Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Saturday, September 8, 2012

down by the bay on a rainy day

The boats tied up at the wharf in Alma, NB.

On Wednesday I drove my sister and brother to beautiful
Alma and Fundy National Park on the Bay of Fundy.

The tail end of Hurricane Isaac decided to pay us a visit
that day with torrential rain in that part of the province.

The roads were full of water in the ruts which made it
treacherous for driving but we got there and back safely.

And we managed to take some pictures, mostly from the
comfort of the car.

Owls Head

The waves weren't bad here but the wind and rain beat
down on us as we walked out the wharf for a few snapshots.

It was high tide and the boats were up level with the wharf.

My brother walking in the rain.

Yes, there is lobster available here.
But, we didn't get any this day.

I took this photo between wiper swipes.

There wasn't a soul around on this dreary rainy day.
I guess it's also the end of the season for most campers and
tourists but the park is open for a few more weeks.

raindrops on the lens - oops

Another view of Owls Head taken from the area of the
salt water outdoor swimming pool. (not the bay!)

A picture of my sister taking a picture.  :)

Yes, this is natural colour.  It was that gray a day!

People have been building Inukshuks on this beach
all summer.  Some were three and four feet high.
The waves and tides will eventually knock them all down.

We wished the day was nicer as the drive from Moncton
to Alma is beautiful and passes through some wonderful
historic villages.

However, we did enjoy ourselves reminiscing and talking
about life and our memories of trips here as children.

Do you have favourite places that you like to revisit
from your childhood?

Enjoy the weekend.




  1. Gray and's just such a day here, though we have no ocean to sniff, no Owl's Head to see. It looks like a lovely spot. I would like to see it on a good day, too. It doesn't really matter the weather when siblings get together. Oh no...terrible rhyme. Anyway, I'm sure that you all brought your own sunshine. I know that you've been having a lot of fun!

  2. Sorry for the dreary weather day but your photos are beautiful in the muted grey tones. Very nice . . .

  3. A good day to stop for a cup of tea while staying dry. I hope you have some sunny days with your family Pamela but I'm sure you're enjoying the visit no matter the dreary weather.

  4. Hi Pamela,

    What wonderful rainy day pictures! The grey day brings out the lights and bright paint on signs and buildings to make for great pictures.

    I bet the lobster is great at that restaurant. We loved stopping at Bar Harbor, Maine, for lobster when we were on a ship in the area.


  5. Looks like we both did rainy pictures but yours are spectacular. They really give you a feeling of mist and rain.

  6. I rather like the photos of a grey, rainy day, particularly if they're by the water. A good waterproof jacket would also be an asset! These photos remind me of a wet and windy day my friend and I had at North Cape, PEI.

  7. It probaly wasn't the most comfortable day for picture taking, but the rain gave them a very moody look...nice!

  8. I love pictures of rainy days. Especially if they are of the boats and the water. I would love to visit there sometime. And I would definitely have the lobster!

  9. What a very special time together. I enjoyed your pictures, Pamela!

  10. Hi Pamela, I love misty images of anything. These are wonderful. Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  11. Gorgeous shots of the weather! Glad you got some rain!

  12. Wow a very rainy day but great photographs. Hope the weather has brightened up a bit, we have had a lovely sunny weekend here in the UK. You ask about places visited as a child, I lived very near to the Botanical Gardens Kew and Phil and I were there today. I love to visit, during the year you can see the changes in the seasons and they always have special exhibitions, I will be posting a blog on it sometime during the week, time allowing. My sister and niece are arriving from Australia in a couple of weeks, I won't be seeing much of they want to see most of Britain.
    Have a good week, Jackie in Surrey.

  13. That was an extremely gray day for sure but you got some great photos. I haven't visited my childhood places very often..I think I'm ready!

  14. It does look likable miserable day out there but you made the most of it and that is what counts. Valerie

  15. We've been the Bay of Fundy...ten years ago! And we enjoyed lobster there, of course. It was a beautiful, sunny day in August. But your dreary weather pictures look quite lovely as well!

  16. Those photos are honestly beautiful. You've ccaught the feel and colour and atmosphere beautifully. I can almost feel the raindrops on my face!


  17. We too had a rainy weekend. I didn't venture far and I didn't take any pictures. Your gray day picture is lovely though. Clever girl!


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