Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Friday, September 28, 2012

a perfectly gorgeous fall day

Friday was a perfectly gorgeous fall day.
It was sunny and there was no wind.
The temperature was in the mid-teens.
{that's celsius}

There is a lot of colour coming in the trees now.

This morning I played around with a table scape
which I will show you next week.

Then I went for a nice walk.

And enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

When you go for a walk do you listen to music?
I don't.  I don't want anything to intrude on
the beauty around me.
I also like to take time to pray while I'm walking.
Do you do that too?

On my way back I stopped in at our son's house
and checked on the dogs.  
I give them a little treat or two every day
at noon time and visit with them.
Marshall, in the picture, used to live with us.
He is almost totally blind and deaf at 13 but
he still has a lot of life in him.
{he just has to stop running into things like cars!}
Poor old Marshall.  I love that dog!

Murray arrived home late afternoon after 
working away all week.  :)
Near supper time, while he was mowing the lawn, I did a bit of garden clean up and
cut some pretty hydrangea blossoms to add
to the old milk can.

 This is the same spot I took a photo on Monday
morning when it was foggy.
The sun is low in the western sky at supper time
creating long shadows.
Actually, there are longer shadows all day
long now as the sun lays closer to the south.

It was a beautiful day.

{and it's going to rain for the next three days!}

I hope your weekend has some sunshine if you
need it or perhaps some much needed rain.

Enjoy the weekend!
It's the last one of September.
Next weekend is our Canadian Thanksgiving.
Do you have plans?




  1. You have a beautiful place to walk and gorgeous scenery. It's changing there already. I like to walk at the park and sometimes I listen to music and take photos, then put everything in the car and walk to listen to the birds and pray. It's refreshing, isn't it! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Hello Pamela, Your milk can is so gorgeous with the cattails and the hydrangeas. It looks so perfect for fall and such a pretty greeter to visitors. Your son's dog, Marshall, must be a sweetie. I wish you a wonderful weekend. Take care.....

  3. Beautiful season isn't it! Love your photos and autumn preparations.

    I never walk listening to music and I have "chats with God" when I walk. First I chat . . . and then listen.

  4. Oh the shadows are so long now. I feel as if we hardly see the sun. It may be that I'll be happy again for the leaves to be gone so I get some light back into the house.

    This is such a lovely view and I do recognize it now. It's one that you show often and yet it is never the same. Glad that Murray is home for the weekend at least. How soon your Thanksgiving is upon you! I hope that you have plans. If not, make some!

    The arrangement in the milk jug is wonderful. I still remember that you made some sweet arrangements last year with dried astilbe. I hope to do that myself this year. It looks so nice and natural.

  5. Again, a great glimpse into your life! So interesting!

  6. So utterly gorgeous! The autumn colours are so rich.
    I used to listen to music as I walked, but I now prefer to listen to the sounds of nature.

  7. Good morning, Pamela. As always, beautiful photos. When I walk I never listen to music. In truth, the only place I listen to music is at a concert, in the car or at Christmas time. I value silence - inner and outer - and couldn't imagine intruding on a scene as beautiful as the one you've shown with someone else's soundtrack. I have my own!

  8. Beautiful fall scenery! I never listen to music when I walk. I like to give my full attention to everything around me. Love the hydrangeas and cattails in the old milk can.
    Marshall is such a pretty dog.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. What a lovely place to walk, think, listen, pray, and take pictures. Thank you for taking us along with you.

  10. I am still in denial that next weekend is Thanksgiving...sigh. So soon, and it's still very warm here, without rain since June. And no real rain in sight.

    Love the fence, and the field, oh how green that is.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  11. The weather looks and sounds great for taking a walk. I love this time of year. It's so much fun to decorate. :)

  12. I love to talk to God as I walk, but I have to be darn sure I'm alone 'cause people look at me crazy.

    Next weekend will involve a trip to the city to the Asian market and dinner at a Korean restaurant. Then we'll have a big, traditional Canadian Thanksgiving dinner. So much of my life involves eating!


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