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Monday, September 24, 2012

the apple farm

Sunday afternoon was perfect for a walk down
through the apple orchards.

Hundreds of bins waiting to be filled.

An old wooden ladder to reach the 
highest apples in the trees.

That's my hubby walking through a field that
once grew oats when he was a kid.

Now there are hundreds of apple trees.


An apple picking container.

This is an old photo of my father-in-law
picking apples in the original orchard.
This was probably taken in the 1930's
or 1940's when he was a young man.
Note that they used baskets to
collect the apples in and then they were
put into wooden barrels.
I love this photo.  I don't know who
took it but they had a good 'eye'.

looking up to the top of the hill

It's a long walk from the bottom to the top.
This is only the half way mark.
When we got to the top we picked a large
bag of Cortland apples.  
It was so great to get out and enjoy the
beauty of the apple farm and nature.

Did you get out and enjoy the first 
weekend of fall?
What did you do?

I hope you have a wonderful week!




  1. Great photo of your hubby's father...
    We were at the cottage for Friday and part of Saturday...came home as we were to celebrate Erika's 33rd birthday, at my other daughters house...she was kind of under the weather, as she just got diagnosed with Celiac...gluten intolerance...so the dinner and celebrations were moved to my house...and Vivian was a tad cranky from her 2 months inoculations...So....that was my weekend..
    I'll bet you are sorry that you asked!! hahaha...

    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

  2. What wonderful pictures of the orchard. :) A friend just sent some apples home with our daughter (who lives with us) yesterday so that we can cook with them. Very nice!

  3. Nothing better than fresh picked apples! So nice you are so close to a farm that has a family history. Thanks for the input on the Canadian coat of arms teacup.

  4. Sounds like this is YOUR orchard. How lucky you are! Great photos . . .

  5. I'm glad that we were both out and about. Your sky and my sky are very similar. There really isn't much color yet. The swampy areas have a lot of color, but not too much elsewhere yet. Love a romp through an apple orchard.☺

  6. Such beautiful photos Pamela! I love that photo of your Dad.

  7. Your post reminds me of a couple of things: picking apples as a kid--a little kid. I remember climbing the trees and filling the bag. Of course there is also Robert Frost's poem "Apple Picking Time," one of my favorite poems. Your photos are stunning and your narrative memorable. Happy Fall.

  8. Wonderful photos of the apple orchard. What a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Looks like there is a good crop of apples.

  9. Hi Pamela,
    thank you for your sweet comment on my blogpost.
    Your photos of the apple orchard are fantastic. You catched the wonderful spirit of a bit of paradise. I think the apple is really so tempting. No other fruit could tempt Eva to fail. All the pretty colors and patterns! The photo of your father in law is priceless. It is so seldom that in former times people took photos from workers live. Most photos show them smiling on Sundays and special holidays. But those photos from the normal working day show much more of the personality. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a great time.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  10. Great Outing. Great Photos. Great Story!

  11. Look at all those lovely apples. I am thinking apple pie or perhaps apple crisp. I am getting hungry. Valerie

  12. I can't think of a better way to spend a fall day than at an apple orchard. They always smell good and you're guaranteed of fresh fruit for the table.
    The photo of your FIL is a nice one showing how it was done years ago and other than the barrels, still hand picking today.
    Thanks for sharing your day at the orchard.

  13. Mmmmm. I love the aroma of fresh apples. What a great outing! I love your first photo very much. And of course the one of your father-in-law is priceless.

  14. Hi, Pamela
    I haven't made it out to an orchard yet this season and really must do so soon. There's a lot to be said for having 4 distinct seasons.

  15. Wonderful photos of the apple orchard! I've been thinking apples lately, too. I'm getting hungry for an apple crisp!

  16. Hi Pamela! You have done some wonderful photos is this post! I like your Father's photo too. Apples just say fall like nothing else can, and I love seeing all the equipment. Crates, ladder, etc. So scenic. What a beautiful orchard.

  17. What a great way to spend a beautiful fall day.
    The photos of the boxes took me back - we used to pick apples in Creston BC every September and October for my father in law. Lovely memories!

  18. Beautiful pictures! The apples look so delicious! Our apple trees at the farm did not do well this year. A late freeze got most of our blossoms. Hopefully next year we will have lots.

  19. What a perfect way to spend the day. I am thinking maybe an apple pie is in order, I might just have to spend the day in an orchard too....tis the season! Lovely post, love the pics. Diane

  20. Pamela
    It must be wonderful to live where you have so much family history.
    I love the photo and the story that accompanies your FIL's picture.

  21. These are beautiful photos and remind me of the nine years we lived in the Okanagan Valley. We had apple trees in our small orchard but more cherry trees and those wooden bins were filled with cherries. I miss those cherries but am glad I don't have to pick again!

  22. I'm picturing lots of apple pies and apple cobblers!

  23. Your pictures surely speak of fall! They are wonderful, and yes, the one of your Father in law is so good. I love the history that you have there. I am so enjoying the hint of fall here!

  24. Fabulous pictures Pamela... I can smell the fresh scent of the apples from here... and such a wonderful history to share.... Have a wonderful day in the orchard...Hugs

  25. Pamela, my goodness, you always take the most amazing photos!! What a wonderful visit to an apple farm! It looks very similar to the ones here in Hendersonville NC. And the photo of your FIL is wonderful! How nice to have that. Thank you so much for stopping by:-) I always enjoy your visits!!

  26. I really love the apple orchard. I am actually allergic to uncooked apples (and peaches, and pears and plums and...) but anyway, it is one of my favourite activities with my family on Thanksgiving weekend. We will head out and pick up a good helping of apples and then come home and put on some old fashioned aprons and start baking. So much fun.

  27. Pam, lovely pictures as ever. I love the one of cousin Douglas - it would be lovely to know who took it. He reminds me very much of Murray when he was young, facially. Shirley Reed has hundreds of old family photos taken in the 30s/40s and earlier. There was certainly a good photographer around Keswick then as well as yourself now! I also remember all the orchards at the Reeds and all the workers turning up during apple picking time.


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