Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Friday, December 14, 2012


We had our first storm day snow storm earlier this week followed by freezing rain....

which encapsulated everything it touched
with icy fingers.

Frozen in time....

starting to melt but it didn't get mild enough for the ice to completely melt

At the height of the storm there was a European Starling feeding at the suet cake for quite a while.
So you see the Common Redpoll on the silo?
I hung these on the clothesline so the squirrels wouldn't eat all the seeds.

I am enjoying nature's prettiest this week as I prepare for Christmas.

Tonight our choir is in concert with The Lapointes, a local contemporary Christian group, at The Playhouse in Fredericton.

And, on Sunday evening we have our church's Christmas Music Night featuring the choir and many talented vocalists and musicians.
The Sunset Church Band is preparing an amazing rendition of "O Holy Night" Trans Siberian Orchestra style.  {They like to rock it a bit :)}
Last year they did the TSO "Carol of the Bells".
{Google these to get a taste if you like.  You might even find a grainy video clip on You Tube of our band playing it.  Our band does an awesome job!}

A very busy weekend for us.

Are you attending any musical events this weekend?  It's such a special time of year to get out and enjoy some wonderful talent and celebrate the season.

Have a great weekend!




  1. These are wonderful shots. The bird looks unconcerned by the storm, as long as there is food!

  2. Those are some cool frozen shots, esp the 3rd image! WoW!

    Have fun at the concert =)

  3. Freezing rain gives us the opportunity for some wonderful photos ... as long as we don't have to drive in it.
    Enjoy your musicals.

  4. Hi Pamela,
    What lovely winter photos!! Love them all..wish we would see some more snow.
    Have a wonderful weekend, sounds like it will be filled with joy!
    All the Best,

  5. You sure did have Mother Nature put an icy grip on you although it can often be pretty as you've shown. No music concerts for me as we're busy with family and friends but I like to catch them on the television. I've recorded the best of Andy Williams with the Osmond brothers and enjoy playing it.
    Have a good weekend and wow the audience with the choir.

  6. The ice is a beautiful as it is treacherous. Wonderful photos!

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  8. Beautiful photos of the ice. I hope it doesn't damage the trees.
    I attended the Junior and Senior High school band and choir concert last night What a wonderful program. The bands even had a sing-a-long featuring Christmas Carols. It was wonderful to hear the whole audience singing along.

  9. Our church did the Messiah last weekend. This weekend is quieter and I am looking forward to just one party. Your snow/ice pictures are wonderful and I'm guessing that are just what they are, and not photoshopped ! :-) Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Sounds like the kind of weekend I'd like. We are attending a dinner theatre at a city church tonight and our own church kids program on Sunday.
    I really like your pic of the pine with ice. Lovely!

  11. Gorgeous photos of ice and the way it transforms everything. I always find it hard to keep my balance when I'm walking on it though!

  12. I like the frozen branches and stuff on your photos! That is very special. Enjoy these weeks before Christmas.

    The children go to school next week and then they've holiday for two weeks. Snow is melted here ... Its raining :-(

  13. Pamela, your photos are amazing!! I wish we had some snow here instead of the warmer temperatures. Be careful what you wish for...I guess. I love this time of year with all the special musical programs at church. Last week our choir sang portions of the Messiah. Absolutely heavenly!!
    Mary Alice

  14. Such beautiful pictures, Pamela. Ice can be such a nuisance, but it sure is gorgeous!

  15. First, you have a spam comment above there, it's under a Blogger icon.

    I know that the frozen ice is so hard on the plants but what amazing shots you can get from it.


  16. Love the frosty pictures. Enjoy your musical weekend . . . sing so I hear you!

  17. Brrrrrr - those branches make me feel cold! I hope you're bundled up as you're out and about with your camera!

  18. Beautiful shots as usual Pamela. I am looking at buying a camera and wonder if you are using a DSLR camera?

  19. No snow here yet...
    Or freezing anything!!
    Great idea with the feed on the clothesline...
    Great shots of the frozen greens...

    ENjoy your evening..


  20. Oh my, dear Pamela, how beautiful nature is and your shots are straordinaire!! Beautiful photography my friend. I'm so sad for the families that lost a child, I have no enthusiasm anymore, can't wait to hug my little grands. Wish you a blessed holiday.

  21. Pamela a wonderful series of ice images. No snow here only rain. We have been to a few Christmas concerts and dinners around town.
    Should I not get around, I wish you and yours a Happy holiday season and many more treasured days through out the coming New Year!

  22. that´s a lot of ice covering about everything. Poor birds looking for food in all that ice.

  23. You're a busy lady! I would love to hear your choir, I will go over and see if I can hear your band at least.
    I'm glad you got snow, but freezing rain is just too much, we've had it several times already this winter.
    Hugs, Cindy

  24. Thanks for sharing these beautiful 'winterish' photos. Yes,--we did go to a church concert and it was fabulous. We needed it and it was a comfort.

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