Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

fog on the river

We went to the city one morning and I brought my camera because I just knew there would be pretty pictures to be taken.

It had been mild for a couple of days and the night before the temperatures dropped below freezing which resulted in fog on the river when the sun came out.

The river is really low right now.  This is the Mactaquac Headpond
above the Mactaquac Dam.  
It was such a beautiful morning and the water was like a mirror.

Above is a beaver lodge along the riverbank.  Usually it is partially submerged with water so I hope the beavers are okay.

I took this photo as we were driving across the dam.
It is looking upriver.  Can you see the fog over the water in the distance?

As we drove along the foggy road a police car was stopped warning us of a tow truck pulling a truck out of the ditch.
There was a glaze of ice on the roadway.  No one was hurt.

This farmhouse and trees were barely visible in the fog.
There was a heavy frost on the grass.

I took this photo as we were driving over the bridge that crosses the St. John River in the city.  Not the best shot with the guard rail in the foreground but look beyond that.
Isn't it beautiful?
I wish we could have been on the river's edge to get some pics.

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  1. the bad driving conditions are no fun, but the weather sure made for some great photos!

  2. Those are some lovely's foggy here also.

    Thank goodness no one was hurt in the accident.


  3. This is so serene and so beautiful. Fog gave these pictures such beautiful colors. Very calm and very neutral!

    Very beautiful pictures of a wonderful nature!!!

  4. The most hazardous driving conditions also provide some of the most beautiful photos. A glaze of ice on the highway is always scary. That final photo is so lovely with the city beyond and the blue water and the mists lifting.

  5. Wow!!!! very foggy, lovely pictures, though......more snow here......Blessings Francine.

  6. Your photos of the fog are really fabulous!....... So enjoyable and serene.

  7. I love pictures of the fog. The last photo is really beautiful!

  8. great photos of the fog--and I'm sure you didn't use that "frost effect" on a photoshop program. Gorgeous!

  9. Good job Pam...
    Don't you just get so excited when you capture something so beautiful..
    Photography is such a great hobby..
    I am like you...I take my camera EVERYWHERE...
    One time...we were getting gas, and I noticed 2 horses across the road..
    I zoomed in and got a great shot...
    The attendant asked my husband why I was taking pictures of him!!!!
    We laughed...'cause I am ALWAYS taking pictures!!!

    Enjoy your evening...

    Linda :o)

  10. Oh, I just love the foggy photos! Eerily beautiful!

  11. Your fog pictures are quite beautiful. Especially on the river. Fog is so rare here that it feels very exotic to me. Lovely!

  12. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Gorgeous Pamela....
    Fog makes everything look like another country
    Geat shots, lovely.

  14. These are beautiful! The fog is so nice! I love the farmhouse and trees shrouded in the fog!

  15. I do love the quiet and introspective of a foggy day!
    The police car shot reminds me of Stephen King movie however. :)
    I've never seen one so the beaver lodge was a treat.

  16. Pamela, though I do not like mist, your photos are fabulous. Mist/fog gives a mysterious atmosphere eh? Good thing the police warned you! Wow, you can take good photos. I'm speechless ... What is the name of the river?

  17. I do love a foggy day. The river scenes are lovely! The icy roads can be scary, the police car is a warning to take care. Wonderful WW post, have a great day!

  18. A foggy day does offer great photo opportunities and you have captured some nice ones. I showed hubby the one of the beaver lodge as we have beavers at the arboretum this year.

  19. What a calm over the water, sure makes for nice reflection images, doesn't it! Fantastic foggy shots

    Thank you so much for joining, Pamela =)

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  21. You captured some wonderful images- glad you were safe on the icy roads.

  22. Gorgeous foggy atmosphere! Especially love the ambience in the first two photos!

  23. How beautiful, Pamela. Fog on a river is so different from fog near the ocean. Both beautiful and unique.

  24. wow, those are very foggy views ... i prefer the last shot ... beautiful & bright... but some times we have to get through the fog before we can find the beautiful times. so great & a great point indeed. lovely post my friend. enjoy your weekend. ( :

  25. Good morning Pamela,
    I love it when the water is like a mirror however I do not like the fog, especially to travel in it. We had a very dense fog while traveling last weekend up to see my mother who is two hours away. Long story. It was so bad that we almost turned around and came back home. Thankfully it cleared enough for us to see to continue our drive up to visit her. We were happy to get back safely home again. Have a lovely weekend, my friend.

    Christmas blessings,


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