Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, December 3, 2012

country Christmas tree lighting

the moon shining down on the Christmas tree {with energy efficient LED lights}

Saturday evening was the Christmas Tree Lighting in
our rural community.  
Hubby and I hadn't been to one since the children were young.
{they're in their 30's now}

this photo was taken last December when we had an early snow fall

The tree lighting was sponsored by the local Historical Society
at the old two room school house.

There were luminaries along the driveway into the school and 
candles in the frosty windows.

Sorry about the dark pictures.  This is in the country after all.  ;)

I think there were about 100 people who braved the bitter cold 
{it was minus 10 Celsius or 18 Fahrenheit!} including lots of

The Christmas tree inside the school was decorated for the
occasion.  Hot apple cider, tea, coffee and cookies were served and the children could decorate their own sugar cookies to take home.
{many didn't last more than 5 minutes}

A choir of children from the elementary school, bedecked in red and white Santa hats, sang several Christmas songs.

A couple of local gentlemen provided musical entertainment.

Santa made an appearance much to the delight of the children.
I over heard one little girl say to Santa "You know my name
don't you Santa?"  Santa was quick and replied "There are so
many little boys and girls that I can't remember all their names".

It was toasty and warm inside the classroom with all the people and the furnace on compared to the bitter cold outside.

It was a very enjoyable time seeing neighbours old and new, and many we didn't know, and a great way to ring in the Christmas

It wasn't Rockefeller Square's Christmas tree but I think it was
much better.  

Does your community or town have a Christmas tree lighting?
There are two in the nearby Capital city of Fredericton - one in front of the Legislature building and one in front of the City Hall that were lit on Friday evening as well. 

Have a blessed week!



  1. Pamela, conrats on your win over at Judiths! And this is a great night picture of the lighted tree. It looks like a wonderful evening of old fashioned fun!

  2. Pamela
    I love small town Christmas celebrations!
    We no longer live in a community. It's one
    of the things I miss about not being a part
    of one.

  3. Hello Pamela
    Each of the villages of our town has their own tree light-up night, I only go to one and it's a delight to see how the young ones react. When we first moved to the country, the darkness was a real issue, no streetlights to light the way. I would find houses I needed to be at for meetings at night by driving the route during the day and noting the mileage on the speedometer. Now, I'm used to it and if in unfamiliar territory, there's nothing like the friendly voice of my GPS.

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  5. Love the colored lights and the glow from the windows. The Santa clad visitors make everything look fun and festive. Happy you enjoyed the town tree lighting. We too have a tree lighting . . .

  6. Oh how lovely and fun!! We spent our Sat at our grands Santa Claus
    parade. She was a reindeer with the guides.
    Sun I spent making a Christmas dinner...turkey and all the trimmings
    for my daughter and her family. They are off to Naples Fl for Christmas.

  7. I love small communities. My ideal place would have about 200 people with sidewalks and but few cars...everyone walking to the one little post office and the one little grocery store. I guess I would like to relive my childhood!!! Thanks for a post that stirred up those small town memories.

  8. Sounds like the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit! Our small town has a tree lighting but we have never gone to it! Your Christmas arrangements below are beautiful...very nice photos!

  9. Looks like your community is ready to celebrate. :)) We had our Santa Claus parade last weekend - it's small but we look forward to it every year. :)

  10. i love it. so fun it appears. we watch the city tree lighting on tv. never have been in person. not sure if our area community has one or not? i would have to check into that. good idea. fun, fun, fun!! ( :

  11. Wonderful Christmas the small town festive community parties.......Blessings Francine.

  12. How fun! We had our town's a week ago, and it is always so festive...but we don't have snow! Great photos! The lighted tree is so pretty!

  13. Looks to be a nice way to spend some Holiday fun, Pam.. Kind of get you into the mood.. smile..

  14. Good answer, Santa! What a special, old-fashioned kind of evening. It looks so sweet and dear.

  15. Your community tree lighting looks very warm and inviting and a nice way to see friends and neighbors, Pamela.

  16. Well now I'm going to go and look and see if there is a tree lighting in this area now that you mentioned it. seems something I should do also now that my children are in their 30's and it has been a long time. We put up a little bitty tree just outside the RV and we put the lights on every night, little illuminated presents sit under it, just the right hight for Braxton our little dog.


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