Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Sunday, November 11, 2012


This little painting is one my mother purchased many years ago.  

The artist is Morris Scovil.  Someone wrote on the back of it in black marker ~ "Reflection N.B.  $6.00"

I tried to do some research on the artist.  All I could find is that he was born in Gagetown, NB in 1889 and started painting in 1950.  He served overseas in World War 1 and lived in Vancouver, BC for a time after the war before moving to Amherst NS.  The Amherst Daily News had an article about him on Dec. 17 1957 which said "Proclaimed One of Nova Scotia's Most Prolific Landscape Artists".  A lot of his work was of seacoast towns that were sold to tourists.

Maybe the painting is worth more than $6.00 today!

I think Mum chose this painting because of the colours and the peaceful scene along the river.  It could be any river, anywhere but, I like to think it's along the St. John River at Gagetown.  

It is framed in strips of barn board.  {love it}
Mum had spray painted it gold (it even got on the painting's edge, which I'm sure devalues it) and had the whole thing inside one of those antique shadow frames at one time.  I decided to lightly sand the gold off but you can still see it in spots.

Just a little vignette for the in-between season before I decorate for Christmas.

What are you reflecting on this week?

I'll share with you later what I am reflecting on.

Something about a big apple.  :)




  1. Hi, Pamela

    How interesting! I'll have to do a bit of a snoop on the name.

    Did you see this brief biography?

    This page, if you click on each of the two picture, shows the selling price of the painting.

    What a nice thing to have in your home.


  2. That's a beautiful painting and a steal at $6!!!

  3. So the link above doesn't go through here, but I certainly hope it has lots of zero's on the end of the $ signs...

    That is a lovely little painting.


  4. Your mother would be smiling now and happy to know that you treasure this lovely little painting. Thanks for sharing this with us. Your snow photos were beautiful but I'm guessing it's melted now.

  5. Hi Pamela, I really do admire your painting. It is so perfect to display during this time of year. Isn't it funny how little things like that can mean so much to us. I'm so glad you posted it today.

    Have a lovely evening,


  6. Are you going to NYC?

    Oh I do imagine that your landscape is worth more than $6! I love the composition and the season of the year it represents. The barn board frame just makes it. I can certainly see why you treasure it so on many different levels.

  7. Evening the sweet picture, your Mom had good taste.......lovely little vignnete.....We had snow over night, lots of the white stuff now, makes me want to Christmas decorate now.......Blessings Francine.

  8. Pamela - What a serene and peaceful painting. Isn't it great to find out something about the painter of the painting? That makes it so much more special. And the fact that your Mom loved it enough to buy it makes it even more precious.


  9. A nice tranquil scene with the trees reflected in the water.

  10. What a lovely story...
    And...YOU GOT SNOW!!!
    Reflecting on....when will I find the time to decorate!!??
    I know....I will figure it out...
    I always do...

    Enjoy your evening
    Linda :o)

  11. A very soothing, reflective painting, and a nice fall vignette. Big apple as in New York...or big pie???!!!
    Looking forward to heraing...

  12. A lovely, peaceful scene. I'm sure the painting must be worth much more the 6 dollars now. I love your fall arrangement.

  13. We are so lucky having the Internet to help us in research like this. It is a pretty scene, and I too like the colours. I also like the frame very much.

  14. Lovely picture Pamela and with lovely memories of your mother with it.
    Quite a lot of reflecting going on with me at present, especially after Remembrance Sunday yesterday, all the news about sexual abuse going on here in the news( something I suffered as a child) and also about life, as my brothers wife is quite ill and Phil's dad has been in hospital for a while, hopefully he will be moving to a care home this week.
    We really should make the best of every day, try and look to the future which I know I do for little Harry and make the world a better place for the next generation.

    Love Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

  15. Precious blog! I love the painting. ( and your pics)

  16. Sweet painting of your mom's. I like how you tried to bring it back to what it was in the framing. Beautiful!

  17. What a great little painting. Very simple.

  18. Very pretty. I too have a few smaller painting and love them. Love the barn wood frame. And.....are you going to NYC?

  19. I love that little painting. It looks great in that arrangement, too. I just finished my last home physical therapy for my knee replacement. I am reflecting on whether or not I am going to be able to keep up with the regimen on my own. I know I have to so I guess I will.

  20. What a lovely painting and it has lovely memories. Have a nice week Pamela.

  21. Hi Pamela! Oh, that's a sweet little painting and a sweet little story to go with it. I'm reflecting on "I wish my house was clean like it was a few weeks ago" :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. The painting does make me feel peaceful - perfect for between the seasons!

  23. What a lovely painting and I really like the barn board frame. We went for a nice walk this morning and I saw some great reflection in the bay. Not sure what I'm reflecting on right now.

  24. Hi Pamela,
    A beautiful painting, love the barn board frame too! What a lovely little collectible to have for your fall decor!
    All the Best,

  25. Oh dear Pamela, what a lovely, lovely artwork! Perfect for the season, although, painting are for everyseason, so I'd have it all year round. Loving the pretty frame too. Thanks for your always sweet and kind visit.
    Luv ya,

  26. What a little treasure you have Pamela, and even more so that it's from your mother - it's not worth $6.00; it's priceless.

    I'm reflecting on the fact that I'll only have to deal with snow and cold for 3 weeks this winter (when we're back for Christmas). While I love a good blizzard, I don't miss dreary days of slush, or bitter winds.

  27. A beautiful little painting Pamela, perfect for the season.

  28. The tree reflections in the water are so wonderful in this painting!

    Have a wonderful time in NYC this weekend! I wish I could meet you, but I am doing open house showings. We had to stop doing them the past few weeks, as the hurricane caused a lot of disruption and gas was scarce. We knew we would not get many visitors at that time. Our moving time is getting close, and we really hope to sell before we leave. It's not the right season to sell, and things have been very slow...sigh


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