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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

it was a memorable weekend

                   Warning:  this post is picture heavy.  :)

a new fresh display in the milk can

We had a really lovely long Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

We were busy....

On Saturday ~

hubby raked some leaves

I set the table for our dinner.

Hubby cut up the squash as it's too difficult for me to do now.

I cooked and carved the turkey.  Should have taken a before picture.
It looked so nice.  ;)

Our son and his girlfriend joined us for dinner and we had
a lovely time.  After dinner we 'visited' our daughter and her
sweet family in Alberta via Skype.  We sure do miss them!

On Sunday ~

On Sunday morning we went to church then grabbed a quick
lunch at a subway restaurant before we hit the road.

the Trans Canada Highway

We headed up river to Woodstock and Hartland starting out
on the 4 lane then we switched to the secondary roads as they
are more scenic along the river.

secondary road - route 102 - the Fiddlehead Route (tourismNB)

It started out to be a sunny day but the clouds rolled in all afternoon and the wind blew a chill in the air.

Sorry, that is sunlit water in the foreground.  The trees here were gorgeous.

Hartland is the home of the longest covered bridge in the world which spans the St. John River.

The Hugh John Flemming Bridge

This is the 'new' bridge that crosses the river above the
covered bridge.

We stopped at a Tim Horton's Coffee Shop where, even though
I don't drink coffee as I'd be awake for week, I had a cafe
mocha and a Boston cream donut.  YUM!
{and I did not sleep well that night!!}

We then drove back down river and crossed the border to Houlton, Maine where we went to Walmart and purchased a few things.

We crossed back to Woodstock and headed down river on the
other side.  It was a beautiful drive and the trees were very pretty.

The sun broke through the clouds as it set giving the landscape a golden glow.

The sunset behind us.

We arrived home to a warm welcoming glow at the front door.

On Monday ~

Monday was a busy day too.  I put away my garden decor
and tossed out most of the annuals that had seen much better days.
We did some fall yard work.  

Our driveway and the view across the road.

I can't believe how much the leaves have fallen the past two days.
Some trees are bare and some are yet to turn to their fall colours.

This is a big chore done.  No more fly and spider dirt on the living
 room window!!  

Thanks for bearing with me through this long post. :)
I enjoyed sharing with you.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend.

I hope my Canadian friends had a beautiful Thanksgiving
weekend too.

And, I wish you all a blessed rest of the week.

We woke to frost this morning but I covered my plants
last night so I think they are safe for now.




  1. Hi Pamela, looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, your table so pretty. Wow!!!! the scenery is so so beautiful, those trees really are something, so is the covered bridge, really neat. Glad you had a great long weekend, we are Blessed, Francine.

  2. Really pretty photos - especially the sunset :-)

  3. Morning, Pamela. Oh, what lovely snaps from your trip. The fall colors are just gorgeous. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and your views from your home are so lovely too.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your fall color!

  5. Hello Pamela
    Next to the turkey dinner with all the trimmings, taking a drive to see the fall colours is what makes thanksgiving complete, isn't it? As a child, we always took a drive the day before to gather pretty leaves to decorate the table.

  6. i love photo heavy posts!! these are amazing photos. you have had a busy time. your hubby is so helpful. so sweet. love that. the covered bridge is to die for... i must see that one soon. i can't decide which view is more spectacular ... they are just amazing. that donut & coffee i wonder why you didn't sleep... maybe because you are so happy & sweet... maybe you should have taken lots of pics that night instead. ha. ha!! continue with the awesome fall views. i so enjoyed!! thanks! (:

  7. Pamela what gorgeous pictures. Yes we had frost here too last night.
    Time for our garden furniture to be put to bed. My geraniums in their planters are still going strong so I might leave them awhile longer.
    Had a lovely dinner with our family at my daughters, brought home enough turkey for sandwiches, soup and pot pie.

  8. Loved your Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend colorful post . . . The covered bridge is amazing! I liked the final few photographs of the sun glowing tree yellows and your welcoming home entrance.

  9. Gorgeous photos! It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving! The covered bridge is awesome! I like it much better than the "new" bridge. You've got some nice fall color. Ours is so-so right now. Not sure if it'll be a good year for color or not. The drought may have ruined that.

  10. Hi there! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a kind comment :) I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving...from your pictures, it looks like it was a nice day. I love seeing the changing colors of the trees. I remember Fall in Candada is SO beautiful! And I smiled when I saw Tim Horton's! When my family goes back to Canada to visit my other family, the first thing we do when we cross the border is stop at Tim Horton's :) Anyway, I am now your follower and I look forward to your future posts.

