Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

a walk on the wild side

Blue Asters

Even though it's almost autumn there are
still lots of wild flowers blooming.

White Asters

I enjoy seeing what is blooming along
the road while on my walks and I found
these beautiful asters recently.

This looks like sedum.  I don't know if there is a wild variety or not.
Do any of you gardeners know what this is?

Wild apples

There are lots of wild apple trees growing
along the road too.

Wild cranberries

This apple dropped from the tree and was pierced on a thorn.

There are lots of cattails in the ditches.  I cut some for the milk can on the front deck.

A doe and fawn crossing the road.

I saved this for the last.

How's this for a wasp's nest!  It is huge.  I don't know how we'll get rid of it and it's residents.  It's up pretty high.  It's at our son's house.
He's found ground nests this years too.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

We thought we'd wait until it's very cold (which won't be until late October or November and
the wasps are sleeping then spray it with
wasp spray.  We'd then have to get a ladder
and try to take it down. 
It's going to be quite the procedure as it's on the
second floor of the house.

So, tell me, what have you seen in the wild
lately?  Do you get out for walks or drives in
the countryside?  Do you take note of the
changes in the fall flora along the way?

I hope you are having a good week and that
maybe you will get out and enjoy the beauty
that is around you.

Oh!  If you have any suggestions for getting
rid of a hornet's nest safely I'd appreciate them.




  1. Hi Pamela, We had a huge nest in our tree like that a few years ago. Later in the fall there was no activity around it. Our son-in-law is a science teacher and he thought it was empty. He took it down and broke it in half. There was nothing in there at was just like the outside. He took it to school to show all the kids. Everyone was very interested in it.

  2. Love all your pictures and especially the deer. We have had a bad summer for wasps.
    My hubby got bit and I got bit. He sprayed the area where they were going in. We haven't seen much activity since. Good Luck!

  3. love the asters & cattails. see those a bunch. different colors ... purple or pink. that is so scary looking. wow!!

    lots of squirrels & birds. i've been out working in the yard blowing the leaves off the driveway, rocks & decks. love being outdoors. leaves are trying to change. i love this time of the year. (:

  4. Be very very careful with that wasp nest. It looks like a hornets nest and they are very dangerous. The wasp sprays will spray a long distance so you could do that a few times and the knock it down in the dead of winter. When you ready to run. A hornet can sting you repeatedly....I know from experience! I love your 'wild' photos! We see so many neat birds and animals here in Florida. We have a flock of turkeys we see all the time...but it's still fun to see them! (and I still take photos again and again!) Hugs!

  5. Lovely wild flowers and yes, that does look like sedum doesn't it. Nice to see the deer as well. And wow, that wasp nest is huge. We've had lots of ground nesting wasps too this year.

  6. Great photos as always Pam--the beauty all around us still amazes me and you do such a super job of capturing it in its natural setting. Keep *snapping* my friend. I'll be checking to see the fall colours when I'm down south :)

  7. I like foaming wasp spray done after dusk when the hornets are all home having supper. Doesn't that sound cruel? Anyway, none escape with all that foam. You probably can't get it in NB. You may need to make a trip to Calais or Lincoln or Bangor.

    Lovely wild things growing. Wild you harvest them?

  8. Hi Pamela
    I enjoy the wild flowers along my walk each morning with the dog. I often collect seeds from some I like since they're growing where new houses are going in.
    How exciting to see the deer that close crossing the road. The paper wasps that built the nest will die or leave it before winter. Usually only the queen survives but she seeks winter shelter elsewhere, their little bodies would freeze if they tried to stay in the nest.
    I've had a nest under the eaves of my garden shed and as long as they don't feel threatened, they go their way and I go mine and they don't reuse an old nest.

  9. Sorry I can't help with the hornet's nest. But, I do want to say the deer in the image before are darling. I hope they get out of the street!

  10. Love you pictures and when you figure out how to get rid of the hornet's nest... let me know as we have a wasp nest in the peak of our house... We have a two story house with a full attic so basically a three story house. Not sure how we are going to get it down.

  11. That's a huge wasp's nest! I love asters! They're so pretty. Love the apple photo!

  12. We called the exterminator in for our wasp nest . . .

    We like walks and bike rides together . . . I especially like hearing the leaf crunch underfoot . . .

  13. The beautiful flowers are a sight! It is a blessing that you are surrounded by these blooms plus the experience of seeing deers on the road :)

    By the way, I would like to get to know you better through your future posts. Would you like us to follow each other? Take care :)

  14. Such beautiful fall colors in your photos. As for the wasps nest: RUN

  15. Hi Pamela,
    thank you for the pretty photos. As Judith said, the wasps time is almost over. Just relax and wait. They will not came back to this nest next year. The nest will rot away in some time and fell done by it self. Hornets are not that dangerous as almost told. They are very intelligent and do only protect their nest if one try to attac it. Some people have huge nests in their home and no problem with that. Some have nesting houses like for birds, especially to invite those rare insects to live in their gardens. In Germany hornets are protected by conservation. Here it is forbiden to move or spray a hornet nest. Only special trained persons are allowed to move a nest, if necessary.
    I am amazed that no hornet is to see there. May be it is already desolate.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  16. I'm afraid I would leave a nest that size to professionals! Whilst it is very scary, it is also very beautiful, and quite impressive.
    The flowers look lovely. I hope we have a few more weeks yet before everything dies back.

  17. Such great photos depicting this time of year. idea how to get rid of that high-up wasp nest! Yikes. Keep us posted.

  18. I didn't realize those were wild cranberries. We have some of those down by our trailer. Can you use them to cook with, do you know?

  19. You found some wonderful things on the wild side! Love them all!


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