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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

sights around St. Andrews by the Sea


on the way into St. Andrews

Above is St. Croix Island which is in the Passamaquoddy bay between the United States and Canada.
It is a National Historic Site for both countries.
For more information on this site click here.

It was sunny and very hot here on Monday so my sister
and I decided to drive to St. Andrews on the coastline
where it is usually 10 degrees cooler. 


Not this day.

However, there was a gorgeous breeze blowing off the
water that made it seem cooler and we had a lovely
afternoon wandering around the streets, stores, and wharf.
taking in all the sights, sounds and smells of this
pretty town.

A nice spot to rock away the hours and enjoy
the sea breeze.

The town's Market Square.

Businesses and shops on Water St.

And of course we had lobster rolls (lobster in a long bun)
and steak cut French fries for supper on the deck of
a restaurant.  It was soooo good!

The view of the wharf from the deck of the restaurant. 

St. Andrews has some wonderful old buildings with
lots of detail.

After supper we walked out the wharf where a small cruise
ship out of Boston was docked.  This is something new for
St. Andrews and hopefully it will boost the economy of
the town.

We enjoyed the sunset from the wharf.

This is the historic Greenock Presbyterian Church which
was completed in 1824.

It is a landmark in this town.  The steeple is beautiful
with it's carved and painted tree, clock and spire.

Of course we had to drive by the famous Algonquin Hotel.

This hotel has recently changed hands and is being renovated.
The original building (shown) is getting a much needed
facelift so is closed, but, the new part is open for guests.

I hope you enjoyed yet another visit to St. Andrews.

We spent a lot of time here growing up staying in small
cottages or cabins on the outskirts of the town.
My sister and I had a very enjoyable visit to St. Andrews
reminiscing about the times we spent here.

Today was a very cool and fall like day but it's supposed
to be quite hot the next two days.
{I am actually cold!}
Sorry, I know some of you are longing for cooler fall
weather.  Not me.  So, stay cool my friends.
I'm going to enjoy these last hot days of summer.




  1. Well Pam...aren't you just having the best summer!! A new baby, visiting and sightseeing...
    oh...and those lobster sandwiches...yummy...we had those in Mahone Bay...loved it!!


  2. The scenery is beautiful! It's a great little town. I love the church steeple! Sounds like you two had a fun time!

  3. Great pictures . . . Yes to the lobster roll!

  4. Such an interesting tour! I guess someone from Scotland originally settled there!

  5. I've always wanted to visit St Andrews. What a lovely little town. Thanks.

  6. I did enjoy St. Andrews by the Sea! Great shots. It must be a quaint little town.

  7. I only long for cooler Autumn days when it's super hot out still. Monday was a cooker, Tuesday was COLD! Bring back summer...lol.

    I love the peek at such a beautiful town. Lovely historical buildings, and shops, sounds like such fun, and that lobster roll, oh yum.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  8. What a wonderful place. I sure would love to visit. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I'm surprised that it has been so warm there...what fair breeze found you? =D It's been coolish here. I enjoyed the photos of St. Andrews, one of the most charming little towns ever.


  11. Such beautiful photos, Pam.. It is one of our favorite places to go for the day..
    You are quite the photographer for sure.. smile..

  12. Gorgeous pictures!! I love the Algonquin. I remember there used to be a small little B & B across from it called, The Pansy Patch. I thought it was so very cute!! Have a great long weekend. :)

  13. St andrew's looks like a lovely place to meander along - taking in all the sights on a summer's day. You are lucky to be within driving distance of such a pretty town!

  14. What a pretty place to spend a day! I love little coastal towns and St Andrews is very pretty. The church is lovely.
    Have a good weekend.
    Hugs, cindy

  15. What a beautiful, charming town! So much to see and do, and the perfect place to spend the day just relaxing. I love it!


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