Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Friday, December 7, 2012

nuts and bolts ~ a favourite tradition

Making 'nuts and bolts' is a Christmas tradition at our house.

I have tried different recipes but this one is my favourite.

Nuts and Bolts

2 - 3 tins of mixed nuts (I use ones with lots of cashews)
1 small box of Shreddies cereal
1 small box of Cheerios cereal
1 small box of Crispix cereal
1 small bag of pretzels (sticks or twists)
2 cups of Safflower oil
2 Tbsp. Worchestershire Sauce
2 Tbsp. all seasoned salt
Garlic and/or onion salt/powder to taste

I mix all the dry cereals and pretzels in a very large roaster.
In a 4 cup measure, mix the oil, Worchestershire sauce and spices until blended.
Pour this mixture over the cereals in the roaster.
Bake in the oven set at 225F for 1 1/2 - 2 hours with the cover off.  Remove from the oven every 15 minutes and stir the whole mixture.
{make sure you sample each time}

Once it is cooled I store it in plastic zip bags, containers or pretty tins for gift giving. 

Of course, this stuff is very addicting.
Once you start nibbling you can't stop!

Now, rush right out and get the ingredients so you can make a batch to enjoy on the weekend.
Don't forget to save some to give away too!

Do you have a favourite traditional treat that you make for the Christmas holidays?
Do share.

I seem to have come down with a head cold today and there are a lot of nasty bugs going around so take care, take your vitamins, drink lots of fluids and get some rest.

Hubby is playing keyboards at a country gospel Christmas concert Saturday night so I hope I'm well enough to attend.  

I hope you have a fun weekend celebrating the season in some way.
I can't believe Christmas is just over 2 weeks away
~ can you?




  1. Hi Pamela, ahhhh, my Mom would always make that at Christmas, yum yum......I make gingerbread cookies every Christmas......I feel like I also am coming down with something, yuk......Take care, Francine.

  2. Oh that stuff is among my favorite Christmas snacks. My aunt always makes it, though she won't be this year. Alzheimer's has taken its toll. I worked on those Santa hats for a snack mix, which will be my post on Monday. Oy vey.

    Feel better stat and take some echinacea if you can. I swear by that stuff. If you feel as if you are coming down with a cold, it nips it; and if you already have one, it lessens the severity and length. Perhaps you'd do well to sip some tea, put your feet up, and enjoy the evening at home.

  3. Hi Pamela,
    I hope you feel better soon, we have the flu going around up here...I have always wondered about this nuts & bolts. I think I will have to give it a try this year!
    Take care,

  4. Looks so good, Pamela. I hope you feel much better soon! Have a great weekend. :)

  5. I've never had homemade nuts and bolts, looks good and would make a nice gift for sure.
    It's this up and down weather playing havoc with our health - I had a cold 2 weeks ago and coughed so much my throat hurt even more. Vee has a good remedy for you and sipping tea with honey and lemon is my 2 cents worth. Hope you feel better to attend the concert.

  6. looks yummy good. i have never heard of "shreddies cereal"? is that similar to something around here in the states? i love cashews. have a fun weekend. i don't think i have ever made it myself... need to do that sometime. ( :

  7. Yes, I think it's a real holiday favorite of many of the belt.

    Hope that you feel better soon, maybe a hot drink will help.


  8. now, that looks like a great snack... thank you =)

  9. Hi Pamela! Oh, how I love this stuff and thank you for your recipe. Thanks for popping in to see me and you have a great weekend too.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Thanks Pamela--I may try this since you say it is your favorite. Take care and get to feeling better. Nava

  11. That looks really good. I used to make something similar, but my daughter has taken over that job. :0)

  12. One of our favorites Pamela. My daughter and I were talking about it just the other day. We call it Chex Mix . . . I have the original recipe, (I think, tucked away in my recipe file) I will have to do a post on it and link to you. My version has just a few variations . . . and a few of mine too.

    Such fun this was to see your post . . . Can you see me smiling?

  13. Hi Pamela, You know...I think I will make that this year. We are going to my daughter's later on Christmas afternoon. My son and son-in-law love this mix and we have not had it for quite a few years. I will use your recipe. Thank you for the reminder. This will be perfect. What would I do without you? LOL!

  14. Take care Pamela, hope you are feeling better soon. Hubby has cold and cough and the grandkids are sick too. I'm trying to stay healthy.
    I've tasted some very nice and some very awful nuts and bolts over the years. I'm just a plain and simple person and don't like all sorts of spices and seasonings.

  15. I know what you mean about addicting. I won't make party mix too far in advance of Christmas or it will be all gone before Christmas Eve. Your recipe sounds good. I either use crispix or Chex, never cheerios or shreddies.

  16. Wow, I can get addicted to this recipe easily! I'll be making this for Xmas now, just terrific looking. Thanks for sharing dear and sweet Pamela, so nice to have you at my house for the visit, I appreciate it very much and I wish you a happy holiday season too.

  17. Sorry to hear about the cold, hope it soon clears up. Hope you are able to get to the concert to see and hear Murray!!

    Why is this recipe called "nuts and bolts", is it an American / Canadian recipe, I have never heard of it before? I would have to leave out the Worcestershire sauce as I don't like that and it seems a lot of all season salt, 2 tablespoons!!!


  18. Ugh...I hope you're feel better soon! Someone brought a similar recipe to a party recently and you're so right - it addicting. I've never made it before so thanks for the recipe!

  19. Thanks for the recipe. I've never heard it called this! Feel better soon!

  20. Yummy!!! That is one of my favourite treats, and yours looks wonderful!
    I get my flu shot every year and that seems to protect me from getting colds. When I neglect to get the shot, I'm always very sick, despite vitams c and lots of rest. I hope you are feeling better real soon.
    Hugs, Cindy

  21. Pamela
    I hope you're feeling better in time for your program too!
    Thank you for the Canadian version of what we call TV Mix.
    It's been a tradition in our family for as long as I can remember.
    However, ours is made with Wheat Chex, Corn Chex, and Cherrios, along
    with the other goodies. But I have to drive across the border to get
    the cereals! If I don't get over there, I'll now have your recipe to

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  23. My sister makes this every year...
    My tradition is my shortbread...
    Also Sweet Marie die for!!!!

    Enjoy your evening...



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