Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Saturday, October 27, 2012

it's a fact

stacked for the season

Picnic season is over here in our area.

Halloween is almost here.

October is ending.

November is knocking at the calendar's door.

There are less than 2 months until Christmas.

Christmas decorations are in the stores next to Halloween decor.

There will be a full moon Monday night.

There's a big storm coming up the coast.

Five maple trees in our yard drop at least a million leaves.

We've had 4 frosty nights and the lobelia is still blooming.

Good friends are forever friends.

I am blessed.

Have a beautiful Sunday.




  1. I love this! I'm worried about that storm and hope it's not as bad as expected. Believe it or not I am beginning to think about Christmas. Our leaves are falling like mad too. Happy Sunday!

  2. Hi Pamela! Oh another gorgeous snap and love hearing about some of your blessings. I'm blessed too, friend.
    be a sweetie and hope you're having a great weekend.
    Shelia ;)

  3. Hi Pamela.....sad to see all the tables stacked away......You are blessed.....Hugs Francine.

  4. What a lovely Autumn post Pamela.
    Stacked for the season is a wonderful picture and Oh that golden carpet of leaves - I'm very envious as I don't have any big old deciduos trees in my tiny townhouse garden. I do know they create a lot of work such as raking up!
    I always feel that Autumn is a time to take stock.
    It's my time to start planning what perennial plants will be added to make a good show next Spring and Summer.
    I love looking through the nursery catalogues drooling over the photos and writing lists of what I want to order - do you do that too?

    Enjoy your Sunday
    Shane ♥

  5. Be blessed to be a blessing! (which you are!)

    1. Very true Julia, I wish Canada was nearer as I am sure Pamela is a wonderful friend and would love to meet her!!

  6. Good morning Pamela,

    I have heard about the hurricane storm on the news
    here in Ireland
    I hope that it passes quickly and doen't do damage.
    I am sure it must be a dreadful worry for people who live
    in its path.

    Take care and have a good Sunday


    ps your photo is lovely, just like a postcard.

  7. Great photograph. I was just reading the news online and I see Prince Rupert has had an Earthquake, I am hopeless at Geography, but I hope it wasn't too bad and everyone is safe. It was 0c here last night, so Winter is definitely here in the UK.

    Have a lovely Sunday, love Jackie in UK.x

  8. Nothing says picnic season is over like stacked picnic tables. Hope that all your forever friends are having a blast, though not necessarily at this hour...though being an hour ahead, you probably are!

  9. Wishing you a beautiful Sunday as well, Pamela. It will be rainy and windy here for the next couple of days, or so the forecast says.

  10. Good morning Pamela
    Gives one a sad twinge to see the picnic tables stacked as they say it all. I too feel blessed with my life; it seems to get better with age.
    Stay safe with Sandy heading up the coast.

  11. I had to grin at those stacked tables, so orderly...and what a great photo.

    Stay safe in that storm.


  12. The tables really say 'closed for the season' don't they?
    It sounds like you've had a lovely week, with friends and activity to fill your soul. Lovely!

  13. Lovely post, Pam! I hope you are safe from the storm Sandy!

  14. Hi Pamela,
    Great photo of the stacked picnic tables!
    Yes, the month of October just flew by so fast...I hope November slows down a bit!
    All the Best,

  15. are just FULL of information today!!!
    Take cover from Sandy...
    We also had a million leaves at the Lake..
    Thursday was 27 degrees...fab=u=lous...
    I am worried about our little old cottage...

    Linda :o)


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