Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Friday, August 17, 2012

around the garden at sunset

We had some heavy thunder showers at supper hour on
Wednesday afternoon.  At sunset I went out to view the
evening sky and get some pics of the sun setting.

The setting sun was bouncing off the cloud layers.

Heavy clouds over the hill.  I could hear thunder rumbling off in the distance.

I wandered around the garden checking out what is growing,
while I waited for the sunset to happen.

The pole beans are in blossom.  There are two lonely sunflowers
that had self seeded.

Lots of tomatoes.

The crows got the corn seed.  Pretty sad looking isn't it?

There are quite a few zuchinni.

Then I saw it.

The sun was spotlighting through the cloud layers.

Can you see the orange glow behind the trees?

What a unique looking sunset.

It was worth the wait, wandering around in the wet grass
with the damp chill on my bare arms.

I hope you enjoy some fabulous sunsets and maybe some
fresh veggies this weekend.

Have a great weekend!




  1. Worth the wait for me too! Lovely photos . . .

  2. Hello Pamela, I saw it and it was beautiful! Also, your garden veggies look like they 're plentiful. Our cucumbers and tomatoes are the best this year. It was so dry for a while..that I thought we may have to plow the garden under...but...alas... everything is doing fine. Have a wonderful weekend and take some more gorgeous pictures!!!!!!

  3. Beautiful sky! The sun rays coming through the clouds are wonderful! You took some really nice photos. Other than the corn, your garden looks like it's doing very well!

  4. Love those spotlight moments in the sky when the suns rays beam through like that. Looks like a feast is on the cards from the garden soon Pamela. The squirrels always got to our corn first. They'd peel back the husk and test it daily until it was ripe - fussy eaters!

  5. Great photographs. Enjoy the home grown veg over the weekend, Have a good one, love Jackie.x

  6. Amazing sky photos! And it was really nice to see a green, growing beautiful garden. You get to garden in a very pretty place.

  7. Beautiful sunset and your garden looks wonderful. I can't remember what a damp chill feels like. We have damp, but it comes from high temps and humidity.

  8. You captured a beautiful and unusual sunset. I love to see the sun set, it's reminds me that God is in control and all is well in my world, as long as I'm following Him.
    Your garden is lovely, dear friend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. Ohhhh...that takes the breath away.

  10. Your photos today are amazing!...and the veggies look pretty good too!

  11. Ahhh, sunsets. Yesterday as our sun here was going down it was a brilliant red ball. I ran to get my camera and discovered the battery was dead! A lost opportunity. I need to purchase a back up one!

  12. I'm so glad you waited for these gorgeous scenes!

  13. I had to blink several times when I saw your sunset to be sure it wasn't my eyes. Amazing sight! Thanks for capturing it! And congratulations on the new grandson Eli. He is precious, as is his big brother! I know your arms are feeling a little empty since being there with them!

  14. Fabulous land and skyscapes Pamela!

    Zucchini I love - so versatile from soups to desserts! I've been using a lot lately - love the small ones with such a fresh flavor, even eat them raw in salads.

    Know Margaret must be enjoying everything late Summer has to offer - have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs - Mary

  15. That sunset is gorgeous, Pam. Worth waiting for in the chilly evening. :)

  16. Your pictures are beautiful. I am a bit envious of your garden...especially the zucchini. I need to go to our farm market and buy some to freeze. Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Summer is slipping away.

  17. Pamela, it's good to know that you appreciate the gorgeous area in which you live. I may enjoy living in the city, but there are times when I'd love that expansive feeling of land and sky. In my early teaching days, I lived in Saskatchewan, far enough north that the hills were rolling, the views fabulous, and the stars more plentiful than I'd ever seen. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  18. Your veggies look great...I only had 3 zuchinnis :o(
    But I have some peppers nearly ready...

    Linda :o)

  19. Ahh...the mark of a true photographer at heart.....waiting patiently for that right shot! And what a photo you got! I love those beaming rays of sun....and your garden photos are beautiful as well. I really wish we would have gardened this year....but there's always next year, right!

    ciao bella
    your newest follower
    Creative Carmelina

  20. What a glorious sunset! God does paint a beautiful picture, doesn't He? I think I'm going to plant some tomatoes next year. Love them fresh from the garden! Have a lovely weekend, Pamela!



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