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Thursday, October 18, 2012

the wedding trees

When I go to look after the dogs where our son lives I let them get a little exercise and I enjoy the beauty of the property at the same time.

I call these the 'wedding trees'.
Our daughter and son-in-law were married
under the tree on the left on June 21st
four years ago.

These trees were planted by my late father-in-law
about 50 years ago.  They have seen a lot of seasons and weather which is taking it's toll.

When I walk under the trees I always find lots 
of branches that have fallen.

I don't know how many more years these trees will
see.  Every strong wind or storm that blows 
threatens them even more.

And here are my charges ~ Buckley and Marshall.
My favourite dogs in the world.

This is day two of sunshine and it's going to be
15 deg. celsius (about 60 F.)  A perfect fall day.

Thank you for all your visits and very kind
comments on my recent posts.  I appreciate each
one of you.  Welcome to my new followers too!

I hope you are having a beautiful day.




  1. What beautiful trees with wonderful memories. You have handsome companions, too. :)

  2. Beautiful trees! Beautiful dogs! Beautiful photos!

  3. A thing of beauty is a Joy forever.

    Find beauty Photos of Fall indeed.

  4. Oh I hope that they have many healthy years ahead because they are such pretty trees and have such strong family connections and memories.

    Those dogs are so handsome. They look like very good friends.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! And what special and sweet memories :)


  6. oh, that is too funny. i was really thinking there was a type of tree i had never heard of. too sweet. what a great place to have a wedding. just lovely. was it warm then?

    we got married in november so the leaves were still gorgeous. it was a perfect drive. i love the fall. my parents got married in august. it was during the big flood of '69 & many of her guests could not make it because of it. it was really humid as well. i love hearing memories. so pretty. thanks, for sharing with us. (:

  7. I love those trees, well I am a tree person anyways....

    What beauty they give, lets hope for many more decades.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  8. Those are fantastic trees! Even nicer because they were planted by your FIL and later hosted a wedding!

  9. Hi Pamela
    I like the name you've given these trees, I wonder if they saw any other weddings in the past? It's nice to have a large open space for the dogs to run off their energy and they are both sweet.

  10. Those trees are absolutely beautiful
    and what lovely memories you must have
    when you look at them Pamela.

    May they last years and years and years.

    Have a great weekend.

    x Fiona

  11. They look very inviting. A perfect place to sit and watch the day pass.

  12. Beautiful land and trees and the dogs, wish I could give them a big hug.

  13. Great idea to be married under these beautiful trees. It is too bad that they have a finite life. We are dealing with two great old oaks next to our driveway that loose branches every time the weather is bad. Hard to take. Love those dogs. Lucky couple of creatures, aren't they?

  14. I love your Wedding trees.....such a nice remembrance.
    xo, Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings..

  15. Your Wedding trees are beautiful, and how fun that your daughter was married under the trees that her grandpa planted. I love trees, hence the reason why I LOVE Winnipeg huge urban forest and our area in particular. Lots of beautiful mature trees!
    Nice photos and beautiful dogs!
    Hugs, Cindy

  16. The trees are wonderful, and how special to have the family memories come to mind everytime you see them. May they stand for many more years! Your dogs look like such loves!

  17. Pamela ~ the trees are gorgeous and they must be ever so special to you and your family. Hopefully, they will last a good long time for your whole family to enjoy. Your pictures are just beautiful. Frame one as a memento to cherish forever ;-)

  18. Sometimes, Mr. Sweet and I feel just like those olden trees...we keep losing branches and both are surprised we've lived as long as we have. :))
    Your photos are amazing.

  19. The trees are beautiful-hope you get to enjoy them for awhile yet.The weather was beautiful here too today.
    Thanks for your kind words and visit too.


  20. Looks like you are having nice weather...
    Pretty darn warm here, as well...but kinda soggy..:o(
    Those trees remind me of the ones at the cottage...
    We also find branches here and there, when we arrive...
    Great trees...lovely dogs...
    Thank you also, Pam...for your thoughtful comments on my blog...
    So nice, to meet such wonderful people, eh???

    Linda :o)

  21. Such magnificent trees and you captured their stunning beauty so well Pamela. I so hope they live many more years.
    Love those doggies - a great photo!

    Happy Autumn days - Mary X

  22. Beautiful trees, Pamela - and what great memories they hold ! As for the wind blowing down branches - just nature's way of keeping them clean. Nice to be able to go over there to enjoy those doggies, and the land.

    [we're sending 20C over your way]

  23. What a very romantic place to get married, your daughter had the right idea! Perfect place to let the dogs run around and for you to take a little stroll.

  24. The Wedding Trees make a beautiful altar . . .

  25. Buckley and Marshall are handsome dogs. They look very sweet and well behaved. The trees are beauties and I hope they live on for quite a while longer. I very much like the look of the fallen leaves beneath them.

  26. What a wionderful name for trees. They are beautiful and the dogs are so handsome.

  27. What a lovely place to say your vows! Buckley and Marshall are cuties!

  28. I hope you never have to cut down your special tree. You have so many wonderful memories attached to it!
    I'm glad someone is getting some nice weather!
    It's still raining here.
    Have a good weekend, Pamela!

  29. Oh Pamela, what wonderful trees and memories. The wedding trees - great place to be married. What a great walk in the woods you have taken me on, Buckley and Marshall seem to be enjoying their walks as well


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