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Monday, December 3, 2012

late night lights of New York City

Here is one more post on New York City at night as we walked around at 10:00 after our concert at Carnegie Hall.  It was amazing to see all the stores lit up for Christmas.

This building was absolutely stunning.  

It was Harry Winston Jewelry on 5th Ave.
Think Diamonds....

This store's decorations sparkled like diamonds.

I forget the name of this store but it was fabulous too.


skating in Rockefeller Square

This has to be my favourite Christmas scene.  These giant ornaments were in a flat fountain.  Gorgeous!

Reflections in water and glass.

Me (second from left) and my roomie friends in front of 
the Christmas tree at our hotel after a very long day
and singing at Carnegie Hall.

I will close with this last photo of the American Festival Choir
in concert at Carnegie Hall.

I'm seateed in the third row, eighth person from the right.  Phil Barfoot is our director.

As I look at all these photos it seems like a dream to me now.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed the late night lights of 
New York City.




  1. i love the gigantic christmas red balls... so cool!! Carnegie Hall, that would be awesome to see. wow!! ( :

  2. Hi Pamela! What an experience this must have been! First of all you look so pretty in your snap! What a humongous choir. I'm sure it sounded amazing. I just love New York City and those giant balls are so pretty! LOL! It's amazing the little things we do to help our decorating.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  3. Beautiful pictures with the Christmas lights and I just love the big ball ornaments :)


  4. I have never been to N.Y. I enjoyed your photos, thanks for sharing!

  5. What an amazing experience it must have been to sing at Carnegie Hall! I went to a Christmas concert there a couple years ago and thoughly enjoyed the experience and the wonderful acoustics in the theater.

    Those red Christmas balls in the fountain are among my favorite NYC Christmas decorations. Usually the next building has a giant size string of colored Christmas tree lights in its fountain -- both are fun to see!

  6. Fantastic! You look so happy to be there. I really like the shiny red ornaments, too. The diamond look at Harry Winston is just fine as well.

  7. What an amazing experience! Thanks for sharing your adventure!!

  8. So nice to see these night time photos. That building with the bow around it is amazing, What wonderful memories you have now!

  9. A visit to NYC at Christmas time has long been one of my dreams. The storefronts look so beautiful! What a memorable experience it must have been to sing at Carnegie Hall and to tour the Christmas city!

  10. It would be an amazing experience to see all this beauty as well as an amazing experience to sing at Carnegie Hall!! Wow! You look so happy and pretty in your photo! Thanks for sharing this beautiful trip with us.

  11. Walking in a winter wonderland! It looks great!

  12. It all looks so beautiful. The last picture is one to treasure. I enlarged it to have a good look at you!

  13. Beautiful night shots! Those giant ornaments are awesome!

  14. Loved, loved "City Lights!". Huge ornaments are stunning . . . The best thrill' Pamela at Carnegie . . .

  15. Hi Pamela,
    I have to say the Lights of New York City are fascinating lovely picture you got. My favourite would have to be the huge Christmas balls as well, imagine in a fountain.

  16. Hello Pamela
    The lights were awesome and I too like the display with the giant Christmas balls. This trip will be one to remember fondly for sure and I'm glad you shared it with us.

  17. The lights sure make NYC look like a glitzy place. :) I especially love the last photo of the choir. What a wonderful experience!

  18. You went to NYC at such a magical time of year, didn't you. I would love to see the Cartier building and the huge Christmas Ball fountain.
    The last photo is very special, not many people get to do what you did, singing at Carnegie Hall!!!
    You're a real "lucky duck".
    Hugs, Cindy


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