    Blessings to you,

  11. Beautiful weekend. Such gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing...................Jean

  12. Beautiful weekend. Such gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing...................Jean

  13. What a gorgeous drive! Loved that photo when the sun came out. The weather has been so unsettled lately and the wind has blown so many of the leaves off. Oh well. That's life.

    So glad that you had a cozy, wonderful Thanksgiving with your son and his girlfriend. Everything looks marvelous.

    Awww, sorry that Timmy didn't treat you well. I so wanted to stop for coffee and a Canadian maple creme yesterday, but a certain someone was in a hurry...

  14. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Thanks for taking us along on your gorgeous drive. I love the covered bridge and the photo of the golden trees is beautiful.

  15. I enjoyed journying with you. I've been to the very start of the trans-Canadian highway!

  16. thank you for taking me along on your wonderful weekend through pictures! What a wonderful time you had! Your photos are glorious....so interesting, too. May you have a very nice week.

  17. Happy Thanksgiving Pam. Your pictures were, as usual, just beautiful. I too have a high sensitivity to cafeine. But isn't it worth the sleepless night sometimes?

  18. Pamela
    It was no chore 'bearing with you' through this post. I loved every minute of it!
    It is just gorgeous in your area in the fall. I enjoyed the ride all the way to Maine and back. And, of course, Tim Hortons. I also enjoyed visiting your Thanksgiving table and your glowing and welcoming porch when you arrived home from your fall drivethrough the contryside. Oh, I almost forgot the covered bridge-how neat.
    It was all good!! Thanks for taking me along.

  19. What a gorgeous drive you did on Sunday. That covered bridge is amazing and I'd love to see it one day.

  20. Oh such beautiful views! We do not feel so fall quite yet, and we never get much color. But we are on our way to visit our son in New England. They are getting the chill a tad too! So glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

  21. Pamela I feel enriched having visited you today. Your photos are wonderful and the road scenery is exquisite. You also decorate the way I do (I have those little white pumpkins this year! ) And, I have trouble with my hands as well now (thumbs especially). Have you tried partially cooking it first? Someone taught me that, makes a squash much easier to cut up. :-) I'm glad you had such a wonderful weekend!

  22. Hi, Pamela
    Your photos really show the beauty of autumn. New Brunswick is so beautiful by the river. One day, my traveling friend and I had a picnic by the covered bridge you've shown. It happened to be a rather cold day, but lovely nonetheless.

  23. The colors in your area are just fabulous!!! Thank you for including us for your Thanksgiving. What a wonderful post!

  24. Smile...I love picture-heavy posts! I so enjoy your photos and feel as though I am right there with you!
    Thanks for sharing your amazing photos and talent of bringing your reader into the scene!
    love it!

  25. I enjoyed your long weekend so much! What beautiful pictures and the leaves are gorgeous! Happy Thanksgiving to you and wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

  26. That turkey looks awesome (I must be hungry.)

    Beautiful photos of your weekend, Pam. Thank you.

  27. Hi Pamela,
    Your photos are all very beautiful, I LOVE the sun on the golden and red leaves, so pretty!!! The area you live in is gorgeous!
    I love the long bridge across the St Johns River, it must feel more like a tunnel, it very long!
    It was wonderful to see your lovely place, your turkey and all that you're doing.
    Have a good week.
    Hugs, Cindy

  28. Such a lovely weekend! We've had a lot of drives in that area - it's gorgeous year-round but especially in the fall!

  29. Sounds like a wonderful and productive weekend! What beautiful photos. I most enjoyed the scenic drive along the river...the bridges...and the welcome decor at the front door!

  30. A great post, Pamela - really enjoyed your photos, especially of the fall colours and the Hartland Bridge (I haven't seen that in decades !). Sure looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Ours was wonderful too, with our married children and grandchildren.

  31. That was one of the nicest and most scenic trips I have ever been on a blog post. Thanks, so lovely to see the colors, and the textures of the trees...what a weekend.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  32. Simply beautiful photos, Pam.. We live in such a gorgeous place...

  33. I love the gorgeous pictures of the trees changing color. Sounds like you had a great family celebration.
    Mary Alice

  34. Sounds like a lovely weekend Pamela in such a lovely part of the country!

  35. Here in the USA we have our Thanksgiving celebration in November! I love the colorful trees. Thanks for sharing the beauty.


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