Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Thursday, December 20, 2012

here comes Santa Claus

We saw this "car" the other day all decked out for Christmas with Santa at the wheel.
I made hubby pull over while I took some pics.

Up close you can see it's an old rusty car body, some old tires, "Santa", a few "gifts" and it's being pulled by two reindeer.

Pretty clever and original don't you think?
And I love that the garage is vintage looking.
{those are fake doors!)

There is a house in the city that is all decked out in an amazing light display put to music.  I would like to drive by it one night.  And there is a whole community in the city that has a festival of Christmas lights every year.  Nearly every home for several blocks is lit up with all manner of Christmas themed lights and decor.  People drive from all around to see these over the holidays.
We might just do that very soon.

Have you seen any fun Christmas yard art or light displays in your community?

Today was gorgeous, sunny and mild, after the big snow storm yesterday.  
{scroll down to see pictures if you missed them}

The city got about 10 cm. of snow but the outlying areas got up to 30 cm. - almost a foot of snow!

"Someone" drove their Jeep around the back lawn at their house.  You can see how deep the snow is.
{and it wasn't us!}

Marshall, Buckley and Ellie out for a romp.

There is a lot of rain coming tomorrow and milder temperatures so these scenes might not be as pretty in a couple of days.  ;(

I hope you're week is going well.
Are you ready for Christmas?
I'm almost.




  1. gorgeous snow. wow... you have had a fun time out looking around. i saw today a golf cart santa with his reindeer ... it was so cute. i love it so. i love folks that are so creative & talented. makes you just smile. thanks, for sharing. enjoy your snowy views. would love to see more if you get a chance. i so enjoy considering we are having just rain. know we need it but wish for snow. ( :

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Santa in his old jalopy is just wonderful Pamela - what a photo opportunity for a blogger!!!
    Aren't people great how they get into the Christmas spirit with a touch of humour!
    Your dogs sniffing to see what animals have passed along the track before them is delightful - now wouldn't that make a great card!
    Blessings to you too dear Pamela.
    (Sorry I had to delete the previous comment - as it included my comment from your previous post too - I'm blaming blogger - there must be A Christmas Grinch in their system)!!!!!

  4. The old vintage car with Santa is fabulous and funny! We have not been out to see the lights yet this year. We usually go at least once. Some people are very clever! I hope you are having a nice week and not feeling pressure because of the holiday. We are almost ready.

  5. That is very cute!
    There are many houses with pretty displays and some are quite elaborate - but out here in the country it's pretty low-key. I love the lights though!

  6. haha! I have to give them points for originality! That's pretty cool! You got a good bit of snow! Beautiful photos!

  7. Morning Pamela, liked your post......Ready or not here we go......Warm Christmas Blessings Francine.

  8. Beautiful pictures of the deep white stuff. Too bad that you can't hang onto it, but the rain can't wash the photos away. Someone is very clever with that lawn display. We woke up to a world wearing white, though it has already switched over to rain. We are not amused.

  9. That is one interesting Santa display! Love your snow pics!

  10. Wow, what a lot of snow! So much snow there is not in the Netherlands. Beautiful photos. For Christmas-atmosphere we go to 'De Intratuin'. There is build a miniature world with little trains, mountains, etc..

  11. We received about 8" a couple of days ago. Yay!

  12. It's wonderful to see creativity in Christmas decorating outdoors rather than the decorations just pulled from a box. It's snowing now and it looks like it will all day. I only wish it were Christmas Eve with our family safe and warm and not driving through the snow to get home. All the best to you for a Christmas filled with love and laughter!

  13. Isn't that Santa car a riot! Some people are some creative with repurposing things. You sure got a load of snow, as did our family up north. We're having a light snowfall now but it won't last - rain is in our forecast as well.

  14. Your snow looks wonderful and the Santa car is hilarious! That old rusty bucket needs something to pull it! Hugs, Cindy

  15. I love Santa's rusty car. I guess he's been using it for a long long time. ;0)
    The snow photos are so pretty. We missed the big blizzard here a couple of days ago.


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