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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

a bird picnic and frost on the pumpkins

I've been tossing some sun flower seeds on the picnic table for the chickadees lately but this morning I glanced out and saw a group of grosbeaks having breakfast on the picnic table.

I took these photos through the window of the kitchen door so they are a bit blurry due to the double paned glass.
Quite a little party going on.

The grosbeaks must have seen my movement in the window as they flew off.  Then the little chickadees came back.
I stood on the deck for these next two photos.  The chickadees are
so tame and don't mind humans around them.

Why are the pumpkins sitting on the table?

Because I have a bowl of vintage glass Christmas ornaments on the coffee table where these pumpkins were last week.  :)
{they are now in the compost}

Talk about frost on the pumpkins!

It poured rain yesterday then it went below freezing last night.
The little pumpkins are frost bitten.
Can you see the frost on the table and the water dripping off the pumpkins from the sun?  So pretty!

So, my Christmas decorating is done {except for the tree}.  I'm all packed for my trip to New York City.  The laundry is done and the house is clean.  And I still have time to blog!  I think I'm addicted! {but I really wanted to share this pictures with you}

Thanks so much for all your good wishes for my trip.  I appreciate each one of you!

See you soon!




  1. You are one organized lady! Hope you have a marvellous trip! Looking forward to the pictures. xo

  2. I love the birds, the small ones are just so cute. They do so look like they are having a party

  3. Evening.....wow, you are all ready......good for you.........Love the birdies, the Grobeaks are so pretty, I don't have any here at my feeders so I enjoy seeing them at yours....but do love the Chickadees so.......Have a great trip, Blessings Francine.

  4. I'm so glad you did share your bird pics!
    I've had chickadees too. I sure wish the Grobeaks would drop by here.
    I saw a very large woodpecker this morning, but by the time I got the camera he'd disappeared.
    Have fun in NY!

  5. i agree ... you are just very organized. i love the bird shots... wonder if you will get snow this year? it was 25 degrees when we woke up this AM. so chilly. i guess we might have some snow this year ... GOD willing. i'm hoping. i love taking pics in it. too fun!! i put up my trees today ... other decorations will be up very soon. i'm excited & love the fun. put on my christmas tunes & cup of hot chocolate ... enjoy it all the way. too the nines!! ha. ha!! (:

  6. Your bird shots are wonderful, Pamela - don't think I've ever seen grosbeaks at our place (in Ontario), but we do have lots of friendly chickadees. [I follow our weather back home from the sunny south and noticed the fast change - can't honestly say I miss it].

    btw - you'll love NYC; SO much to see and do. We made 3 visits there when our son attended school there. Enjoy.

  7. I have only ever seen the Rose Breasted Grosbeaks...and they are bigger..
    These guys are adorable...great shots...don't you just love the birds...

    Bon Voyage Pam...

    Linda :o)

  8. Hi Pamela,
    So thats were the Grosbeaks go! They are gorgeous birds but only spend a couple weeks in June with us... Lucky You! Have a wonderful trip:-)

  9. They are so cute, both the birds, and the pumpkins, mine are frozen also.

    Have a great trip!


  10. Stay warm in NYC in this frosty weather . . .

  11. Have a good trip. I like the frost on your photos. it looks cold. The birds have beautiful colors and thats so beautiful.

  12. The frost is quite attractive on the pumpkins, actually. I love seeing the birds that visit this time of year. It certainly brightens my days.

    Enjoy your trip to NYC!

  13. I would love to see all those pretty birds on my deck. Have a great trip!

  14. Hi Pamela,
    Lovely photos! The chickadees are so tiny and sweet. The pumpkins look great, nice seasonal picture of them for this time of year. Have a safe and fun trip, if you have time I know you will take some amazing pictures!
    All the Best,

  15. It doesn't surprise me that you have everything organized Pamela. Cute photos of the birdie picnic, seeds on the table are a good way to get some good shots.
    I too only have the tree left to do.

  16. Addicted to blogging? Pshawww...perish the thought! I opened up my pumpkins for the birds. They've been having a feast. Happy trip to NYC!!

  17. Delightful pictures to leave with us as you head off to the big city! I do envy you! I went to nursing school up at 168th but I don't think you will get up that far. To sing in Carnegie Hall --what a dream! Looking forward to your pictures and hearing all about it. Have a great time

  18. Beautiful shots. Quite the party, as you said. They are very pretty birds.

  19. Oh, I'm jealous! I haven't seen Grosbeaks in many years! I wish we'd get them at the feeders, but we don't. They're beautiful!

  20. Love the party going on at your picnic table. The Grosbeaks and the chickadees are so pretty. Great picture of the frost on the pumpkins too.
    Have a wonderful time in NY!

  21. Sweet...the frosty chickadee picnic on your deck!

  22. How nice of you to feed the birds and it resulted in some wonderful pictures. You have accomplished so much by getting your home decorated before your trip. Your Carnegie Hall performance is going to be an amazing event. I hope that you will enjoy every moment!

  23. How lucky you are getting evening grosbeaks at your feeders. We have yet to see them but do have the rose breasted grosbeaks in the summer. Love the frost on the pumpkins.

  24. Greetings from Montreal, Quebec. (and a fellow word verification free blogger). Your photos are fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing.

  25. Hi Pam.. Love the bird pics.. So nice that you feed them that way..
    And the pumpkins are lovely, too..
    Have a great trip...

  26. The birds are beautiful. I filled my feeder for the first time this season. I think the garden seeds have probably be picked over pretty well by now.

  27. Great photos---Happy Thanksgiving!

  28. I just love your Evening Grosbeaks. They are gorgeous birds. I was lucky to see three of them stop in my yard for a quick rare visit. I was thrilled. Great shots, Happy Sunday!

  29. The photos of the birds are wonderful, Pamela. And so is your description of everything being cleaned, organized and ready. Something I am sure I will never say! Wishing you a most enjoyable trip.


  30. I hope you're having a wonderful time in NYC!!!! I am back home now, so tired though, needless to say I have not blogged yet, but I hope to very soon.
    I love your photos of the birds! Beautiful!
    Hugs, Cindy

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