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Thursday, November 8, 2012

winter white


We woke up to our first snowfall of the season this morning.
It snowed about 5 cm. (3 inches) but it was already melted off the trees by noon.  The ground is still white but I doubt it will last long.

We need to get our patio chairs stored away this weekend!

Speaking of winter white ~

I gathered my mini white pumpkins into a milk glass bowl...

...and raised them up on a pedestal.

They won't be here long.

They'll soon be replaced by a silver bowl filled with vintage glass Christmas ornaments.

That bit of snow makes we want to get out the Christmas decorations now.  Does it do that to you?
By Monday it will feel like spring again with mild temperatures.

I would like to welcome all my new followers.  Thanks so much for joining me here.  Please don't forget to leave a comment so I'll know you stopped by.

I hope you are enjoying your week.




  1. Lovely pics of the snow! We are supposd to get some soon...so far our lawn is still green.

  2. Lovely snowy photos Pamela.

    Love the pumpkins too.

    No snow here thank heavens and I'm hoping
    it stays that way!

    Have a good weekend.


  3. I'm so glad you got a few shots to share before it was all gone! So lovely! Love those pumpkins too, of course!

  4. The snow looks wonderful ... I too have to gather in our porch this weekend ... except ... it is supposed to get warm again. Certainly is interesting weather. I love your white pumpkins in your milkglass bowl!

  5. Goodness!! Snow! We had some wet flakes in the middle of the night but by morning it was rain. My hydrangeas were hit though . . . oh well! As you say, time to get ready for Christmas! :)

  6. No snow here!! Thank goodness... It's a little cool but sunny. We were out raking the last bit of leaves then Mr.W mulches with the lawn mower.Love the milk glass bowl..

  7. That was quite a bit of snow. We have had a dusting in the morning and we have to scrape the car now in the mornings. I loved your little white pumpkins. Valerie

  8. Wow, that is quite a bit of snow! We had a bit of frost yesterday morning, but it warmed up fast enough, today is a beautiful warm fall day. Guess that snow will be heading this way in no time. Yes, it did make think Christmas! :) Diane

  9. Oh it looks so nice!!! I do love snow! :)

  10. Oh, isn't that pretty! We went to the Christmas extravaganza the big garden centre here has every year. Wine and cheese, a jazz group and a band playing Christmas carols and decorations in every colour. Yes, I wanted to come right home and start pulling out the boxes.
    I really like white pumpkins and yours look stunning in the milk glass.

  11. Hi Pamela,
    Oh that is so pretty...What a beautiful snowfall!
    I would definitely want to get out the Christmas Decorations and start decorating with a view out of my window like that! Love the white pumpkins.
    All the Best,

  12. Afternoon Pamela....so so pretty, love fresh fallen snow.........we are to get some this weekend........Love the little white pumpkins in the dishes.....looks great.......I want to decorate for Christmas already.........Blessings Francine.

  13. It would put you in the mood...we have cold but no rain at the moment. The first snowfall is always so magical! Love the winter white milk glass & pumpkins. I put ornaments in a silver bowl as well. Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. I love snow pictures and it does make me think Christmas! It is 50 and sunny here today, but they are predicting 30 by Sunday with possible rain or snow.

  15. Hello Pamela, Those little white gourd pumpkins look so good in your white bowl. Don't you just love white with white. I do. I bought a few Christmas gifts and lots of wrapping paper the other day. Must remember to buy the scotch tape!!!!!!!!

  16. OMG, how wonderful this all white winter wonderland is!! Something I miss so much from my home town, NY, it's a white C'mas! Your images are inspiring me to start my C'mas decorating dear Pamela. Thank you for your sweet and lovely visit, as it always makes my day. Big hugs,

  17. Ah, snow. We usually don't have much of that in the winter. Love your white pumkins : )

  18. Brrrr. We are supposed to get some to that white stuff, sigh..and then it's going to be here forever.


  19. Beautiful winterwonderland Pamela. I love your post with all the whites. Lovely photo's too.
    Hav a nice weekend

  20. It seems so strange now snow. Rarely snowing here in November. Though I remember a snow storm. I was worried if my kids would come home.

    Beautiful pictures. I am a beginner.


  21. Hello my friend,
    I wanted to stop over and say hi, we're still on the road visiting our girls one by one. I won't be around at all, the grand kiddos need our attention, and they make sure we know it! :)
    I love your snow photos, we saw snow in Prince George and Ft. St. John, even Edmonton, but not in Vancouver. I am praying for clear roads next Friday when we will be making our way home across Montana and North Dakota.
    Have a great weekend, Cindy

  22. I'm not ready to face winter yet, but I know it's on the way! I've taken down my fall decor and am ready for Christmas but I'll wait a bit. Your snow photos are pretty and I love the white pumpkins. Enjoy your day and the weekend!

  23. Love the tease of the first winter snow . . . I really liked your idea of whie pumpkins in milk glass, very nice.

  24. Glad to know that it didn't last nor did ours. I'm not ready. It was a cold and blistering week and I am ready for more temperate weather. No, not one bit tempted to get out the Christmas things. I may even skip Christmas this year. Ha!

  25. I really like your bowl, which seems perfect for displaying so many items. Very festive. The snow is lovely...but it's way too early. I'm glad it's going to melt soon.

  26. The white punkins are so neat... I can't remember ever seeing one around here. LoL!

    It rarely snows around here, anymore, but I always think of Christmases as a kid when it does.

  27. Snow already!!!!! We couldn't get to NY from Istanbul on Thurs. due to snow (in NYC) and canceled flight so came to Toronto. Was amazed at the security there - must have gone through 8 different checks requiring so much lifting of luggage, 'undressing' and both Canadian and US Customs............we were almost dropping from exhaustion!

    Beautiful here in NC - sunny, warm Fall days with cooler nights..............and once again I'm unpacking but getting ready to do it all again in a few weeks when we head to England for Christmas!

    Thanks for your comments dear -always love to hear from you and I will try to catch up soon.
    Mary X

  28. How beautiful; I'm a little jealous!
    The white pumpkins look very good. I like the milk glass bowl very much.

  29. Beautiful, Pamela! We put our patio furniture away & put snow tires on the vehicles in Sept. Felt a little silly driving around with snow tires on dry streets, but at least we're ready!!! :)

    We have about an 1" of the white stuff outside, but it will melt in a couple of days!

  30. Oh my...snow?!! It was 71 degrees yesterday. But I love your white pumpkins nestled in the white bowl and can envision it filled with winter's array, too.


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