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Friday, January 18, 2013

baby, it's cold outside

Baby, it's very cold outside.

The poor little birdies are trying to keep warm while they dine by sitting on their tiny feet.

This little one was lifting it's foot off the table and tucking it under it's feathers.

There's the proof.

But, do you see the sunshine and blue skies?
That's the bonus. ;)

The high will be -16 today.
Saturday will be -13.
Sunday will be +3.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday will be -15, 16, 17!

That is minus not a dash.  :)

And those are in Celsius not Fahrenheit degrees.

I will be drinking lots of tea.

And staying indoors.

I shouldn't complain as it is much colder in the northern territories of Canada.  I have a friend in Nain, Labrador and it's -44 Celsius there today!

No I won't complain.
I'll stay cozy, move around a bit (that's important), curl up with a book and a blanket, and drink tea.
{and do some housework}

What do you do to keep warm on these cold winter days?  

Stay cozy and have a great weekend.
I have a house to clean for company tomorrow.
That should warm me up a bit.




  1. Hi Pamela, now it has snowed it isn't so cold here!! I drove to look after Harry today and you will see my comment on Facebook about that. The snow does look very pretty and I hope to take some photographs tomorrow, stressed and tired today, just glad to be back home.

    Have a good weekend especially as you have visitors.. Love Jackie.x

  2. Gosh, I think those poor birdies need a spot of hot tea too! Hope you stay warm and cozy while you ride out the winter weather.

  3. Oh dear, the sweet little birdies! I've never seen them do that before. A sunny window goes a long way on a cold day. If not sunshine, we have to have a cozy fire! I'm sure your house is nice and snug. Many homes in New Mexico aren't insulated well or made for cold weather. My friend's home in Michigan is more warm inside in winter than mine! Stay cozy!

  4. Pamel, make sure you stay warm! : ) We are in a thick fog this morning. We live far enough away from the coast that we generally do not have fog on sunny days, but this morning shows differently.

  5. I had a thankful new thought: now days we may blissfully sip tea in sub zero weather without a consequence of a visit to a sub zero space outside.

    How ever did they manage to be seated with bared flesh to frozen wood?

  6. i feel cold for you. definitely wrap up with that blanket, a cup of tea & stay warm. maybe a movie. a fire - do you even have a fireplace? we have gas logs (so it is sort of a fireplace, miss the smell of real wood burning though. ha. ha!!) ... enjoy your weekend. ( :

  7. Sweet little birdies seem to know how to weather the cold. Stay snug.
    I've been browsing through here. The pictures are delightful.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

  8. It's cold here too, but lovely and sunny. For sure an inside day for us. A good day to connect with blogging friends :)

  9. Pamela
    It sounds like a good soup day too.
    It is -10 here right now. It's lightly snowing
    and cloudy.
    I have noticed on the coldest days it is usually
    beautifully sunny.
    Enjoy just being inside where it's warm!

  10. Wow, that IS cold! You know it's bad when birds are obviously trying to stay warm. I won't complain about our 20's (F).

  11. Brrrrr, so cold here to Pamela......my little birdies look so cold at the feeders to......I like you, curl up with a good book, blog and find myself on Pinterest a lot......Stay in where it's cozy and warm.....Enjoy the weekend, Francine.

  12. Yes it's staying by the fires days.....
    It made it to -17 today...Yes the sun was out so that helped a little.
    I stayed in and did some spring cleaning......
    Have a great weekend Pamela and stay warm...

  13. Oh yes, that's cold! I kept warm today by baking, which I haven't done for awhile. And, of course I stopped for afternoon tea.

  14. It was around -12 or so here, but sunny, bright and sheltered in the forest, which made for a good walk.

  15. It's cold here too. The last few days the wind will take your breath away. What I hate the most is getting in a cold car. Enjoy your weekend and don't work too hard!

  16. We're expecting lows of -25 next week, that will be the coldest so far! BRRR!

  17. Oh that's cold...brrrr...Poor little birds, I hope that they make it through the night. We have been giving them all suet because it's high in calories and helps create a little more energy to survive.


  18. Moving around and vacuuming keeps a person warm, but when all else fails, I curl up under a blanker. I've been busy painting, so I've not been cold at all. It's not even been too cold to go out for a walk, though.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  19. We have had melting snow today but it is supposed to be in the minus figures by Sunday morning. Stay warm and enjoy your company.

  20. Oh yes...you should just be staying inside and sipping tea! That's cold.

  21. Cute little puffed, tucked feathered birdies . . . stay warm!

  22. Those poor birds must be cold. I stay inside as much as possible otherwise I have my fur boots and warm coat and lots of scarfs.
    Have a nice weekend


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