Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Friday's fence and a problem {solved}

This picture was taken a week ago on one of
fall's foggy mornings.  The fence surrounds a
pasture and borders a field lane.

This is the unused gate to the pasture.
It's looking quite dilapidated now but still
has some character to it with it's weathered
boards and posts.

Now.  I have a problem.  
I have a new computer.
It's a Mac.
That's not the problem!

The problem is
 I don't know how to link this post to 
Friday's Fences.

There is so much to learn about this computer
and how it works.  It is very different from
a PC.

Don't get me wrong.
I love it and it's a laptop so I can use it anywhere
in the house and even on the deck!

I just have to work out a few things.
{and learn a LOT of things}
So, please bear with me.

I'll put up this post with no link.
Just the pictures and me complaining.

If you wish to see some interesting fences
you can visit Life According to Jan & Jer.
It's on my sidebar of favourites.
You will find Friday's Fences there.

And if anyone can help me I'd sure appreciate it!

Good Friday morning to you.
Thanks for the input everyone.
I am editing this post on the PC and the link
is going to Friday's Fences.

I did this post late last evening and never thought
of turning on the PC and doing the link there.
I admit I was lazy and very tired. {and frustrated}

All is well. 
{insert big grin here}

I'll get the new computer figured out later
today when hubby gets home. 
We'll learn together.  :)

Have a great day!




  1. Hi Pamela, I could never get the right click to work on the tracking pad on my Mac. My solution was a wireless mouse, works just like the old PC but I can use the tracking pad and mouse together. The mouse has a plastic home and goes everywhere the computer does, even used it on my knee. I love my Mac and would never change. Jen

  2. Is it wrong to do it for you? Because I just did. Ackkk...I may have overstepped my bounds by a mile or two.

    Okay, back to the fence. That's a great weathered fence. Very, very cool.

  3. Oh, and I didn't go so far as to leave a comment... I'm going to bed now where I'll just be miserable over this all night long. Why? Why? Didn't I ask first?

  4. Hello Pamela
    Control and then click in the middle of the trackpad right over your post title - you should see a list with copy link half way down and then click on it. I know, easier said than done.
    The gate's an interesting old one that must have had lots of use at one time.

  5. Love the weathered gate . . . your photos are always excellent.

    Diane, The Blue Ridge Gal, now with the blog title, DISH, is an Apple gal . . . Bet she can help. I will send your blog to her . .

  6. I am not an Apple girl but if you cannot find anyone to help out, let me know. My kids are both Apple users and could assist I am certain!


  7. I like the dilapidated gate. I see things like this around here, and I like to see how they change over the years.

  8. Great fence shot and glad you got your problem sorted

  9. Hi Pamela..... Lynn sent me the link to this post to see if I can help you with you Apple product. I use an Apple iMac and a Laptop as well so give a holler if I can ever assist. :-)


  10. Yay! So glad to see that you have lots of friends using Macs.

  11. beautiful probs...not my area of expertise!

  12. Oh, I really, really like that first view!

  13. i like that cobbled-together gate area. :)

    glad you resolved your issue for now. made me laugh with the fatigue-head, though. :)

  14. Oh I'm so sorry, Pamela, I've never had a Mac before... my sister has one & loves it... Hope you figure it out, try to stay calm, cuz I know how frustrating it can get trying to figure something out... God bless =)

  15. Glad you got the problem fixed...I would not have been any help at all...:o)
    I would have been trying to fit that gate into my car...ha!!
    Great weathered things..

    Happy Weekend...did you get the frost last night???
    We are warm and sunny to the lake...

    Linda :o)

  16. I've heard they are wonderful, what a treat to have one. I am sure bit by bit you will get it all worked out.

    Love that old fence.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  17. Love your pics and so nice you have a new computer... I would love to get a second one so we would not have to share.. smile..

  18. Love the way the foggy morning pictures turned out.
    Good luck learning the MAC. I used to love learning new things but the older I get the harder it gets.

  19. Mac computers are very nice but quite differen from a Pc...I hope to make a mac my next computer. I hear you on leaning new can be so frustrating. Nice fence shots!

  20. Your fence shots are great -I especially like the second one. I am sure you will figure out your new computer soon.

    Have a great weekend!


  21. Love that old fence shot, as you say, full of character. We've used macs since they began and you will love it I think. The transition should not be hard once you get used to a few things, as far as linking up,etc. I think you will enjoy tweaking photos on your i photo! Have a nice weekend!

  22. Beautiful Pamela...
    Congrats on the new MAC!
    I just bought a new Toshiba...there's always a learning curve isn't there!
    Keeps our brains sharp!
    That's what I'm counting on anyway!
    xo!Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  23. That is such a misty, mellow view in the first photograph. Lovely. Good luck with the Mac.


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