Your photos are wonderful! You saw so mnay amazing places. Hadrian's Wall was most impressive and what a thrill to see the Queen and Princess Diana!

  20. I am so glad you took the time to post so many photos. I LOVED it! How wonderful you got to go with all your family and friends who know their way around. Some of our relatives have bought cars for us to use rather than renting as well, and our nieces and nephews have been pleased! What a wonderful experience for all the kids. I bet it has influenced every one.

    Happy anniversary, by the way!

  21. Thanks for the walk down memory lane Mom! Although I didn't need the reminder of how horrid my hair was :) Really? You let me perm my bangs????

  22. Morning Pamela, finally got a few minutes to myself to read your blog and comment, sorry it is a bit late!!

    Love the photographs and fashions!!I think I will definitely keep all my photo's from that era in the loft!!

    Next time you must go South to Dorset, Devon and Cornwall. Also the Midlands to visit Judith and see the beautiful Cotswolds, although you did visit Blenheim Palace so you were in that area.

    I have been to Scotland but never Edinburgh.I know the last time my sister was over from Australia, my brother and her went for a few days there. The Royal Yacht Britannia is moored there and they had afternoon tea onboard.

    Looking forward to meeting you when you visit the UK again. We will have to have a big blog party somewhere central. Have a good Sunday, Jackie in UK.x


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