Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

the big apple

This may not be the biggest apple in the world but,
the Big Apple I'm talking about is ~

New York City!

And that's where I'm going later this week for 3 days.

I have never been to New York.  I hear it's amazing.
The city that never sleeps.

I am not going to New York for a shopping spree although I may make a few purchases while there.  How can I resist!

Our church's choir was invited to join a mass choir of members from several other churches in the United States and sing at ~
Carnegie Hall!!!

Can you believe it?  We have been planning this trip since we heard about it a year ago and the day is almost here.  
We've been practicing for months for the world premiere of
"The Light of Christmas".

There are fourteen members of our choir going and the mass choir will be about 300 voices.  The concert is Monday night.
We will have opportunity to do some site seeing and go on a harbour dinner cruise as well as attending church at Brooklyn Tabernacle on Sunday where we'll get to hear their famous choir.

It's going to be a crazy busy time.  But what a tremendous opportunity to present this special Christmas music and minister to those who attend!

I am starting to get more excited as the day of departure draws near.  I am also a bit anxious about the traveling and being in such a big crowded city and remembering all the words to the songs we're singing.   A lot of work, preparation, practice and prayer has gone into this trip so I know God will be honoured and blessed and will use us in some special way to bless someone.

So, that's my 'big apple' news.

I'm going to THE BIG APPLE!

I may even do a little happy dance in Times Square!

I'll be away for several days so I would like to wish all my American friends a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

I'll have a few pictures to share, hopefully, when I return next week.  Bye for now.




  1. What a wonderful time to bring some light and joy to NYC. May your group have a wonderful time! Sing pretty now...

  2. Oh how wonderful - you will have such a great time I'm sure.......................and the words will come easily! Enjoy each moment in the city that never sleeps - and do try to visit at least a few of the the wonderful stores which should already be decorated for Christmas - the windows of the big dept, stores are always fabulous Pamela.

    Safe travels - sing your heart out, perhaps I'll hear you!

    Hugs - Mary

  3. you will have a ball i know it. i've been there couple of times. & it truly never sleeps. you will enjoy the sights, sounds & people. such fun!! can't wait to hear what you think. enjoy!! be safe. (:

  4. OMG....Good for you!!!
    Have a great time...
    Can't wait to hear all about your adventures...

    Linda :o)

  5. Evening exciting for you, that is wonderful.......have a great time.....take a bite out of the Big Apple......Blessings Francine.

  6. Pamela, this IS the opportunity of a lifetime! Congratulations on being invited to be part of this huge choir, at Carnegie Hall no less!
    Take lots of photos to share and have a great time! Also, find out if it is televised, when we can see it.

  7. Hi Pamela! Oh, I'm so happy for you! I'm sure the music will be so beautiful and I would love to hear the big choir. What an honor for you to be chosen. Oh, I've been to New York many times and it is something. Also, my husband and I got to attend a Sunday service at the Brooklyn Tabernacle and their choir sang twice and Jim Cymbala, the pastor, was there. We were blessed.
    Be safe and don't leave your camera at home.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Oh wonderful Pam.. New York is my fave city, too.. Have a blessed time and sing your heart out, dear friend.. xo

  9. What a great opportunity! It will be so fun and exciting. Have a wonderful time and enjoy every minute!

  10. I know you will sing beautifully and have a grand time! We'll be waiting to hear all about your trip. Have fun!!

  11. Hi Pamela,
    what an exiting tour for your choir to sing in New York. I wish you a wonderful stay. I have been several timnes in NY and loved each stay. Have fun and bring us photos,

  12. Pamela
    How fabulous! I'm so happy for you.
    I know it will be so much fun and of course you have to bring something home with you to remind you of your trip.
    I can't wait to see the pics you take while you're there.
    Safe travels to all of you-Kimberly

  13. How exciting is that? You will have a fabulous time. Enjoy every moment!

    My daughter went on tour to NYC with a choir when she was ten years old...and they sang in Carnegie Hall. And she has wonderful memories...though she was almost too young to appreciate it all.

  14. Now that is wonderful news! Mountaintop memories are in the making . . . what a thrill you must be feeling. Carnegie Hall . . . WOW,
    My blessings for you . . . and the other fourteen!

  15. Are you sure you are not kidding me? Carnegie Hall? How absolutely wonderful! What an experience. One that you will never forget. Have a great time and remember your camera!!!! Enjoy yourself!

  16. Have a wonderful trip Pamela! What an honour for your choir to perform on stage at Carnegie Hall! Bon Voyage!

  17. What a wonderful opportunity, Carnegie Hall! I am so impressed. How I wish I could be in the audience. The entire trip sounds like it is going to be fantastic. I know you will have the best time.

  18. Brilliant news Pamela, how, very exciting, you'll have a ball. Just don't max out the credit cards in Bergdorfs:)

  19. Great! Enjoy every moment Pamela! Take care ...

  20. Hi Pamela,
    Wow, that sounds fantastic!!
    Have the best time, you will be fine and sound great!
    Enjoy yourself!
    All the Best,

  21. Way too exciting! I love NYC - the heart beat of the city is indeed busy, but awesome! Have a great time, take lots of pics and enjoy the city.

  22. That sounds like a lot of fun! I've never been there. I trust you'll take some photos to share when you return!

  23. Your NYC trip sounds like fun! Your choir must feel very honored, congrats! enjoy and take lots of photos!

  24. I'm catching up on your posts. Carnegie Hall! Wow. That will be a truly wonderful experience. Have fun, Pamela!


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