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Sunday, September 2, 2012

an afternoon visit at Corn Hill Nursery

Isn't this a fantastic table?

It is located at Corn Hill Nursery in Kings County, NB.

Corn Hill Nursery is a very beautiful spot out in the
countryside among rolling hills and beautiful farmland.

This is the wonderful grapevine covered arbour where
one can relax and enjoy a beverage or a meal from
the Cedar Cafe.

The Cedar Cafe  At Corn Hill Nursery

We dined on this upper patio.

I enjoyed this delicious tomato dill soup and a huge
taco salad.  It was so yummy!
{I think know I've gained weight since my sister came home!}

Our great waitress, Susan, and my cousin John who is a regular here.

Part of the beautiful gardens.

Just look at that view...

which can be enjoyed from this deck below.

Above are some of the hundreds of perennials, trees and shrubs
that are grown and available for sale here at Corn Hill Nursery.

It is such a beautiful place to visit.  We actually spent the
whole afternoon here visiting with our cousin and
enjoying the sunshine and scenery.

For  more information on Corn Hill Nursery and directions
to get there please click here.

This is a wonderful place to visit, shop and dine.
The Grapefest is coming up later this month.
I hope to make a return trip.
Who wants to come with me?




  1. Hello Pamela
    I have heard that Cornhill is nice so was glad to see photos of it.
    The taco salad does look good and I can identify with extra pounds this summer.

  2. You take us to wonderful places Pamela with your great photos. Happy you and your sister are enjoying one another and good food too! Nice to spend time with your cousin in such a pleasant setting.

  3. Hi Pamela, What a lovely place to go for lunch and also browse and buy in the nursery. This is what I love. This is my kind of place. Wonderful that you had a visit with your cousin. I hope you get back to the festival. I will meet you there! Haha..

  4. Pamela
    You know I do!! I just visited with a couple from NB yesterday. After I told them we wanted to go East next year, they had a whole itenirary for us to follow!
    I told them I had a blogging friend who lives there near Moncton-you!
    Well, the table, the gardens, everything looks so charming; hopefully someday we'll make it there. A girls got to dream, after all!

  5. What a gorgeous place! And, the food looks wonderful, too.

  6. Pick me! I'll go with you, or I would if I weren't so far away. What a beautiful place, Pamela!

  7. Hello Pamela - I just want to say I think that you really have the right idea in going on so many day trips to beautiful spots. You make me want to visit your beautiful province! The views are so amazing and it looks like a perfect place for cousins to spend the day together. Thanks for taking the photos you do and for sharing tim with us.

  8. My grandparent's farm is just down the road in Hillgrove. I've spent many hours of my life there. Nobody went there this year even to sweep up the flies. Its so sad and rundown. But the nursery is wonderful and the food is so yummy.

  9. I do! I do! Wouldn't that be fun. Course I'm having a big dream because I don't carry papers anymore. I really should see to that.

  10. That looks amazing, what a view, and such beautiful surroundings, you must have had quite the day.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  11. What a stunning location, and that food does look good. I am now dreaming of my lunch!

  12. My kinda place, I would love to join you, if only there wasn't a big pond between us!! We love to visit garden centres especially where you can sit, eat and read the papers, but I don't think we have ever visited one with such a great view!! Enjoy, love Jackie.x

  13. What gorgeous scenery! Love those red barns in the distance. That's a fantastic table! I wonder how much that thing weighs?

  14. I'm in!!!!
    Our 40th anniversary is next Sunday...maybe I can talk the old boy into taking me down East!!! I doubt it...but I can dream :o)

    Linda :o)

  15. That's a gorgeous spot - nice to keep in mind for a little getaway! Thanks Pam!

  16. What a gorgeous place to visit, you have so many lovely places there in New Brunswick. Hugs, Cindy

  17. We own an old, derelict looking homestead in nearby Hillgrove. Love visiting Cedar Cafe and the Nursery.


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