Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Thursday, January 24, 2013

retrieving memories

A little frost on the trees.

On a mild winter day.

A flower bed at rest.

frosty trees

The land is sleeping under it's winter blanket.
The trees are dormant awaiting the first breath of spring's warmth.

And we wait for the bitter cold to depart thinking about those warmer days that seem so far away. 

They lie in our memory though.
We can retrieve them at will and remember the warmth of the sun, the sweet smelling breeze, the beauty of springtime blooms.

Isn't the brain an amazing thing?

Raspberry Parfait Million Bells

So are computers.
I can retrieve memories stored there too.

Are you retrieving pleasant memories of summer during this cold snap?
Or perhaps you're making memories where it's sunny and warm.
Do tell.




  1. Your pictures of the snow on the pine are so pretty!!

    We were just talking about the lazy days of summer the other night - sitting out on the deck when my husband gets hime from work - no schedule for supper, having a cool beverage - seems so far away when we're freezing with this windchill!!

  2. Just yesterday, my son was talking about places he is going to bike to this summer. I guess we bring back those warm memories without even realizing it. :) Love those beautiful frosty pine needles, Pamela!

  3. The picture of your garden at rest is outstanding. We need these winter days just as our gardens do. The months slide by too quickly as it is. Your icy trees remind me of just how cold your winter is. We are merely chilly enough to experience the season and warm enough to dream of spring. All is well.

  4. all the time. guess it is what keeps me going through the cold days. i go to my happy warm place. ha. ha!! ( :

  5. Always great photographs from you . . . is that a White Pine in the first photo? Looks like the needles/leaves are strong and sturdy . . . great picture!

  6. Lovely images, the first two are my favorites. And I love your header. I hope you are keeping warm, have a happy day!

  7. Pretty photos and yes the brain is an amazing thing :)

  8. Yes, the winter images are very pretty, but aren't they. :) I am ready for some warmer weather, though.

  9. You have had some pretty cold temps lately...let's hope it warms up soon, and you can enjoy the beauty of spring.


  10. Your pictures are beautiful. I can just feel the warmth of your house and the chill outdoors in the sunrise pic in the previous post. It's cold here in the south too, but we know it won't last, so I am enjoying it, Maybe some of the bugs and germs will be killed, that didn't happen last year it was so warm in the winter,

  11. The frost on the pines is lovely and I really like the flower bed at rest! I just retrieved a memory of fall in my post for Watery Wednesday yesterday.

  12. It is possible (via photos) to be in two places at one time, or even two seasons at one time.
    Frosty beauty is January's gift. It sure beats the frozen rain we got this morning. :-0
    Things half buried in pristine snow makes for such a great picture as your bed photo proves. Nice shot!

  13. I kinda wish we had some of that snow! Not on the roads, but it would be nice everywhere else. It makes for beautiful photos! The frost on the needles is beautiful, too!

  14. Very pretty photos. I too love the frost on those needles....gorgeous.

  15. I am most certainly in the photo archives and posting some of them in a weekly link party.
    The sun is shining brightly today, but it is still bitterly cold.

  16. Lovely photos as usual. We finally have a cold but clear day today. Lovely! Yes, the well as (are) amazing! Glad our minds don't glitch or crash as often! Neat to hear your town does Burns Night. You'll have to share about that sometime! Thanks for your visits, comments and friendship! It is much appreciated! Wish we weren't at opposite ends of the continent....

  17. Snowy shots are always beautiful. : ) I think we all look forward to spring.

  18. I am going to put your theory to the test momentarily just to see if I really can summon memories of a warm spring day before the bugs arrive.

    Currently, I am alternately visiting blogs and taking photos of the smoke patterns from my neighbor's chimney.

  19. Pretty pictures, again! No snow here, just extreme cold. Tomorrow is when the snow will roll in. I'm dreaming of warmer weather with my garden planning.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  20. Pamela
    Now that's a thought. Think Spring.
    Truly, I'm enjoying the beautiful snow,
    it was so late coming here.
    Your frosty photos are beautiful!

  21. I have been thinking of spring and all its' beauty.

  22. Yes, it's great to retrieve those warm memories of spring and summer on a cold winter day. And we talk with our kids daily and hear from them how really cold it is (in Ont.) while we endure a 'cold' spell down south (23C without the minus sign). The prognosis is good, however - warmer next week and spring is only 2 months away !

    Wonderful shots, Pamela - and especially your Hot Chocolate Days.

  23. Love the snow photos! That may be as close to snow as I come this winter (hope not).

  24. Beautiful snow shots, you are a very talented photographer, my dear Pamela, and I know cause I have a professional fotographer daughter!! There's no snow around here, so your images are as close as I can get! I love snow in NY. Thanks for your lovely visit.

  25. I am Pam...
    I posted some yellow tulips this morning...
    Your snowy shots are wonderful...
    You have had a hard wise...this year...
    Time for a trip...
    And some fun...
    Get on that, eh???

    Linda :o)

  26. What beautiful shots!
    Me?...I'm retrieving memories of the blue sky and warm temperatures of an August afternoon.

  27. I have been delving into my archives lately for some color. Love the contrast of the seasons Pamela.

  28. I bought a bunch of tulips for a flower fix and memories of spring.


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