Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Sunday, December 2, 2012

a homespun Christmas vignette

There is a blog party going on over at Kim's blog
Savvy Southern Style called A Homespun Christmas
with the theme of Christmas Vignettes/Mantels.

I have many vignettes around the house for Christmas but
chose this one for this party.  

This is an old enamel teapot I found that I use at Christmas
for fresh a greenery arrangement.  The greens came from our own trees and are stuck in wet florist foam.  I added faux berries,
dried coneflower heads and red dogwoods sticks to it.

It is part of a vignette on the busiest counter top in our kitchen.

Just so you know, it doesn't always look this neat and tidy. :)

We keep our King Cole teabags in the jar on the left and
pistachio nuts at Christmas time in the jar on the right.

In the corner is a little lamp  and an antique wooden kitchen
box whose use I'm not really sure of.
The pot holders came from a store years ago called Jennifer's of Nova Scotia and they are my favourites that I really only use as hot mats at Christmas time.

I love pistachios don't you?

I like the traditional reds and greens in the kitchen.

The vintage tray was a find that I painted and replaced the green
cloth background with muslin.  The lace doily came with it.

I hope you will come over and visit or perhaps join this little 'party' to start off the month of December.

Have a wonderful week.



I said in my last post that I'd be posting about a Country Christmas Tree Lighting
but that will come tomorrow.  I hope you'll come back and visit.


  1. Adorable. Yes, I do love the traditional reds and greens...I love everything and that's my problem.

  2. Pamela, you did a beautiful job with your arrangement. The teapot with the touch of red is just perfect for all the greenery, berries and dogwood. I want to buy some greens, not having any at home. They just say Christmastime and have a nice fragrance as well.

  3. Love that darling teapot! Such a terific look with that red stripe towel!

  4. I too am a fan of traditional red and green. I like the way the pot holders are in the same colour. It looks very pretty in your kitchen.

  5. Hi Pamela, just discovered your blog! Love the enamel pot with greenery. Signing on as a follower...please check my blog too. Christmas greetings! Egretta

  6. The vignette looks perfect on the counter top, and you will get to enjoy it more that way! I have an adorable red and white checked vintage sauce pan that might be getting a Christmas makeover now ;o)

  7. Absolutely delightful vignette! I love the festive accents you've got on your counter.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs today.

  8. Very nice vignettes. I've started with little bits here and there, so I'll have something to share soon.

  9. That is such a pretty Vignette! Love the arrangement in the enamel tea pot. I can almost smell those Christmas greens.

  10. Beautiful Christmas decor! I like the simple green and red and the natural elements.

  11. Love the enamel display, wonderful and festive......all the Christmas vignettes are so great.......well done.....yes, love pistachios to much, smile........Blessings Francine.

  12. A festive vignette with nice pops of red to compliment the enamel teapot.

  13. Ah, I just love seeing all of the Christmas decorations! :)

  14. Hi Pamela, I love the little enamelware teapot but with the greens and red is fabulous. You have such a knack with these arrangements. You know just where to place them to make everything look so pretty. Your camera takes the nicest pictures or maybe it is the photographer!!!! LOL!

    I hope you have a very nice few days. I enjoy your blog so very much.

  15. Hi Pamela! I love it! What a pretty floral arrangement in the sweet little tea pot! Now, shoot! You've just busted my bubble as I thought your kitchen counters were always perfect! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. Lovely photos, Pamela..your kitchen looks very cosy and inviting...
    you are making me feel guilty over here...
    tree is in...up...still warming..
    staircase still bare...perhaps tomorrow :o)

    And...oh yes...we love pistachio nuts..
    We eat them on the deck at the cottage...and toss the shells onto the beach...ha!

    Enjoy your evening...your place is looking great!!

    Linda :o)

  17. Some lovely Christmas decor here - I so enjoyed my visit!!!

  18. Very nice, Pamela! You certainly have a decorator's touch!

  19. Red and green - perfect and beautiful!

  20. i love your pops of green & red. so pretty for the holiday season. i just love pistachios... so yummy good. i have a recipe for cookies with them in batter ... so i have to crack each one ... i keep looking for ones that are already cracked ... no luck. the cookies are to die for ... the hubby loves them. what is a girl to do. ha. ha!! ( :

  21. A pretty vignette in your kitchen Pamela. The arrangement in the old teapot is lovely. Enjoy the week:)

  22. So pretty, and I love the red and white color theme.

    I need to make some green arrangements, you have inspired me.


  23. Love your vignettes and holiday touches . . . Very pretty Pamela . . .

  24. Pamela
    I like your 'homemade' arrangement better than any I've seen in the stores. You can't go wrong when displaying in an old enamel pot.
    I really need to get moving with my decorating!

  25. Oh what a wonderful vignette. I love the old tea pot...


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